Jäavuori (Iceberg) Vase

Uploaded by corningmuseumofglass on 21.09.2011

[Tina Oldknow]: This is a famous design by the well-known Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala.
It is called the "Iceberg" bowl, or “Jaavuori”. Wirkkala was very interested in glass as a
metaphor for water and for ice; and in Finnish glass, there is much interest in reproducing
aspects of the natural world. Scandinavia was an important center for glass after World
War II, especially Sweden and Finland. While Swedish and Finnish designers both exploited
the natural optical properties of the glass and looked into its transparency, Finnish
designers really looked into how glass could reflect the landscape of Finland - dominated
by snowy expanses, icebergs, also the greens and browns of the forests in summer. So when
you look at Finnish glass, you will see a lot of these elements of the Finnish landscape
reflected in the object themselves. In the "Iceberg" vase, which is mold-blown and cut
(and that means it was blown inside of a mold), we see the jagged edges that are very much
liked an iceberg, and the optical qualities of the glass (it’s a high-lead glass, so
you’re going to get a lot of refraction as you walk around the piece) you have a rippling
effect that is much like looking into a pond of water.