Christ Carrying the Cross by Romanino

Uploaded by wwwICEgov on 13.04.2012

The painting that we are addressing here is the painting by Girolamo Romano also known as Romanino entitled Christ Carrying the Cross.
And this painting came to the attention of Homeland Security Investigations as a result of an international lead,
which identified that the painting was present in the United State and had been entered contrary to law
which is the primary violation that was used to proceed forward with the seizure of this particular painting.
The painting came to the Brogan Museum originally as part of a body of work that was 50 Baroque masterpieces from the Museum the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan Italy.
The part of the painting that I personally appreciate the most is that the satin robe that is covering the image of Christ is so brilliant.
The brush strokes are just amazing. When you look at the painting the satin sheen just literally comes to life.
HSI as a result of our customs authority, is responsible for enforcing the law as related to the plundering of this cultural property from it's origin.
And are working to get these particular works of art back in the hands of the people who should rightfully have it.
That's where our cultural property program is working to identify the paintings in this regard to, in this execution of the search warrant
to secure this particular property into the arms of the U.S. Government to hold onto it until such time as the final determination has been made
and that identifies to whom the owner will be that receives the painting.
So the painting at this time we are trying our best to take care of it because we know it is a treasured piece of work
and we want to make sure that following the negotiations that we are able to get it back into the hands of the individuals that should receive it.