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Hi, yes. I'm calling to confirm my grandfather's appointment at 6 a.m. tomorrow.
Uh, Kendra Adams? Spelled K-E-N-D-R-A.
No, I'm not legally his blood relative but I'm his caretaker. When did the regs change?
Well I'm making him an appointment and he's coming.
I am calm. You should see when I'm not.
Thank you. 6 a.m. tomorrow.
Where'd you two serve?
Two tours in Afghanistan for me.
She didn't make it back?
No, sir.
So, good news. No cancer. No inflammation. No obvious reflux.
A little Prilosec and he will be as good as new. And there he is.
Hey, Jeff. How you doing? You want anything?
That's the Versed. The anesthesia makes you feel really, really good. And it also obviously reduces your inhibitions. Just ignore what he says.
He's okay, Macy.
Kendra, give him some oxygen.
Everything's fine. Fucking A, spacey Macy.
I love you. I love you, honey bunny.
I love you monkey face.
I was so worried. I know it was just a simple procedure but the anesthesia alone can you kill you, right?
Always risks.
We've been married a long time. My high school sweetheart.
He's my first. And only.
What about you, Kendra? Are you married? No, ma'am.
Really? Really.
You haven't met the right man?
I'm sorry, I guess I'm a little forward. I get chatty when I'm nervous. Does that happen to you?
Here I go again, asking more questions.
It's the room.
The room?
It's pretty intimate. You're friendly. It's refreshing.
You don't answer any questions?
You don't want to know me, you just need some reassurance.
I love you.
I love you too, Carla.
Sweetie it's me, Macy.
I know it's you, Carla.
It's the drugs, right? Probably.
I'm sure.
Who's Carla? The best.
The best what? The best money can buy.
I don't understand you, you bought her?
She's fun. God is she fun.
She's fun? What are...what are you doing, are you making love with her?
God, yeah. Recently? Yeah. Whenever I can.
Are you in love with her? She's the sun, the moon, and the stars. She's everything, a lot of things.
What other things?
She's a great piece of ass.
Should I ask more?
I can't answer that for you.
But you see this all the time you said, in this room.
Ma'am, in a few minutes he'll leave and this'll be over.
What did you mean when you said in this room?
This is not quite the real world.
What is it?
Twilight. The rules are different.
So what he's saying isn't true.
It can be truthful in some ways. Maybe not literally.
And how do you know if it is? Well if you want to know, you'll find out.
I want to know.
Once you do you can never forget. You can only pretend to forget.
He's my husband. I want to know.
You sure?
Because the truth is without pity.
Truth is without pity, really?