How to Make Homemade Gnocchi : Separate the Dough for Gnocchi

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hello my name is Angela Faiola and today on behalf of Expert Village we are going to learn
how to make gnocchi. So now we have this beautiful gnocchi dough made of mash potatoes and flour.
We added that little bit of Parmesan. We have rolled it out. Look at that! It is a beautiful
baby here. Look! Do you hear that noise? The senses remember when you hear that noise you
know that it is good stuff. For gnocchi, we are getting it ready. Now remember I told
you that I have a trick to see if the dough is ready. I'm going to show you that trick.
Okay you cut it and when you cut it and you see these little holes in there, you know
that it is ready. So now our mission is to make little balls and always have your flour
handy. I'm just going to have these little portions here. The reason for this is it is
easier cause we are going to roll them out and we are going to make these little long
and fine sections. You just open your fingers and the more flour you put the easier it is
it just slides and you cut it. Then you go again. It is kind of like a hula hula hoop
thing. You just feel it underneath your fingers and it feels right. We are just going to create
a whole bunch of these. You want the size to be this is the correct size right here
that size. You want to even it out long. They don't have to be perfect because when it is
homemade it is not a machine you want it to look different the sizes have to be different.
Just prepare all of them, all of these pieces half to look like these little logs I say.
About a candy size actually. Just keep adding more flour. If it gets too sticky on you,
okay we are finishing up our last little thin log and we have completed. A little bit of
flour and all of our little logs and they are ready to cut.