13: Sarge's Blues - Red vs Blue Revelation Soundtrack (Music Video + Lyrics)

Uploaded by RT4Copyright on 11.12.2010

Simmons, Give me a fat beat
Well I got the blues
In a headlock
I got the blues
In my shotgun sight
Well I got the blues
They can't get away
Gonnaa make those dirty blues see their last goodnight
Then they'll be taking a dirt nap
Well I got the blues
They're a bunch of dirtbags
I got the blues
But I got good aim
I got the blues
They won't leave me alone
I got a shotgun shell for each one with their name
I might have misspelt Caboose
Yee Haw
Down home Lopez
Hop in the jeep, put the pedal to the metal
I will tear across the canyon while I'm yelling like a rebel
We might not have a tank but you can take it to the bank
I'm the soldier of this boulder. I've got the highest rank
And I intend to use it
I hear by order you to boogie
Not you Donut. Nobody wants to see that
I've got the blues
Right where I want them
I got the blues
But I got Grif too
I got the blues
Stuck in this canyon so long
That sometimes I don't know just what to do
Oh wait, Yes I do
Shoot em'
Blues, You just got Sarged