RED SAND: a Mass Effect fan film - starring MARK MEER

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Come with me!
Take us inside.
No one's been in here?
No sir.
ANNOUNCER: Welcome back to our continuing coverage of the historic developments on the red planet.
One year ago a mining expedition on the south pole of Mars discovered the ruins
of an alien research station that has been buried under the Martian surface
for millennia.
These ruins are perhaps the most important scientific discovery in human history.
They are evidence that a super intelligent space-faring race of aliens
existed long before life crawled out of Earth's primordial oceans.
ANNOUNCER: This incontrovertible proof of alien life has at long last united humanity.
With the ratification of the Systems Alliance Charter, the eighteen largest
nations on Earth have become a single political entity with a single purpose:
to protect humanity from any and all extraterrestrial threats.
Could the aliens who built these ruins, known as the Protheans, return to reclaim our
solar system as their own?
It's not my job to speculate the fate of the Protheans.
It's my job however to
their science and mathematics
And to apply that knowledge
to advance humankind.
Thank you.
Meanwhile not everyone is ready to be part of one big human family.
A powerful criminal syndicate on Mars, calling themselves the Red Sand, has
begun trafficking a powerful an addictive drug derived from the Prothean
power source, Element Zero.
This narcotic activates previously unknown nodules in the human body which
generate powerful energy fields known as Biotics, a form of telekinesis.
Addicted to the drug and emboldened by their new powers, the Red Sand criminals
have been attacking Alliance installations on Mars. And now these
attacks have begun to endanger Dr. Averroes and his research team
just as they are on the brink of cracking the ultimate secrets of the
Prothean ruins.
Sandhurst, status check. Sector 5 all clear. Copy?
SANDHURST: Copy Grissom, Sector 3 clear. Regroup in Sector 4.
You seeing this?
SANDHURST: We've got six... no, eight tangoes approaching from vector 9 zero 7.
GRISSOM: Copy that.
Lee, Jenkins. On me.
Nobody move.
What the f---?
Averroes, come in!
Averroes, answer the comm!
Yes. What?
GRISSOM: You and your team, fall back to the bunker. Now!
AVERROES: I'm sure you've got the situation under contr-
Yes, but -
Just take care of it! I don't have time for this.
Averroes out.
Goddamn scientists!
What the hell were they doing over there?
Not like the Red Sand to run from a fight.
Element Zero!
Averroesm we're gonna need to evac, now!
GRISSOM: Averroes! Do you copy?
Not a good time, Colonel.
GRISSOM: We've got a bomb wired directly to the Element Zero processor.
I'll be right there.
An extremely sophisticated device.
Mostly stolen Alliance tech.
So you should have no problem disarming it.
GRISSOM: Doctor, you need to prep your team for immediate evac.
AVERROES: We can't lose the ruins. Not now.
SANDHURST: Lose the ruins? Try lose the damn planet.
There's enough Element Zero here to blow us all to -
I'm not losing my work. You are here to protect me and my team.
So do your job, and let me do mine.
SANDHURST: Oh, you're not serious?!
Grissom, you might wanna hurry up.
Cover me! Buy me some time.
We'll do our best.
Just hurry.
Take him! Re-arm that bomb!
GRISSOM: Huh. Still alive.
You're tougher than I thought.
AVERROES: Grissom. Come to the lab immediately.
AVERROES: There's something you need to see.
I've been trying to figure out this piece of technology since we came here.
GRISSOM: Our galaxy.
Holy shit, Doc.
You made a picture of our galaxy.
We lost four men for this?
SANDHURST: What are those?
We don't know.
But there's one solar system.
AVERROES: We need to go to Pluto.