How to Make Candy Apples : Pre-cooking Tips for Making Candy Apples

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hey guys! My name is J and talking on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we are going
to show you guys about precooking and that is what we are going to talk about, precooking
tips. As far as precooking tips, I am going to start with step number 1 which is going
to be preheat your pot. This is like a must when you are cooking. You always got to preheat
stuff. I am going to turn my first burner on about high heat and we are going to preheat.
The reason why we do this is because when all of our ingredients hit the pot, it is
nice and hot and ready to go. This is a must in all cooking. If you go to any type of restaurant,
if you start cooking at home for your friends and family you always want to preheat, preheat
the oven and preheat the stove. The next tip I am going to show you is gathering all your
ingredients inside of your measuring cup. That way it is all ready to go inside the
pot when you are ready to put it in. I've got 2 cups of water here. I am going to add
half-cup of the syrup so our measuring cup, which is a half a cup, I am going to add that
to that. This is the basic ingredients to make candy. Whenever people are making candy
inside the candy shops, usually water, syrup and sugar are the main ingredients for making
the hard candy. That's all down at the bottom of the water. Now as far as sugar goes, you
want to add 3 cups of sugar to your measuring cup. There's 2 and there's my third cup. Now
we've got all of our mixture inside there and this is our candy mixture right here and
this is what actually makes the actual form around the apple to make it hard and crispy.
That is a little bit of my precooking tips.