MyCare: Carol and Justin M. in Herndon, VA

Uploaded by HealthCareGov on 21.06.2012

Carol M: Because of the Affordable Care Act Justin does have options now for his life.
He’s not locked into something because of his health.
He’s able to do what he wants.
Skateboarding on street
Justin just graduated from college and he’s thinking about Law School,
thinking about what he wants to do with his life.
Justin has a lung disease called Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia and it’s very rare.
Justin M: PCD is a lung disorder.
I treat it in largely the same way you treat Cystic Fibrosis.
Vibrating medical vest
I use a therapy vest to vibrate and shake my lungs to help clear
things out and I inhale Abuterol, medications like that.
Carol M: The Affordable Care Act has made a huge impact in that it has allowed
Justin to stay on our insurance plan until he’s 26.
Justin M: Without the Affordable Care Act my life would be completely different than
it is now.
I wouldn’t be able to think about law school.
I would have to find medical care right away because medical care comes first.
Without medical care I’m not here, it’s really that simple.
Medical Technician: Push!
Justin M: Because with a pre-existing condition and the tremendous costs associated
with my care finding health insurance would be virtually impossible, no one would be willing
to cover me and that would add yet another hurdle in my life that scares me to think
Carol M: As a Mom having him on our plan until he’s 26 is a huge peace of mind.
Every Mom wants the best for her child.
You want them to have a good shot at life and to be able to make their own way and to
be able to pursue their dreams and the Affordable Care Act gives people like Justin that opportunity.
The health care law is about people like us. It’s Carol.
Justin M: And Justin Care.