Clothing Chemicals Turn Men Into Women?

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David: Also disturbing is that Greenpeace has found toxic chemicals in a number of different
brands of clothing. And this is really pretty disturbing, because 14 top clothing manufacturers
it turns out had traces of NPEs in their clothing. These are commonly used as detergents in industries
including the production of natural and synthetic textiles, and two-thirds of the samples of
clothes from these 14 brands contained these NPEs.
Now, the obvious question would be what, Louis? What do NPE's do? Do you know?
Louis: I would just assume that they're carcinogens.
David: I will tell you what they do. They mimic female hormones, and they can actually
alter sexual development and affect the reproductive system. And components of these NPEs have
been implicated... this is... it's bad... in the widespread feminization of male fish
in parts of Europe, and also in disrupting hormone processes in some mammals.
So this is a thing where even at low levels, it can affect not just those who are working
in the facilities that are manufacturing the clothing, but it can affect people who just
wear the clothing, OK?
And this includes a number of big-time brands, Louis, including Adidas, Calvin Klein, H&M,
Abercrombie and Fitch, Lacoste, Converse, Ralph Lauren, this is a lot of clothing that
has the potential to mutate... well, we're inferring here... to affect the male reproductive
system and to feminize it physically and hormonally. It's scary stuff, is it not?
Louis: Yeah, but to what extent?
David: Well, as the report says, even at low levels, this is a big threat to human health.
Even at low levels, just from wearing the item.
Nike and Puma have pledged to eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals in their products
by 2020. Adidas has not done that, according to Greenpeace spokeswoman Vivan Yau.
And I have to say, I'm really glad that David Pakman Show t-shirts don't have this issue.
We have researched it, we have explored, and unless we are being completely fleeced, I
am comfortable to say that we are offering t-shirts that have no new materials, it's
all made from preexisting cotton scraps and plastic bottles, and all of the dyes and chemicals
used are produced and used in a sustainable way.
I feel pretty good about that when I hear even Adidas isn't saying... it's a pretty
low standard. Adidas can't even say to you we won't use candidates that might turn men
into women. They can't even make that commitment, Louis. It's pretty pathetic.
Louis: It is. And I know that sustainability was one of your major concerns for the shirts.
David: Of course.
Louis: So that's very noble, Dave.
David: What other concerns did I have? I don't even remember.
Louis: You wanted them to be soft.
David: Right.
Louis: I think that was pretty much it, right?
David: Yeah, I mean, I wasn't picky.
Louis: Green, sustainable, and soft.
David: Right. And Logan actually emailed me saying, "Hey, David, I wore my David Pakman
Show t-shirt to freshman orientation at GMU in D.C.," which I think is George Mason University,
Louis: Is it? I don't know.
David: "I found a couple of people who subscribe to The David Pakman Show on YouTube. I told
them sign up for membership and get a t-shirt, too." So that's pretty good, if just in freshman
orientation at GMU one person's wearing a t-shirt and two other people recognize the
show because of the t-shirt.
Louis: Yeah.
David: I think that's pretty solid.
Louis: It's advertising.
David: All right, well, Louis taking things in a weird direction here, not nearly as excited
as I would've thought. Let's take a break, maybe, and we'll figure out what is happening
with Louis.
Make sure to go onto our Twitter or Facebook pages and find our... Louis not liking that...
find our pitch. We've got a pitch, we want to go down to D.C. for the Taking
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So go onto, or just find the link on our Twitter or Facebook pages, and pass
it along to a friend. Support the pitch that we have on there. I'm hoping we can make it
happen, Louis. I know you're excited about the possibility.
Louis: I would love to go. I think we'd get a lot of great interviews.
David: And if we do go down there, we will also have an audience meet-and-greet, which
I know Louis will be very excited, the possibility of buying producer Louis a beer.
Louis: Me attending the first meet-and-greet.
David: Right, not the first...
Louis: My first meet-and-greet.
David: Your first meet-and-greet, that's right.
So let's take a break. On the bonus show today, we'll talk about a new study which seeks to
confirm bisexual men are real, most people didn't think that was being called into question,
as well as Gaddafi's Condoleezza Rice photo album, really weird stuff.
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