EPISODE 4: Jang Woo Young (장우영) Be With You Directing with Junho

Uploaded by 2pm on 09.08.2012

Guess who I'm working with today
Oh, Woo Young?
You've heard this voice many times
This is the guy!
Woo Young came with a camera
Now Woo Young, today
Long time no see
Singer Jang Woo Young
Composer Lee Junho
Now I'm not
Lee Junho of 2PM
but as a composer Lee Junho
I'm going to be strict
Are you ready?
What have you prepared?
Atmosphere's feeling good anyways
Today is the day I record
the song Junho has given me
as a gift
for my first solo album
Woo Young has bought the song from me
Thank you
I bought it for free you know that right?
How about the fee then?
I heard you were freely helping
For free?
There's no such thing
Now let's begin
Break a leg!
Your voice condition is okay, right?
Yes it's good
Let's go!
Let's go!
This is the time
where I will get a bit sensitive
This song is good that I wanted to sing
but I wanted to give it to Woo Young
The song suits Woo Young
Manly and Sexy
and also singing well
I wanted to show all that
You can expect much for the rap
The lyrics is really good
I wrote it
but it's good
Woo Young is now praying
Can you hear me?
The beat is good
Feeling is good
All is well
but do it sexier
Let's go once more?
It feels really good
the condition is good
Let's go!
'I' and 'Don't know' try to make 'ah' sond longer
that should do it
Let's go~
Good Woo Young, you are doing well
You are the best~
Now for the finale,
a bit of improvisation should do it
Let's do it now?
Now let's rap
Go for the rap
First I will get your voice fit
with the radio edit
so it feels right
Let's go
The chorus that goes with the highlight
Seems like supporting the high/low note should do it
Let's go for the chorus
Beginning with the high note
Good, Come out!
Thanks for your effort!
It's done!
It was the best
I hope this song shines
more with Woo Young's presense
Honestly I think
Junho's song was the most difficult one
to sing in my album
Junho's feeling in this song
is really detailed
and deep
so I had a hard time
Junho really did a good job
directing me
and he was an awesome director
Break a leg for Jang Woo Young solo
Thank you
Break a leg
Break a leg!
Be with you.