Charice - SNN Interview - 6/23/09 (English Subtitle)

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Boy: This is SNN! True or False. True, before Charice conquered Hollywood,
she and her Mom had to endure difficult times and maltreatment from other people.
But the news that sheís bottling up anger, my friends, is False. Right now!
Voiceover: International singing sensation Charice, Was she singled out, mistreated or abused then?
True or False? Yesterday, Charice took us on a journey about her life in Hollywood.
Now, weíre going to look back on the experiences of this young singer.
Boy: Letís do some recollection, Charice. Before everything, even before ìLittle Big Star,î
can you tell me, what was the earliest age at which you can remember?
How old were you when you joined your first contest?
Charice: Seven years old. Boy: Seven. How many contests have you joined?
Can you give a number? Charice: Yes, probably about 80 plus.
Boy: 80 plus. Where are the trophies? Charice: Theyíre in Batangas.
Boy: Letís talk about ìLittle Big Star.î Whatís the story? Whatís the story behind it?
Charice: Of all the contestants in Little Big Star,
I was one of those that were included in the grand finals.
I was the first one that auditioned. I waited in line for it.
Boy: What was your audition piece then?
Charice: It was ìHow Could You Say You Love Meî by Ate Sarah (Geronimo)
Boy: But even before you won third place. You were eliminated, right?
Charice: I was eliminated. I sang ìShineî by Ms. Regine Velasquez. I was really shocked.
Boy: You were shocked? When you were eliminated from the contest?
Charice: Probably for about one or two weeks, I was in my room, just absentminded.
Because, uhm, I really gave it my all. As in, really.
Sometimes, Mommy couldnít even talk to me. All I kept doing was playing with my guitar.
Boy: But then at that point, did quitting ever cross your mind?
Like, ìI donít ever want to join any contest.î
Charice: That was actually the time when I said that I donít want to go back as the wild card.
Boy: So, what convinced you to go back when they announced that there will be a wild card?
Charice: That was when Mommy told me that it wouldnít really matter if I lose,
so long as we go through with it. So, we went on with it.
Then, it was time for the monthly finals and I had to compete for ìfirst honor.î
The song ìRun to Youî almost made me cry. Boy: While you were singing?
Charice: That time during the monthly finals, uhm, there were a lot of issues going around.
Boy: What issues, Charice? Charice: As usual, they were minding my age.
Because, I was 12 then. Boy: There were people complaining?
Charice: They kept saying that I was 14 or 15.
Boy: Did you feel that you were singled out then?
Charice: I felt that I had a lot of rivals. Sometimes I would even tell my Mommy that,
I donít want to go on anymore. Because I really thought about quitting.
But Mommy kept insisting that I continue. The things they kept saying about me really hurt.
There was even a time when I lost, I saw some people laughing when I lost.
Boy: They were laughing at you? Charice: Yes. It really hurt.
I donít want to...I donít want to say anything.
But I hope that they can see what Iím accomplishing now.
Boy: Did Mommy ever get into a fight? Charice: Of course, Mommy is very protective
when it comes to things like that. She showed my birth certificate to prove
that I really am 12 years old. Because 12 years old is the age limit.
Boy: Right. You cannot imagine a life without Mommy? Charice: Yes.
Boy: Okay, just awhile ago, you said that you hope that the people who harassed and mistreated you,
you hope that they can see what you have accomplished so far.
What did you mean by that? Charice: Because, in the past they would say that,
Iím not going anywhere. Because I donít have star quality.
They would also say that..that Iím not going far
because Iím not pretty. That also hurts. I just think that at least I made the grand finals.
This ugly face made it to the grand finals. I really called on God.
So me and Mommy went to Church in Quiapo.
Boy: Go back to the grand finals. When they announced that you were third place,
what was it like? Charice: I couldnít really understand how I felt.
Because it was as if I couldnít hear the noise from the audience.
All I really heard was the sound of my heart beating. I didnít know what was going to happen.
Uhm, because it wasnít like, I was saying that I had to win.
Itís just that we needed the money. So when they announced that I was third,
I felt like I was turning weak. The first thought that
came across my mind was, ìWhat now?î
Because despite joining, the prize money would still not be enough.
Boy: The voices of the people who mistreated and abused you
usually echo in your ears. Isnít that..isnít that the lowest point?
Charice: Yes. There was that time when I went back to school.
I was also teased about it. They would deliberately catch my attention and say, ìloser.î
Boy: Really? You had to go through that? Charice: Yes, really.
When I heard those things, I told Mommy that I didnít want any of it anymore.
Boy: What did Mommy say?
Charice: Well, she always told me to just wait (for another opportunity).
Thatís how our theme song came to be ìMaghintay Ka Lamang.î (ìJust You Waitî)
Kung hindi ngayon ang panahon,
na para sa iyo (If today is not the time for you)
Huwag maiinip (donít be impatient)
dahil ganyan ang buhay sa mundo. (Because thatís just how life is in the world)
Huwag mawawalan ng pag-asa, (Donít lose hope)
darating din ang ligaya (happiness will eventually come)
Ang isipin mo'y may bukas pa, (Just think that there'll be a tomorrow)
na may roong saya (that holds joy)
Kabigua'y hindi hadlang, upang tumakas ka
(Disappointment should not be a hindrance for you to overcome)
Huwag kang iiwas, pag-nabibigo (Donít run away from failure)
Dapat nga lumaban ka (Instead you should fight back)
Ang kaylangan mo'y, tibay ng loob (What you need is inner strength)
Kung mayrong pag-subok man (when youíre faced with trials)
Ang liwanag ay di magtatagal, (Brightness wonít be gone for long)
At muling mamamasdan (youíll see it once more)
Iko't ng mundo, ay hindi laging pighati't kasawian
(The world doesnít solely spin on the side of sorrow and misfortune)
Ang pangarap mo ay makakamtam, (Your dreams can be achieved)
Basta't maghintay ka lamang (Just you wait)
Boy: You know what Iím learning Charice?
And this goes for all the children and every person with aspirations.
Success is not easy. When you think about dreams that never got to be fulfilled
because of other people putting others down.
There really are people that donít even think twice about saying hurtful words.
Now, I understand why you are so strong.
Now, I understand why you love your Mommy so much.
Voiceover: And tomorrow...
Charice: Welcome! Right now weíre here in our new house,
here in Tagaytay...