Ek Niranjan (2009) w/ Eng Sub - 7/14

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You're so scared of him, who is he, Guru?
My enemy, he'II finish me.
BIoody bastard...
Stop...stop... - Why are you beating me?
Stop...stop I say...
prime accused in Minister Rajendrakumar's murder KaiIash escaped from jaiI.
Many suspect this dramatic escape.
TeII me.
What am I to teII? To heII with him, KaiIash escaped from jaiI.
tomorrow I'm facing eIections,
I don't know what you do, he mustn't surface on earth,
I'II win if he's not seen by anyone,
it's your mercy now.
What happened? - KaiIash has escaped.
He wouId've known about us. He mustn't Iive.
Even if Iives, he mustn't taIk.
That's aII.
I think chiIdren wiII forget aII the Iessons Iearnt tiII now.
What do you mean by music, sister?
What? What is music? - Look!
It's not wrong to Iearn to pIay guitar at this age,
but pIease observe seniors Iike us for some days,
you'II know you can, if you keep focused and determined.
Okay guru, as you say.
Look sister, how good he is. pIease accept.
Yuck! No way.
What does he Iack?
6 feet taII, I'm sure he has six pack too,
if you say yes, Iet's put entire maintenance cost on him,
what do you say?
To controI KaiIash, first pick up his parents,
every TV channeI must run the fIash news about their kidnap.
Okay bhai.
Take hoIy camphor. Take son.
I never prayed God tiII now, he won't feeI if I do it suddenIy, right?
No, he wiII not, take it son.
May I put a dot? - A big one pIease.
Get up... - What happened sir?
Why are you taking me?- Come man. - TeII me sir...what happened?
TeII me sir.
Where is your son? - He's in jaiI.
He has escaped. - We don't about his escape.
Who is their son? - KaiIash.
WiII I Ieave you if you say you don't know, bIoody?
Why are you beating him?
Who are you? I'II cut your tongue, bIoody.
Bring that oId woman.
pIease don't harm her, we don't know anything about him.
I beg you sir, don't know anything. - Why are you puIIing her up?
Where is your son? - I don't know sir.
How come you don't know?
Are you here to inquire or interrogate?
You wait, I'II think about you Iater.
You teII me.
If you don't teII, I'II strip you and beat you.
TeII me where is he?
You too have a mother, why you are behaving so indecentIy?
Is my mother and she same?
Is my mother and she same?
The woman in my home is mother.
But she's...
One more word and I'II cut your nerves.
What's the troubIe here?
ShaII we wait or take them? - Let's kidnap them.
Who are you?
Every poIice man in station must come here.
Son...son...Iook at them...
They are taking my wife.
Bhai, a man is beating up aII our men. What shouId I do?
Why did you come here?
Were those goons your men?
What is he doing here? How is he connected to this?
Take this, Chotu.
How dare you beat oId peopIe though you're poIice man.
Did you order to kidnap them?
Is it you or not?
KaiIash was working for you,
why are you trying to kidnap his parents?
What is your pIan?
He has ruined aII my pIans.
He must die today.
I'II not come to the station tiII he dies.
I Iiked him that day itseIf, I Iike him more from now.
But some day I'II kiII him.
Where are KaiIash's parents?
Look, they are there.
Why are they handcuffed? - How wouId I know?
What the heII do you know then?
Why are you sitting here?
I'm confused about, what to do now?
Why did you come here? WiII you kiII them?
WiII you kiII them?
If you've any probIem, settIe it with KaiIash,
if you catch him, kiII him,
but don't you dare to touch these oId peopIe,
if anything happens to them, I'II not keep quiet.
When I hit it won't be normaI,
you'II feeI the pain of it for the rest of your Iife.
If you don't kiII in station, I wiII kiII him.
I thought you were Dawood Ibrahim and was Iicking your butt,
but what did you do? What have you done?
What can I do if don't find him?
I won with a good majority, what's the use?
No peace, no happiness.
When ever I think of KaiIash, I wet my pants. I'm nervous.
Tomorrow I'm becoming a Minister, but I'm not happy.
Look...Iook...I'm sIeepIess.
I'm shivering to switch on any TV news channeI.
May be they wiII teII about me or aIready running news on me,
may be aIready toId about me, I'm tensed,
getting wet...not with sweat.
You go, I'II take care.
Have vodka and go to sIeep. - Why shouId I've vodka now?
Do you've a bottIe or not? - That's a smaII matter, bhai.
SmaII matter...is it smaII matter to Iose your Ministry?
Is it smaII matter if you go to jaiI?
Is it smaII matter if your party Ioses honour?
Not that, pIease Iisten to me.
Why are you beating him? - Get me vodka.
Beat me, kick on my butt. Kick...onIy then I'II get sense.
Don't Iook at me so seriousIy, I'm aIso Iike a poIice man.
How dare you beat me!
I never knew about this coIIar.
Don't seek revenge, Iast night you bashed me up.
CaII Commissioner on phone, he knows me very weII.
phone? My foot!
Kick me if I don't kiII you in Iock up today.
Who do you want? - Him!
Breakfast for me?
Oh god thanks!
CaII Commissioner on phone. He's acting too high.
TeII him Chotu is in jaiI. Note the number.
Forget the incident, he's one of us, Ieave him.
Doctor said it'II take 10 days to heaI.
Let him atIeast stay here those 10 days.