The Little Chinese Mermaid

Uploaded by Ne3won on 16.05.2011

Oracle: What do you want?
Ariel: Well, I want to go to the surface.
I am tired of being under the sea.
Why do you want to go to the surface?
I met someone...
A prince...
I wish I could stay up on the surface.
Ariel, it is possible to go to the surface, if you do so desire.
Really? But how can I...
I will make a deal with you Arial.
I will allow you to go to the surface. You will have legs and lungs...
Oh, thank you so much!
Prince: Hey, thanks for saving me.
How did you know it was me? You were unconscious...
I wondered who was that beautiful figure that saved my life.
I wasn't sure, but judging by your response means that it was you who saved me.
I see. Lets go somewhere.
Excuse me!
Excuse me, but do you know where the shopping center is?
I do know. It is between 1st and 2nd street. From here you need to go three blocks down and take a left.
Do you get it?
I guess?
Where do you want to shop at today?
Today, let's go to Sears (lol).
Oh, I like these pants!
This shirt...
This is good!
Very good~
Excuse me!
Excuse me, do you have this in a white color?
We have this in white, red , and black.
Excuse me, do these come in different sizes?
This comes in small, medium, and large.
Medium size.
How much will this all cost?
Altogether this will cost 50 dollars.
Well what did you expect to pay for?
We are going to shop somewhere else.
Ok. T_T
So, how did you end up on that beach, almost dying?
Well, you see, I was running with a drug cartel...
You got the money?
Do you have the stuff?
Yeah we got it, all the sea mushrooms your royal highness can afford.
Now gimmie the money.
This is twenty dollars.
Well, with the economy and inflation, I'm gonna need more.
No way. Twenty dollars is what we agreed on.
Then it sounds like you're saying we have a problem.
I say we do.
It didn't have to be like this, Prince!
It did when you messed with my cousin!
Well, I need to go.
Where are you going?
I am going to see my girlfriend.
...Is something wrong?
Uh, okay. See you... whenever?
The prince doesnt love you.
That's not true!
You know this is true! Didn't he tell you?
For the price for being on the surface, you have to kill the prince.
Why are you telling me this now and not earlier?
But you wouldn't have seen the surface and spent all that time with the prince if you knew about the risks.
I gave you a chance right? A chance that you wished for that seemed to be impossible, and you took it!
I grant those wishes. But those wishes come at a price, you know.
There can't be gain without sacrifice.
That's how the world works. Entropy.
So, don't blame me for this. I gave you an offer, and you took it.
So... how much time do I have left to kill the prince?
It has already been a week, so you have until the sun sets.
You can kill him quickly with a gun, or slowly with a knife.
It's your choice.
Hey, how are you?
Today's weather is very good.
Yes, it is.