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hey whats up cachorros! how are you!? I hope you are well, because it is already december
it is time to reflect to auto analise and all those nice things
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and todays vlog is about...
American shows
there are two things in which USA is good at
Wars, and TV shows
and even though they are almost always good, the have some defects
the walking dead
dead people walking?
come on, lets be realistic!
walking around with zombie!
you have to be really stupid for them to bite you!
and then?
fore some odd reason they always come from behind
out of nowhere!
latinos in Tv shows
personally I love modern family
but, Sofia Vergara's character
colombia is not how they make it seem in that show
colombians are not agressive, or dumb, or ignorant
yes they are super hot, but not the rest!
and in all the shows they discriminate latinos as if they were... black... or african eww!
just kidding!
what is up papi! I am the new cop, we will dance salsa every day!
why do they think us mexicans talk like wisin and yandell?
or pitbull!
and they always kill us first when we all know we should be the survivors! (talking fast like a puertorican)
oh crap! their car is too fast, they are running away!
dont worry...
well done!
cars dont explode with gun shots!
I know about this stuff I used to like in the north of Mexico
everything explodes in action shows
comedy shows
their jokes are really good
but not everything is funny
what is going on?
I dont know...
tell me what he is doing here!
why do they laugh so much!?
there is laughter every 5 seconds!
haha no, I am not hanging up... you hang up!
she hung up!
shut up!
but that never happens in real life...
danger in tv shows
where do they get their baseball bat from!?
every time something is wrong they have a baseball bat
are they all baseball players?
here in latin america we would have other things
why dont they get that not everything explodes!
cachorros that is it for todays vlog, yes I know there are many other shows
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