Using Dreamweaver and WebDAV to publish in Desire2Learn

Uploaded by PCCvideos on 29.07.2010

If you use webDAV to publish content to WebCT, you're probably going to want to do
the same with Desire2Learn.
Luckily, we have webDAV supporting in our Desire2Learn server.
Now, I'll give you a quick demonstration how to set up WebDAV
with Dreamweaver.
What I'm going to start with those show you how to identify the course information in
your own course.
Here my courses next to the course that I'm instructor in, there is a little pencil,
and I click on that and we'll take me break to this, what would otherwise be
the "Edit Course" area here
with the "Course Offering Paths"
that's actually where the content for your course is located so I'm going to select that,
copy it
and switch over to Dreamweaver.
now the Dreamweaver went a little tight right now
but what we're going to do is define a new site
so in the site panel go to "Manage Sites".
We create a "New Site"
and I was going to call this "a-freed-test" because that says the name of my course
and I'm going to create a new sample course to use.
Now the remote information that we put in the WebDAV,
so under the access pull down, choose WebDAV
and the URL is fairly simple is HTTP, colon slash slash
P-C-C-L-M-S-DAV dot Desire2Learn dot COM
and then you paste
in any path you copy from your "Course Content"
the last thing you want to do is...
type in your Desire to Learn user name and password
and try to "Test" button,
and you should get a confirmation if it works.
I'm going to click on "OK" button
and now my site has been set up.
It's blank out
because the course was empty,
so I'm going to start by adding a new file.
We're going to say
WebDAV is as easy as one two three,
One give the URL, Two get a WebDAV client
and Three publish.
Once I save it,
we just call it "index.html" and it's saved in my site here.
So I'm going to select that and publish that to the server,
and if we go back to the course
go to the "Content Areas"
"Manage Files"
we can preview that and see there's the content
I'm going to add this to my "Content Areas" and you can do that by simply
clicking the edge content topic
I'm going to edit the "Demonstration Module"
and I'm going to keep the title
click "Add"
and if we go to the...
or go back to the "Content Tool",
there it is!
Now you're probably wondering
what if I create file right in Desire to Learn, will it be available?
The answer is yes,
so we're going to create a new file
and we just call this one
"Holler-back-dot-html", actually
it's not a file name, it's a title.
I'm just going to keep as a default there
and I'm just going to leave the default destination,
click "Save".
Go to the "View Content" area,
there's your file,
switch back to Dreamweaver,
and you'll have to
look at the "Remote view"
and refresh that
you now see the file that you created,
don't show me that
and here's the documents
I'm going to make a small style to change,
small capitalization change
and save it
and give it a title
and publish it back.
Now if we click on it again, you'll see the updated version is now listed in the content
really straightforward
and for more information or help on that you can actually click on "Help"
go to the "Integration Packs"
and there's information on how to set up
for both Windows
and for Mac OS, that's it!