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and welcome to SEC sports round table
this is your host shane bailey
coming into a back-to-back episodes for those that are keeping up with things
if you are cocktail last episode we did a archived in a many post
many podcast yesterday catching the up on some things and i'll touch on that
path through the course of this broadcast our call
uh... update everyone on that but i want to welcome
Blair Smyly
glad to be back
glad you're with this uh...
got uh...
got a light
podcast i guess today
uh... we've got uh...
james that's the most exciting thing and in you know we're through i get my i
guess what it boils down to that uh...
you know we complete we can talk and plan and say who we think is going to be
the best or is the best bet it's it's about time that to put the action to it
and uh... put your money where your mouth is or url are left the uh...
but everything speak for itself is a very start football in four days tri-band
gotshall sump pump excited
that came in this week and induces birthday and i handed him a brand new
chrome cal they'll first birthday
naming graded everything
but is not excited to get a ring it was at his best president for
possibly 'cause he's actually never had a cowbell strangely
and he said you know once you've been a season ticket holder necessities well
season ticket holder the last friday the think this is ninety year okay um...
straight week
the use of
i guess you say season ticket holder pride when we're really really young
but one week started didn't and uh... play in sports and marked two sisters
were cheerleaders it
we kinda
ceased and assist on the old uh...
uh... you know but thirty years ago
me wasn't that big a deal you know you can always
dictated to a game in we had all calls that uh... at two uncles and aunts that
accident worked at the university so
we maybe we'd ever get a gamer table we're so busy back and that
there was more of
listen tolerated and that type of stuff but uh...
yeah i've actually had a cowbell sense
i can remember so it's over
by thirty years old
uh... but it's just had a tree he never had warrants a
affair for seventieth birthday i would get the gap
a nice chrome cowbell
he set up
wetzler it's pretty impressive
and uh... prodigy put his nickname on their not to split uh... darius smiley
in nineteen sixty seven which is easier that he graduated from
mississippi state so i hope that he's got a fired up
account would look good on their
you wouldn't
battered g daddy
fictional in alabama
now and then we could spend a whole yahoo russell on on
the debate between the house i had a career katrina we won't do that
now but let let's uh... let's get into something zealots give some housekeeping
out of the way
uh... really trying to work on our youtube channel
uh... trying to put up some closed captioning staff so burnaby editing that
stuff and so it uh... it's a little more reliable but uh...
thank you to do as it's own version and you might appreciate this or not but
the other hobby of mine a stack himself
the uh... you to channel if you look at it it can actually take a transcript of
what is said what we do here did automatically does it
it's probably about sixty percent accurate
uh... forget where they would call their cc sports a round table for the longest
time it wasn't even close
uh... but it was calling me chamberlain as opposed to saying bailey
uh... aphrodite waited drew young wasn't even a name
uh... at least but it's been way off base but it's
it's amazing it's starting to recognize
patterns and as our current i guess as i corrected
the text it's going to go back to that batteries i don't know what they're
but it's starting to become more and more accurate
and based on a day of like different in-store the dialect that they can
i don't know i_d_f_ pull up like the swap people version two
get the subtitles to i think it is we go back in the middle of a
if it has that did that
if it gets warm people
uh... and know that if you use good annunciation of your words and you talk
a nice and slow win
you know the way you should be talking except we're doing conversation
uh... it does a better job of recognizing
uh... the words that that that are coming out of your mouth but
it it's pretty amazing that it's dated even doing what it is critical found so
i'm trying to go through there and we've got to know fifty this is our fifty
second episode yeah
uh... because yesterday within fifty warner's episode fifty we're always
ever wondering we recorded eight zero zero zero as a test 'cause we didn't
know if this would work
so that's why were always one more podcast in the number
uh... but so this is our fifty second podcast so i have to go through and
you know that a correct
you know sometimes two hours worth of footage on that but uh... so
you don't run at least get that welcomed s_e_c_ sport roundtable foreseen at two
minutes of every one of 'em now but i want to try to go through and clean that
up and that should help or arr
are rankings cuz
some of the ones that have
been cleaned up a little more like mark grace uh... is still left-handed a
and it's got a couple thousand views on it already
and so he had no im num pretty impressed by it and so
that does make a big difference from the uh... if anyone's listening
and i was looking for social media tips you know that
that catching fire can really help in searches in showing up in its evidence
uh... as you look at that one
what is the done as far as all reviews
following you too but of course the video is being seen on you too
we have done some you streamline versions of this
and the last couple podcasts and this one as well we're trying a google hang
uh... so we can get a lot of interaction if you're ever
uh... listening to this and we throw it we doubt how when or recording you're
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uh... but if anything you can
video stream live if you want
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version of this podcast
and uh... you can do that on a weekly basis
the recordings over the summer of always been general almost
always has been sunday afternoon but
starting next week that's definitely not gonna abhi the recording time we're
would be a little more flexible in our recording so they will not right
we can't guarantee that you know check-in sunday afternoon because
we're all going to be involved with watching n_f_l_ football
uh... even though
you know we don't we don't talk about the n_f_l_ here as much as we do
i have personally wouldn't we all enjoyed n_f_l_ expecially in nashville
with the tennessee titans
find some of the top there
but uh...
you know so it's going to be a little more flexible and when we can work
around our work schedules 'cause we all do
i date jobs and and have things that
that keep us from doing this on a regular basis in monday's monday night
so probably tuesdays most most tuesdays it's a little it's looking like we're
gonna recorded so the podcasts are gonna be out late tuesday
early wednesday
and so you know in looking at numbers you also saw spike on mondays when we
were since we've recorded on
record these on sunday you can definitely see that certainly
interesting to see how all those things play out
as we get into the season but we are just four days away
uh... from the first cake and it's going to happen here in nashville uh... i
think the rain about fans are excited about that uh... that's a big deal for
prevent about to be able to host a game even though it's a thursday night game
uh... it's the only
uh... s_e_c_ game that's and
pitting two s_e_c_ teams against each other right
how weak
warrant so uh... you know what look
covered those
uh... and look at those games as we get to it but
uh... i'll finish up with the housekeeping i guess i'm proud to do
that so we can get them into the news but
i did so i did mention itunes in stature radio for the audio version
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i will be looking for some of that as we we get comfortable with things and it's
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i let us know what you like what you don't like what you want to see what you
don't want to see and we will
take that into consideration doesn't mean we'll listen with this
taken into consideration
uh... but there are there were a couple things that are happening in the news
this week and uh...
let's start off in your neck of the woods and talk about some some going ons
and mississippi state you into that for a few minutes ago i'm not uh...
state head eight
pretty good start to their thursday with uh... uh... announcing
the new hire for
url either shavers patient amber esther to take over angelo brando's
uh... uh... cab abrupt the resignation the previous sunday so basically a week
from uh... today
week ago today uh...
he resigned for personal reasons
and um...
and kind of tabor by surprise which i think it's a pretty
they call brian
um... hires timbres triggers a former
head coach
uh... bully for most seven to two thousand and ten and minnesota
uh... and if you follow college football was really bear
at taxes under mack brown um... and really is hey days he was actually the
leader a career that broadbent cheong
and that talented group uh...
of players through the won the national championship for texas and uh... so
very very
fairy strong recruiter
uh... pretty farid guy
uh... and release all about the position according to him and and mollen
um... so started at all from thursday is a very good start and then
uh... mr joshi had from d_s_p_ n
um... rule duck and i came out at wheaton about mid-day with regards to
edge liver and there was
basically resigned under
uh... pressure from intense investigation into recruiting violations
sulekhab blew up the twitter world for
nine mississippi state followership and um...
they did so it's a
carried out a little bit crazy but over the last few days that's kind of all was
leaking out i mean obviously
he resigned for personal reasons but it it was leaking out that there were
severe sh something to do with
improper phone contacts or whichever occurs that type of stuff that is now
kind of
narrowed down where the searchers with regards to will redman uh... tourism is
city state
uh... four star safety from memphis um...
that is actually currently on the squalid
uh... mail with regards to accord that was purchased for him in
could be some road bisht her
stuffed um... and according to a lot of sources could involve several other
s_e_c_ schools
uh... but
this is really all time back chained to
the kid at all burned that has to curry change that just which ruled ineligible
uh... cooked couple weeks ago and
really kids come out of this investigation of the seven all seven
team in memphis
uh... make coincidently has the kid from vanderbilt vic kamber a kid
uh... that solid vendor bills on the seven all seven team uh... acute from
georgia that's at georgia now the kids from all over
i like it from a city state and to from old mezzo there's about six key is
assigned a cc scholarships
out of this class and so
it seems to be a little bit of a battle between the high school coaches and
memphis in the several seven coach
and so what i see how it goes uh... for his six-day purposes and for
uh... ma purposes uh... pretty much all
if you have
pretty much gathered that this war was
uh... something that came about uh... when need and no one in the
administration actually found
out whatever it was uh... they were man media they reported went through the
channels exposed to go through so for ministration standpoint it seems to be
something that they're not terribly worried about uh... they did confirm
there were some irregular
uh... i guess they termed it uh... recording irregularities
so they made a robotic your back in
and change the word investigation but uh... they have been dillon with the
n_c_a_ for several months
and don't think anything majors coming out of it urged an impact uh... dam ma
win the war
you can put that on a pedestal apparently right
so but uh... it was uh...
that's pretty interesting uh...
but uh... we add the soft that happened whenever they got a bubbly resigns
abruptly resigns like he did
um... and uh... so
we uh... woolsey at where gary from here but from all indications are
um... bear it there may be something comes out of it but nothing too terrible
but they can't
really overcome uh... but the most like mississippi state did there
due diligence wants finding out a way through the proper steps and got rid of
the code chin
uh... so if it
it dangerous a little bit and we've got a better
recruiter better coach out of it
tells like a win-win for me you know the uh...
i was trying to do three things i want to talk on
and new code
was aware of some of that information but if you mentioned he followed mullen
from florida
he had xlr and uh... he's a ten-year-old not only are awhile yet he was a he
played football division during school
he got a grad assistant job that florida
uh... and followed them all into mississippi state each twenty six years
uh... them all and after the gator bowl uh... when
how r wide receivers coach took the mark i'd spit who is the
uh... was a prior head coach it north alabama they want a couple national
champ ships in division two
uh... whenever he
got uh... louisiana lafayette job eyelash year or two years ago
um... d uh...
he was a lot of shiver station
mollen tara dumber and eric at hickory that's a doosy youngest s_e_c_
assistant position cajun
in the conference which was a pretty big deal plumbing and so now im would say
that his college careers
coaching is uh...
pretty much tone down the two yeah but the lekhal being forced to resign
that uh...
castel nature but was he a good recruiter
i don't know i mean he
he seemed to be a job that uh... and all indications are that he was out cold
i don't know
how good of a recruiter he was
and how many cows are tagged about you know
uh... but i do know that you know he had a couple of twitter mishaps last year
there were a little minor things that
you know was watchin
um... some high school's play jamboree and tweed out that he was there and
actually use the names of the schools which he can do and
stuff like that so he he obviously was flirting with a
with a rolls boat that he was in
into total control and seem to be a pretty aggressive dot try to make his
my name on them and so he obviously now so i said before found out
or knew about this improper
weather wasn't improper benefit whether it was
uh... done and kind of a
backhanded way or uh... dozen from all indications does
don't believe that he was the one who actually did the violation but uh... he
was always arafat
uh... it kind of their back research which is forced resignation
brain can only ask that because mean it's been proven time and time again
that if you can
coach and you can recruit
when the s_e_c_
uh... allotted to our foreign you'll find a job that might not be with the
same thing because they have to let you go
you know but you could end up on another nother team's roster in short order cell
uh... you know we need to tears when it comes to repeat for cruise the only
thing you're doing wrong
and let's just look at u_s_c_ in the coaching staff they have over there
uh... you know it's forgiven real fast 'cause he didn't even have to to lose
the job that you tva poori found a new home at u_s_c_ and guilty carol near
left usc in a turmoil from recruiting
uh... issues straightened
to the pros so
uh... yeah
you know it doesn't matter what you do with four of those things go
if you can coach and so you know that that was the question i had met forested
noria did cuz
that's that that's the big thing missus if you can
right can be forgiven yes
if you're a
proof is in the putting i guess
so let's start school
or and i think that's that's a agood recap of that information
uh... some other news that has occurred this week and this is just minor her
i think it is a warning suspension coming from arbonne
wreaths to smokies worries that these all-american freshman all-american
center last year
uh... that it will ask for yahoo engane vittal pop
public killed
intoxication um... but yet they said there was
at least one game but they haven't ruled in a plane city-state second game so
obvious show you how that works mean
the thing that sticks out to made ollie obviously been a freshman all american
and your prior best offense alignment
uh... to talk about the gathered
you're basically the quarterback of the off it's a lot of the center that makes
all the calls
and you're going to be having a cal frasure risk of replying or starting
uh... really his first game so to speak
you know not to test the center he's been built with this
there's gotta be a little bit by writing some problem or a family that uh...
waldo worry about that go into the cleansing game because it's getting to
know that it is not like it's not like some of these other team to have
north texas or southeast louisiana jacksonville state jackson st
uh... they've got clemson you know it is a home game probably either at albright
uh... so that helps but it's still that that doesn't matter
how when it comes to lose in your story isolated it helps the clinton doesn't
have saini walkins for the first two games and so you're not gonna have to
build an all-american water saver that
in destroyed a cc last year's a true freshman
um... but um...
yet he's capital drug
related incident over the summer that's forced to take a suspension said
um... they're gonna be playing without that guy which is a big big piece uh...
but across the board clinton's going to be
a more experienced football team gets to be tough
account match for auburn and
and you make a good segue there you've said no drug use over the summer and i
think this to the last bit of news
and i don't wanna
say that it is what it is a bit all indications from knoxville
uh... seems to believe but based on the way the suspension came down to that
i guess it was at the release birds of the suspended indefinite suspension he's
not been released director rogers
uh... from
take false
my main
you know and andrew had to go vote there will be resolved twitter tumi path
it all imagined
when i when i asked him about that and john schultz the other you t_v_
the cases
there is a drop-off build and i was there was no comment from you and he
never replied so so you know how difficult is healthy appetite to be
pretty good idea but uh...
unites us it's a huge political messages
but that was what was going to make tennessee something of a threat is that
you had direct rogers
you had justin hunter he was coming back in from
most indications he's close to where he was in a he's still going to be and
that's the thing with hunter he still going to happen
get hit
help v
get-up realized that his knees okay
for him to be a another person
because it's still medal for him and he's even said that that uh... mentally
he's that's his biggest thing as it is
cover overcoming that 'cause he's never been hurt before
uh... and that they've got another job ok patterson patterson
and i think he hit the nail head i mean the the if you take
rogers scared all the football field
the only thing that was a sure thing
was derek rogers yet
now we have here is the only one domain
to put up sixty seven
completion slash year
perceptions ever thousand yards on an office that couldn't do anything
the last six games
you're talking about i gather it was a
policy see performer and the only really tear into the police are now certainly
go from not having him too
that year college kid
that always has a a little bit of a car remain we follow me
he'd you just don't know but you got a kids uh... and
uh... in any dull
and you don't know about heiner ebony stood operating and so all indications i
think the
here for maybe a uti
not a big fan t t
um... you could tell and air do is veuillez
that number one this oztion
outta left field it was pretty obvious leah new occurrence of this
this which we believe is a substance abuse issue
just popped up
because your days prior he took all
all for sure
and it's not ever starts to be a
and i'm first occurrence either but if you're dared to leak
you know
in this is any talk about it i mean as a karoge
your biggest casualty as a coaches thief
uh... is the decisions of eighteen to twenty two year olds in
at some point in time
united and they're doing
you know did that this summer he basically took a chance on a kid that
had a troubled past there was having a hard time
kind of learning prolly for the first time in his life to deal what
disappointed a lot of those types of things in
you know apart if they're doing
you know was willing to go the extra mile for don try to get
falls out of a man from all indications from everybody across the board and you
could hear it and all of the
the knox four guys they called and that i listen to a radio that
hit it was not an attitude dealer was and he blew up the coaching staff like
it was the somber or or years past
um... you know that it was
by all indications he was
doing everything he was supposed to be doing
um... you're from a practice tam pointer from attitude standpoint
and so for dared to a two c l_ a progress made and then
him still
make ah... decision that he made
that that forces his hand
uh... is just got to be frustrating and i have it happened
you know
less than a week before the game uh... economy will on
uh... is got to be difficult and you could tell that he was
you telling his
comments in the other guy was actually hurt
um... but he also knows that not only does it hurt him
from a player's standpoint interaction from an absolute team sam point and
really be tears yet for reality i think they're duelist done to the point where
he knows he's got a performing we end
uh... to do that in
uh... i just got a b
just gotta be frustrating
uh... as a uti fan uh...
because it seemed like he is kinda turn the page but
a big
big big walls
uh... for those guys and
you know but the interesting thing if you heard herman ladders
who is the
the uh...
bustier middle linebacker this got such a great story you know is that god it's
all about team
uh... did hear his comments of you know
you know we worked with him this summer when he was here and we worked with
and uh... so you know he kind of alluded to the fact that
hey this is not a big surprise to us
there's a chance that
we all kind of the back for a head that you know
day riches piero he was a major i a and uh...
and obviously made another may decision that force their hand and i don't think
from our team standpoint
they're going to be
totally effective from an additive standpoint
uh... because
they've seen this story before
uh... misjudged
you're taken by thousands are two-way an offense that didn't have
brave last year or harder for
half the season didn't think this will talk about it again when we get to the
pics or talk about the upcoming games but
one of the other positive i guess if you have to have a positive for tennessee is
you do you have hunter
and you do you have patterson yeah when you've got to potentially all s_e_c_
wider so what do you have after that
i mean look at their receivers are now which drew is here to tell you neither
dept sharpening your going back to roger's slamming does ac rogers and
those guys at work
fourth and fifth and six receivers that now also the new york third fourth and
fifth options burnt and uh... from adept standpoint
uh... here you may be ken
camouflaged this man you've got a hundred you got patterson but
there's no way shape or form that you were gonna totally
nazia different out there with uh... near their rogers on the home of field i
mean he was elected physical receiver
you could have a circle of twelve hundred yards this year
you know that but bring about the interesting thing when you think about
it and and
tammy who guru
who is drugs and who is not drugs we and they will never know first for certain
mcclellan try remember
accurately through her lawyer gerchas
stupidity right now we know he had weapons that
but a m drugs drugs really i think they did on weapons as francisco or because
they thought they smelled marijuana
and they couldn't find any so we're going to give that when the drugs
um... yet altered serial bomber bigelow that but but he was initially stopped
because they thought ah...
there were the police after smoke marijuana
so you got dire crow well
uh... rogers
uh... rambo for georgia with the pot brownies nasty
he's couple games matthew
that's baf
vob blame acres not assist
middle of the road and the guys in the s_e_c_ these are big named
you know there's a huge epidemic that i think's going on in college
sports is
this whole cut drug use
you know things that are
uh... maybe even go into
you know painkillers and that type of stuff it's things that i know from
athletics stamp or we don't have to help
painkiller item you're talking about
kids that are getting hurt injuries and that type of stuff is
uh... yeah that's a huge at activities going across not only
sports but across
the country ham and as a whole
uh... and substance abuse from at standpoint but that seems to be more of
that an issue and
and didn't do it
n_c_ double is gonna have to do something to that affects the the
product and you know that's one thing about the n_f_l_ it's always you know
what is it does it hurt the shield one of the ncaa lay doesn't have a shield
but it does hurt the the product it's been out there we wanna see folks like
rogers in crowell and i think i i think the s_e_c_ would like to see a
standardized that's the whole problem is that when you get into each institution
if if you don't mind week away we understand altman's three
no four days four yeah
a florida ulti discredited to loot
after the fourth
tom uh... i think george in the city state and uh... there is another one
that she said last time it actually is a suspension after the first
uh... first violation um... you know and so
uh... old mrs dot one that they're actually trying to look at your date
gaffer western kentucky this the eight days trying to change it but
their suspensions but there's no set number that get you kicked off the tee
and according to our policy
it's all different cross the board and trying to standardize that is
going to be difficult when you take into consideration outside the s_e_c_ and
did not start illustrated article with a car stop org and and
uh... those types of things were voted out of the west coast lauren they they
had the year sports illustrator he has been a magazine where they
um... discussed college football and marijuana use and dorgan
uh... roughly about uh... dozen players that
that base we've spoken on its way to say that over sixty percent of their
football team used
marijuana because organ was a state really grows in their backyard in oregon
but uh...
the state
uh... the institutions hand so far
payal because the state law
does not allow them to be a random drug testing
so there's not a way that it appeared at organ can actually be randomly drug test
um... and so
that creates this whole
cab dynamic and so it was is interesting i mean there it's a kind of put up a
whole debate which we could go on forever cooking
three you were to be a professional football team in oregon they'd how
comport one doesn't have warned me that you would think
but that's the case there is a real pleasure taliban and not anymore that
they'd laid right on others what they did
you think that the other way around with the n_b_a_ t and and that's a whole
other study can we've talked about that is a marijuana use it
and is it right or wrong to be testing for that stuff and have a whole
synthetic stuff and i don't know it
uh... i don't understand it almost think about it but it suited obviously a huge
deal it's not something that i'm not part of that coulter n and that and
that's another thing is there's a culture inside yeah uh... you know
collegiate sports especially when you're talking about those large dewar and
r_b_c_ s schools will cal kar far back i'm going to
uh... he knows p_c_s_ schools
there's a different culture than that i'm not a part of ur wouldn't even be
uh... you know i think most people would be surprised to know if they truly knew
the call to the goes on around there
and uh...
you know that's not what this podcast is about i don't even want to go down that
way so
let's let's take a look here i think any other news today a mess
i can't leave anything out tom and amanda's other than just
depth charge stuff like that stuff to get all excited about football
yeah uh... i mean
for your team dennis that's thing that's entertaining to have to talk about on a
that covers all the s_e_c_ unless i can not all but three d
as less than what they were talking about your team
and then then you'd be excited i guess but um... here let's let's take a look
here at some uh... some of this week's action
uh... n i guess now's a good time
uh... to let you guys know how we're doing our pick texas
this year
uh... in that last year he listened at all what we did was we
we did a weekly segment of the the podcast and we put that up separately
where we go through and we look at the games and give our
our papers and put those out there
high and there's a separate video version of that one and so
willl as though
as we get into the season will probably put out some of those but what we are
is we've created a yahoo page
on yahoo fantasy
and i've given everyone that might be interested the ability to come join in
uh... and try that out so all you have to do is email me at comments at s_e_c_
sports a roundtable dot com
now if you do that
what we'll do is give you the group i_d_ and a pass code so that you can join in
uh... and be part of this so what will
and enable you to do is take part and see how will you do
against the hosts and last year
uh... you know looking at it as a whole
all the
host susan if you look at the totals we were about fifty eight percent against
the spread
that's not bad victory wouldn't drag us down the with their work there were two
people that were
subhakar entered and i was a good name names
uh... outlaws
and uh... and then there is one other women intrude on a nice surprise this
year for the wineries commit a condo to las vegas or somewhere like that for
three nights
some like that
this but i think that that's true that
classical catch up with the next time
but what you will do
is uh...
be able to join that group now with the group i'd be in the past code and see
how you do against that in the last year
uh... and i didn't think i didn't go back and recalculate this could have it
somewhere in notes but i just didn't have time to do it
the last post we have that i saw was for the balkans
uh... and we didn't do a final one that i could see a not not probably didn't
just missed it i just
had five minutes before at the check into it
but before the
myself and uh... brett worked hard at fifteen and twenty nine and seven
and that's a sixty eight percent
almost sixty eight percent their winning percentage against desperate
pretty strong and start really strong and
i got out my game of the football this year look totally destroyed all the
basketball believed that
that uh... i'm looking for this with the the two extra teams and
two extra games uh...
potentially on a weekly basis
without text and a m in missouri i think it's going to be
to a lot of fun man tells a lot of tells a lot of stuff to kasi
uh... sc
kind of fun to see how people pick and undergoing cancer spread
i like it stuff in in in
i'm not a gambler i
you know might go to vegas i've been
three or four times and tommy i think this don't like the thought of handing
somebody my money 'cause i know i'm not getting it back
and say i was cows if i take a hundred dollars
about five hundred
and i was at all
euro gambler has also hundred dollars almost five hundred aab of these act
whatever i get up on that that's my money and
there was only will you come out
i've been up and you weren't there the for that night
alesha random i we all want yeah uh... let's get stuff and and but you have to
at least i do
suffered true true that rough time
but i have to go to one of those as a uh... that's like going to a ball game
you know it's an expense
you know that's the way i can talk and treated as gamely cuz im not had died
that's not in my major
to say i can make money there cuz i know that
vegas is got those big buildings for one reason
vegas wins here
and so you noted
know that i know that you know as a whole we were over fifty eight percent
and like you said if you took at those
uh... sub five hundred teams that the group itself would have been over sixty
against a spread so
you know i i i had i'm not here to brag but
you know it just goes to show that
we kinda know football a little bit uh... so
you know that's in that's fine so we'd like to get you guys
uh... that are listening out here we'd love to have you guys join in
like i said so comments at this ec sports a roundtable dot com
and i will get you the ability to join in that group so well
we're going to keep it clean all moderate that so just know that if you
want to join it
pequeno might have to edit drew a little bit but uh... won it
loved i don't know
in the past doesn't yahan max those out of like fifty people on those
yeah i i have no idea
benefits if it's fifty i'd love to be able to say let's let's get this thing
maxed out uh... you know from the listeners
uh... in the the host we have here in and see how we're gonna have a lot about
ten of us guys ten to twelve that or can it be kind of the normal ones that may
be on the trial because there's about eighteen post in the past year could
have had said here of the air at a round table
so if we get all of those involved plus my uh... you know plus it wouldn't take
that many that i had to do that in
panetta opens it up to some friends of ours as well send that out there but
no looking forward to that so uh... that's out there the yahoo pages setup
um... the hosts have that information a couple of of r_d_ sunder
i'm a little disappointed this bread information's not out there already i
mean where but i guess it's generally monday before when you see that
uh... so hopefully will see that this actual spread to get out there so we can
make those pics
found in the next couple days and that's another thing that
by having the podcasts on tuesday a worked well forces the spreads were out
there so when we're making those pics it's just too early now we're just
picking straight up
these first you know when you look at the first games
of the season there's
uh... if you look at my podcast her to look at the website assisi s arti dot
uh... there's a
hello a little man
had it had a guest just join us for a second
but if you do you go to the
through the website asi csr team there's a blog post out their games to watch in
week war
anarchy are really the richest four to highlight
of real in leisure you know like you're a mississippi state fan so you know
jackson st trivia game game for you to be
uh... interested in
picked a casual s_e_c_ fans not going to be is into some of those games
uh... so uh... it was only like four games
and there's might not know could be hard to put spreads on some of these a
popular jackson stator
jacksonville state southeast louisiana yeah uh... so
it's that's where it becomes more difficult to make those pics because the
you when you do see that you can probably see some of these to be like
thirty-point favors
and so mild will come to look through those real quick we've got uh... the
list of the games arrest art with thursdays
and that's usc it baby
uh... like we said they're gonna kick off
college football season forest is gameday coming here do you know notre
dame day is going to be that the uh...
mission alabama damper saturday patel actually have
whatever hoopla they'll have with the game but there will be an actual gameday
uh... that'll just be on saturdays
but they'll they'll probably have a little bit more than just the normal
crew here because
because it's at
college kickoff if the chick fil a kickoff right
now that's going to be friday and saturday august cheerful life i know
that's going to be in atlanta but uh... this is just
you know
says funny kazakh airline is done this a lot of that we did it
back-to-back years shack your lower mississippi state
four five years ago
her gosh what a mother and i wouldn't claim was there
uh... to start off the football season
um... so it's
it's always tough remained a start off as an s_e_c_ opponent i mean
tries to get the lego early
uh... and so my scanner
get off
on a rough start and from beginning because yellows danger
they count
and uh... yeah it's it's in east matchups to study vista s_e_c_ e sources
listed students teams playing each other so even a bigger holter have to dig
itself out of
and the one thing that uh...
kalyani bummed about this is
the titans of the four th pre-season game at six separate six p_m_ at night
here in nashville so
um... another style ought to do with that but
uh... hubble i was again together the game and then
now watch that
club level seats in a parking pass and they were given to this uh... we're
gonna get a bachelors in france but
uh... summit after vbr this thing and get back to the house and try to
catch up with it but that and made that connection today and and of all places
sitting in church is like you know
it just hit me the titans played their last pre-season game thursday anything
it's gonna be a mess and absolute mess down town thank goodness you've got
thirty blocks between the two
two or twenty eight blocks for job and a river
uh... between the two
stadiums but uh... that's
vendor bella hold what forty five thousand as everyone i think alike then
you can you're probably going to see a sellout earlier
uh... and the titans amid likely it's a preseason games
bustier starters are going to be
yes good to have been there is actually seizing game so i don't i don't see the
crowd here last thursday went last thursday
and our this past their stay in
it was kind of the the first pre-season game at home in
so you had a million crowded as the third as the game to watch the ambulance
in those few starters went into the
second half of that type of stuff so it was good
and i were talking about the expert on the matter is that it's kind of a
uh... one-off not anything as you see related
uh... but the titans
broke out there
new jumbotrons which of the largest outdoor jumbotrons in the country
on their own leadbelly wants bigger the once in texas stadium who say the only
ones beggars an indoor did it
jackets carey's and uh... so it was really really ridiculous to see those
ourselves system
the sound system new elevators that
that take eleven thousand people
to the property rights and under twenty minutes
that's moving people that is and uh... it and they actually built which is kind
of music cd esq
they do it the hockey games that they build the stage under one of the
jumbotrons on a boarding and
um... being the only bummer about the whole thing
as i got filled last yr for the whole years the entertainer which
he is so old and a relevant i don't understand i know we were a lot of
great songs
just to complete garbage pick up my and i just so he's a all the people that you
take a music c_d_ to come
they get phil that sure he has this cheesy give to you that it had all
backwards and sunglasses at seven thirty a bike it's pitch black
he's at every carol every game he is the
two thousand and twelve season
entertainer i guess i'll i did not know that they had and about four hours told
and so i'm hoping that that is wrong
mary maybe he got that
uh... felt like he was nineteen ninety nine maybe he received that as a name
because he was the first warned
and those is
garbage but he wasn't so though i digress a skid off the ties a video tali
flavors of hits in the theater in like fifteen years ago terrell famed light
backlight assault bill phil vassar right
a member move in here and two thousand
angolan with a group to the old hotel out there by their poori play the piano
and all i kind of stuff
uh... before he was built for his daily he had written a song city i think that
he made it as a songwriter first before you decided uh...
year trop
teleport brad paisley and uh... become a big big rock star to but uh...
there's a stylish
gives us all full
terrible horrible picture
they did a lot of good things that i dislike phil bashers just so irrelevant
assigned funny
how do you really feel about how he's just it just
toolmaker raising of like a all the things i mean
history to the young demographic that's for sure
precious may suspect it may be sock carolina
ollie is going to be awesome atmosphere
uh... for vanderbilt sampling
uh... actually saw fantastically budging strike lennara today that said revenge
of the nerds
and caterpillar well following us
calm and those are all well
but uh...
son always felt those kind of funny but uh... you know different range franklin
his bill this
spring and summer
to lead up to this game so i i i think
you know from that standpoint they're gonna be
we suck your lives and i have to come here playing soccer on some time starts
off slow they'll play vanderbilt very well
um... and i just look for this to be a kid
um... a good game i think soccer live from our standpoint going to win the
ball game
uh... because i think they're gonna hand at the market's lata morin
he said a run for ever
uh... i think this is what's gonna happen but uh... i won't be totally
surprised the batter bill comes and they are leaks out a victory
he hates it's going to be difficult vendor but i have to play a great
great game to do that
i don't think it's impossible but unlike u are
i'm going to go with uh... unlikely at that point and will will know more once
we see the uh... actual
in heaven forbid
that uh... any of this hurricane
weather gets home through up into nashville intimacy because
that crowd you're talking about you know it still is mehendi
dick on that weather comes where they can actually park in their little garage
and walked there
the hundred feet and sun shiny or
perfect cool weather conditions then you're going to have a light crop
um... measures vanderbilt so i'm hoping that the uh... the weather holds
clear but there could be a possibility of a little bit arraigned you think even
with all the excitement that franklin's trying to do this year that
that that's gonna be the case for this game
adult i don't think so but
but vanderbilt never underestimate me when it comes to
the sixty five and older crowd that's about twenty thousand novel
i think i i agree with you that
innovator girlfriends world to safe air where there is
but i don't believe that even if it's raining or not the perfect weather for
this event
the way he stalked it up in the excitement that on wednesday and it's
going to be there now so we're gonna take a loss for two
all that good will and excitement to disappear so i don't think that's the
real issue here
and that's the biggest thing then if it's going to have going for missus of
probly gonna be the most excitement that's been seen in vanderbilt
for a home game
in a while probably since i had gained eight year
where they start off that ford over five into couple years ago feared man
spelling for five years of bobby johnson yeah but uh...
you know that uh...
it's definitely a wildly atmosphere i give james franklin
kiddos four
you really drama down the season tickets and getting the excitement going in
um... you know i think honey vanderbilt is going to
on affirmative off that stamp ought to be able to move the ball
and do some things have just
height well see with their defense actually does uh... because they've lost
use a chris marvin some others really really good leadership in this quarter's
that they lost
they're really good football players but they a lot of experience
summit should see it happening
fail as spying lata more is going to be
a little bit of a mission to let everybody know in the s_e_c_ that he's
back emma's got no issues with disney
and uh...
you know in this
but i think they're going to be too much to handle that
will say
yeah group
that's that's one of the four games i have that's
without that out circle of the game to watch it won't end and the next one
small one ref to spend a lot of time on whose any indian at lot
it will be a lot ekkada look benediction i'll tell you love experience politic
heroes did surprise me right
obviously that was the downfall of crimes last year message state what we
can point to a lot etc
and wall st
uh... to open up the football season
you ought to talk about the motion jacked up stadium
mutual ever seen your life you guys need to check-in if your listeners podcasts
and look at the stadium
ma parents went to the game in my bad shut me up
picture from his phone
because the football stadium has like the old school fixed features uh...
and they don't
orca around the end zone they just go shoot a rate
so my parents were sitting twenty yards past the install them
straight away
so they basically had to
turning and look
um... they did not
they deduct turner anything it was
this is a war seating
arrangement yet ever seen a football stadium he was clearly twenty yards
past the the ends on
have a look back just to see their own twenty yard line
uh... so it was just uh...
horrendous environment but
they followed up with an eye sales uh...
uh... i don't think there's gonna be any issues whatsoever takes millions could
go under
take care business yeah i agree totally the mets game though is another team of
got circle at the game to watch not going to be
uh... the first chick fil a gain yes and that's going to be yuki
hosting north carolina state even though it's on neutral site
her neutral feel uh... in c states the home team
i'll tell you what i am i'm excited to see this game um
uh... where
my wife and iron
go into her parents house on friday so um...
i'm trying to crown arrangements now that it starts at six thirty central t
to get their own town to be able to see the start of this game but
hill i don't know if you
seem a shame but uh...
talked about the heart of people here in nashville
that are going to this game uh... i think it's gonna be
think it's a such a big day for tennessee fans and it's an opportunity
to be kind of in this
start to a seasoning going to atlanta very sensible place for tennessee fans
uh... i think you can see a huge crowd summit should see what the crowd is
going to be like
when we get there uh...
you know come friday night
and that's being played at the georgia dome reported on death row yang be huge
game friday night
you know you have already closed americans are planned the next day but
sparsely uh... from the people of herd is just a ton of people there are no
reply uti friends
uh... they're all heading down there never make a big weekend out of its
oughta be interesting
you know uh... the early line head
yuki is a favored i don't know what it is now and it's not up on all us say
that it was jokes my halleck six six and a half that i think uh... with uh...
roger stone it's actually dropped its product but that half
the first quarter of the overall
game and i think a
healy n_c_ state i mean i'm interested to see a because in c states got the
quarterback unyk if he's if you guys remember n_c_ state you know they they
sell out russell wilson we don't want you more you just go to wisconsin and
make sure you'll start for seattle
remained uh... it's a ricky an n_f_l_ which is what's looks like it's going to
do at five p_m_ uh... but
in a lot of people when he started getting into this russell wilson
wisconsin world last year
people can offer got about n_c_ state and
here they got that quarterback that kinda went in there and anti held his
own uh... amongst the
uh... which i had to be a difficult privately isn't somebody like a russell
wilson it had been there forever
um... so um...
ambitiously etiquette quarterback and i think n_c_ state
there's not a lot of the others all the boys about
they're doing and be in all the hot seat in
um... so
i don't know much about n c status no they have a quarterback sir
uh... with the news a rogers huge washing out effects on
but still being the big question mark we've already talked about the the the
there's a couple question marks the tennessee and it's
where it's going to happen is is is there going to be some of the can step
in and and
try to take the place of rodgers now he's not going to be there
uh... is harder going to be able to abhi what he was last year before the florida
uh... and it's gonna take him to get here to do that
you know he's gonna and tennessee's gotta run the football
you know and that that's the question mark yahoo and when do you know dare do
it was very open about that i mean
when things fell apart last year when he took on some injuries
the thing that actually cast snuck up on was
the end of the inability
uh... to run the football solely v_-eight some of the issues that they
actually had
that i have no doubt that
victims seeking for the football
if they are run in the football like they were last year
they're still going to have
you know they're still be somewhat one-dimensional sugar struggle
and some gains uh... and
you know with
with this lost they've got to be able to try to go out and from all indications
office allotments
uh... has been
uh... a lot more dominant than they were dave got all the experience behind them
to be that dom have lied
and get their brand of football but i don't know how dynamic of the backs
you're gonna have
uh... continued to flip it on the other side saying would be
tempest operon you know what to do
defense of
coaching staff uh... and the three four four three five two
you know packages that they're going to be doing
house i gotta work in
you know you can see state run the baltic out of control to game seven
lot of stuff man
it's very very very intriguing
yet no i i agree so
the there's a there's a lot more unknown there than there was you know this time
last week room
we were talking about and it but even then it's going to make it more of an
exciting game i think
uh... we're going to run through the next winter pretty quick buffalo a
georgia i don't think you should be any issues there that
the number is how highs are going to be that and that changes dea dea put money
on on buffalo versus george at that point
uh... the the next wednesday and think bowling green at florida bola great
typically esprit de sabar collision appeared at ohio school if i'm not
um... yaa
you know funny is bowling green kentucky lester and uh...
the um... yes pseudo the bollinger at usually has a
somewhat decent football team inside
uh... i would keep it i all night game just to see how florida
defensively comes out dominates and end up
exit relation cal what's going on there
went to the next game is the third game before that i have circled as games to
watch in that's gonna be clemson
at auburn and we talked alot about that uh...
you know even more dynamic server occurring with this game now that we've
got that suspension of the center of all over
uh... you know
they were going to have a tough time of it as it is
you know maybe that's another
costly snap at some point
you know um...
recording was it was it
last week's broadcast we were talking about tennessee in the snap
hard-nosed renouncing was being written have in the dreams those nightmares of a
bad snap cost number game and that could be auburn they like to be in auburn
fanakavi with the war eagle nation
come sunday morning um... having just that because of that situation because
of the pressure playing
uh... team like clemson and not have been that cupcake anymore and so
uh... in big big mistake uh... from the center standpoint i bet he was she could
have that night over earlier
but uh... you know it's going to be interesting to see where that one come
then yen the clips and dome of the home
the other side only
talked about this as well the same you watch in sd
they're all american
do everything receiver if you watch dancing with regards to clinton last
year till they fell apart they're a little bit at the end
was justice dominoes any player in college football as a true freshman
uh... manned up rush boyd
here was obviously a season cora back
that's going to be for them so uh... seem like it's not be in part of that
game is going to be a big deal dude
if you make the uh... cosmonauts left
yeah season
i've probably i walked into probably had to
i said i don't know it dot he didn
um... properties sure he's still sing and god
uh... devon tailor in
uh... cloudy from south carolina just destroying last year in a game
uh... o'neill last guy labor killed by death
uh... but uh... euclid cellular nightmare
but it's one of those things were this is going to be in a trading game because
i think clemson
you know i read
sauce that the other day because
davos laney is one of the most
did in dayton the coaches out there it's kind of funny but uh... he
you know if you remember this game last year at clemson
um... aware
they won the game in he was basically screaming bloody murder at the
reporter after the game like data on the national champion which one dollar a
year to found that they had lost four team
games against of
over in a row in fourteen it's all over dinner history
uh... which adults
cava random
uh... stat desolate finally won one
and uh... defending national champion that type of thing so
so and that that uh...
i miss you see how this game go to i think clinton's got a lot in store for
the a cc
this year in ur you wanna steams its up there at the top what twenty
and in the country
uh... partially top fifteen so
and then all burned till i get to tough test come relegate
yes they do
come to come to you second front row
uh... you know i'm
i'd like to say abt
it's an s_e_c_ sports roundtable podcast and i like to do that but
i don't think that i don't think they've got a women that have not voting for all
the way anything never again shall care
after the last two years i don't care forever whence kashmir personal thing
no love lost their now
all right so now we go through a series of pretty easy gains took to figure out
how much do you
who's hosting north texas
maybe in some of the uh... like that game is how high that number exactly
uh... what is going to be interesting is to see the uh...
quarterback in the first time get on the field
i think they're really gonna want to try to stretch the field and see what he can
do a little bit i give him some
some good confidence
uh... so i'll look for a high member from eligible you in that game
uh... central arkansas is at ole miss
one of the few wins and on ole miss is scheduled this year
yeah think so addenda thank you will see from old mrs
how acclaiming crisp are they you know cat in the first game under friesen
now what attitude isn't
um... kind of excitement level for example it so it's a cute it's a good
game econo
get going
yeah i i agree and win the you bring up an interesting point there with with
that is that uh...
you can see how well a aquinas coach we have a new coach crime like that in c l_
discipline they may or may not be so
uh... and that'll be a good way to determine that is the penalties yeah
made or there a lot of stupid penalties
uh... that
no silly five yards at an applause line off sided legal motions things like that
really go into a discipline of a team and that all this is that a lot of
attrition here in the last two weeks and so
uh... yeah i really kept up with it
uh... mildew lightly but uh...
you know from
ole miss pants eric shalala buddies that you know
skinny along gear forum
they feel like um... but
you know unlike eastern dot there was not
you know he was kind of the year the preacher man so to speak you know the
reverend and uh... was always a motivating factor but that this kind of
disappeared so
you know this guys
yes but you get a
gotta bring back a little bit of enthusiasm and excitement opened fire
all this really is needed
yeah agree with you in in
and the point you make their is that
you know
well miss fancy that there's improvement
in the horizon i don't think they had that confidence with matter it still be
there they date they were going to see improvement and and for his goodness
tampon is recruiting it's who's going to be a little rebuilding time for the area
and prime minister in the west death and such a tough then you you know it at
mississippi state and it's tough to get
here they might become in the middle there might be a larger middle pack
uh... but
and they will get in texas a and a m band
u_n_ states
halfway decent yet i mean it's just
you got a little you're gonna get
you know
the what you might have is is this
you got the haves but one of these and the have-nots in the s_e_c_ west right
now you might just have the haves and have-nots you know order haves and the
wannabes yeah
zachariah and that's what that's that's what you can hope to obtain too
uh... as an ole miss program because it's going to be hard to get from that
wannabes into the house right now there's only three right now on that
and even in arkansas
has trouble poignant i mean they had a loss against both teams are
uh... l_s_u_ alabama last year so yeah
interesting to see what's going to happen there of the next game we've got
jackson state of mississippi state
shouldn't be any issues there for you guys what do you do looking most forward
to out of that game well you know the one thing i'm looking for new taxes
which i thought was kind of an interesting line they got nine seniors
into jeaner schuller starting defense
uh... so
it's kinda funny we played all four years ago and uh... two thousand nine
demo wants first year
and uh... so
the mollen upholstery funny when he said that there
they're going to have some doubts
that are going to play a nurse
second game in our stadium or we're gonna be playing some guys in their
first game in our state himself um... you know when you get this this first
day games but uh...
um... differ made there's there's two things are going to happen
because i think
i don't think there's been any preparation whatsoever for jackson state
i think everything's been gear for that week two game we called him
and i want to be a lobby issues see there should be one of two things
happened everybody knows that russell
is the new quarterback organize open it up sab
dry but i'm wondering
there's two things are going to happen either we throw the ball all over the
place in jackson state to show off and that we're gonna throw it around
and then we feel like we can come out and run established to broaden any kind
of do some play actress tougher gets auburn
or we're just gonna run the ball about jackson st
perot did not show up at uh... and uh... so i'll make sure the cap city how that
uh... rolls around the kind of goes from there but the man outsider do you know
what i see him doing what's that
giving him just enough confidence to know that he just got the ability
and if the run game is effective just yelled at
wild waste any chords
uh... when you got to hand it beat a team like
uh... jackson state would you have all over in the next week the fast night was
that's the way i would coach
that though the funny thing was is that uh...
yesterday they had a fight and a
yet uh...
missives state which was the thousandth day that the whole
or hailed the
eg bowl trophy
and uh... so
you got to get your picture taken of the eight ball with uh...
patch taggedmail statement thousand
days of the eight ball so that was kinda funny but uh... assault the road right
there now and uh... and they actually had the student uh...
uh... tickets gold sales there
seventy eight hundred students that stood in line
for the jackson import dot rain to get his season tickets and all that the
other thirty two hundred
that'll go all sell all mondays at eleven thousand
student tickets which is by far the largest stated ticket
uh... disbursement in the s_e_c_'s so it's kind of a
interesting thing missouri
did mississippi state do some more renovations did they do some more this
year than now they've what they've done just a couple of things with the field
but there
they've already bear caters they're gonna
break ground on the seventy
five million dollar north consultant ok to come into town that jim it'll be here
for the twenty fourteen season
oka sare na
this year not many senators at the t_v_ side
now that's opposite and so there goes for about an inch closer or the
tailgating action is right now it's opposite obviously had the scoreboard
where it is now is where the junction is okay
um... but they're going to bowl that and then uh... really do some amazing stuff
to have some things that s_e_c_'s
stadiums don't have currently
um... which a gathered beauty at mississippi state and even maybe ole
miss it prolly even kentucky
and that you don't have a hundred thousand seats and so he can put up
we're supposed to have another jumbotron comparable to the south of the one we
have this going to be incorporated above the cold though
uh... the don't uh...
bold and side uh... but being able to do some of that
those things in his lecture benefits that some of the larger state you can do
to simply because said i was struck interviews and that type of stuff serve
it's gonna be pretty interesting
it's that
we need to see if we can get the round table to do a remote term
provided to them and it's going to finding data actually they they said
that after the the fan day that they had
uh... aho
also people accident practice runs for their tailgating spots so they actually
tailgating because they had cava bigsoccer and volleyball ink out some of
the olympic sport
weekend and so
they did their trial run to carry a ready for the saturday which i thought
quite comical who work we need to make some off airplane to see if we can make
that happen we cuts we've got some connections down there and see what we
weakening some of those espy nation guess down there and see if we can get
hurt uh... yes tender
and a couple of good guest too
to pop in there in our podcast idbi
be something we might want to try to
see if we can work out towards the fall it's not too late to do that
the next game we're looking at is jacksonville state so we had jackson
state of mississippi state the next wednesday exim bill state that arkansas
that's gonna be at the box
yeah it's it's going to be away for john albashaun ok and
and you think he's going to have to come out and showcase it a little bit as well
he's one of those where new coach in a program that's got a lot of talent uh...
you notes left lets show that we really do belong where we
where we need to be a bit
they there again
they might try to hold a few things back as well cuz i follow up with though a
tough week
new two weeks later everado yeah week three opponent with alabama
uh... so messed that one of those where you've got
october games are november games
for tough s_e_c_ opponents are going in the a week three with alabama so
and they've got another cupcake of the next week or headcount cupcakes money
games i guess with a program so they should shouldn't have any problems there
uh... then uh... we do have the last game i have circled
and that's michigan out of act alabama
and tom really excited about that game
i have to
i don't
hahaha hope michigan is what everybody thinks they are in if they or
that should be a good game
what i don't want though
is the same let down i had last year
when alabama went to the big big ten was as ever became of that
there what they call the last year
the acura pattern when they were to happen valley daria and you know
everybody was expecting to penn state was going to give them a good match up
and it didn't happen mean
from the very beginning alabama basically took control of that game they
were very methodical
and didn't run up the score we we've talked about that before savin doesn't
have to run up this corey respected
uh... paternal up there
and uh...
you know it was it has come for pouring there was a very boring game and uh...
you know hopefully ibd you don't have a repeat of that because
i could see that all the sudden they're able to stop dinard robinson
uh... from michigan and and
if they can and eliminate him that's their offense you know he he can run the
ball he passes
if they're able to control healed
in all the sudden that becomes a very good nella game because he had to be in
town school is so they're going to have the crowd
and all of a sudden
it's not the game i thought i was going to add a and i'm interested to see is
your mission to get a break route you know just because
their michigan alabama you'd know she's going to go into rogues
um... over there at so alyeska set-up it gyro unlike penn state they got such a
dynamic quarterback option
uh... with the data with the robinson and
um... ideas thinking
there's going to be some fireworks early uh... that
uh... i'll be interested to see is give alabama's got a break and some new
doubts on defense so
uh... i think it's going to be a game it's going to be kind of close in the
first half and i think that alabama will discover where abound
uh... after that would brady hurt main he's whatever where it's been so
um... public and
to see that it's going to be a good game
i like i said aunt
i'm hoping that it's not
you know that surprise i'm expecting a really good game they're of the forum
most excited a watch that one bright and so path
and then there's another good game sunday
yeah well
we also know southeastern louisiana missouri i want to take off material and
you can like david mellor somebody's watchin
wireless mentalist but uh...
uh... bells was many
five cupcake games there that uh... apologist united missouri shouldn't have
an issue there
there due to the groups will automatically by mail or franklin be
back for that game as it does it
had no idea i had kept open anything with carson's area and then gypsum
banged up a little bit and i think he's fine
i think confirm what last last indications you know we're gonna
see him come out in you know it's that something else is
gunslinger in the s_e_c_ cats
'cause that's not what you used to seeing in the s_e_c_ then swingers are
uh... they're it doesn't mean we don't have talent yet
aside from
arkansas get tyler wilson
you know he's a gunslinger
but uh... you know all those big orient you think of you don't think of s_e_c_
when you think of that so
our franklin does bring that element to be there at to the s_c_c_
and so he's going to bring that level excitement
uh... but like i said sunday does have a game on other i'll be somewhat site map
this is like the robbery in the whitewater on and now it's like the
policy is the daytona five hundred of
but thought that
that's awesome and it's at low right it is a volvo man i'm going to be for those
who haven't figured out if you pay your elvia
that's up
uh... dorm johnson if we have a chance but stadium
last year we thought we should be able to win the game and we gave it away so
maybe since we have no chance this year we can comeback in stillwater you never
know it is robbery things that they call labels will have a strong here this year
special planned and i just don't
poor big east uh...
but uh... that's why i think that there though
but the favored and that that world but being at papa john's in
uh... but i did not think start off i think uh... and you got a little program
that's top twenty-five this year they're expected to be a reorder back in a big
east either in the big uses tamraz that they've changed so much aretha
i don't
that they can deck is going to have much of a shot here republic game
it's a early days like that after three thirty sunday uh...
uh... my wife and i are staying in law
oval saturday night uh... yet at three thirty in eastern kickoff is going to
make sure i'm out of town early in our head that way
analytic cotton a bunch of kentucky
trash stuff
kisi ko no sorry
alikes from their side
whoever to bleed red and black ablation does throw
well that's our weekly rundown of the pics like i said word
as we get into the season and we move this podcast closer to
uh... the gameday you're going to see some numbers there so we're going to
give you actual pics as opposed to discover time but we did want to give
uh... podcast this week a real podcast as opposed to that ten minute uh...
updated when i gave you
uh... the yesterday
uh... so we did did want to do that in time to give you another chance to get
some information about how you can
uh... follow along the pics
uh... we will put those pics out on the website as well so what so everyone can
come to see how what's been going on how we're doing so that uh... you can keep
up with how well the talk hosts
uh... are with their pics
and so it's that time of the podcast words tom for open my anything you want
to go out there
uh... i'm so excited about this uh... week and a football that uh...
website my wife too long saturday and prolly now watch any football
so uh...
um... lookin forward to that uh...
to scatter the
family bill it always happens on labor day and so we're gonna
let the uh... grandparents take the uh...
but no doubt for a night we're gonna go status still bach curtailed
downtown bordeaux
unites mayo and maybe give you all for st live in
cat i have a night out there you will be in a mess of available cont
uh... yeah so it'll be uh...
i have a pretty entertaining times so malad up
think about that i need to carry semi reservations for the dinner place that i
want to go now
make sure i get that a lot
meltdowns bonanza unifil tell a friend so they can go make reservations copy
from a higher level of kentucky pandit listen
you hear at cellmark gone it can go on out there is right put make reservations
have booked up for you and i will say that we're on the lance paradise
cafes from lunch on saturday if you've ever been
to most optimal full
price of the best mac and cheese have ever had my wife had never been there
uh... man it's a little over for two years arts fasts
i don't know exactly where it's at
but it's kind of an uh... collected
bart of frankfort street maybe
possibly thought uh... it's a really cool place it's a kind of like a funky
yet cafe a thai place but they have everything from your partners too
stuff i think actually diners drive ins and on-site knew it you know what
happened there they actually did a uh...
bobby flay did a uh...
if you do if he follows food network you know about body felice throwdowns
but uh... fantastic place and
i've been there a couple of times they were target the warble it's the one
place i want to go to
uh... subho looking forward to it
that you know i a m though
for the first weekend in the next week will be going to the
message st auburn gay men
you'd have to uh...
free machines they don't know it's eleven a_m_ game and they closed the
streets the junction four hours before k
so that means that we have tax should be there before seven a_m_ to set up to
it's going to be
little baru most the time
early early
and uh... those eleven twelve o'clock picasa rougher targeting yeah but there
could if you win
because then you can catch celebrate just address the afternoon and
even in the watch games and amp cabin jordo
the time if you lose it stakes
the digital watch football and got hang out and you don't have to be like eleven
o'clock getting home and kaliath alike at c_b_s_ timeframe to for for a
that go to a game yes a particular time
you get uh... you get there early enough
the tickets interrogating in here out early enough that you can still continue
to enjoy yourself if it's a win
uh... get home and watch more football if it's not
uh... so that's a good time but you only get that one get one or two games to get
that slice
uh... from that standpoint second would have to be the nightmares
and so you get the excitement there though
i gotta get some momentum age now where you've going out after the night game
this is a rarity
twelve years
raha with mark-up table uh... are not open mic i really don't have a whole lot
to add to that
uh... i'm going to a uh... undisclosed location at this point died out the
individuals that need to know we're gonna be listening to it uh...
i'm in the same boat you are this week and the spartans
and giving them better be quiet look from my wife
coming off camera here so i'd i'm not going to go to disclose any details of
i've got to go to memphis for work and uh... do you have to do that in
gonna miss a lot of the football so i'm so glad that uh... comcast
has worked out there deal with the s_p_ in this year so that watching e_s_p_n_
is now on your mobile devices
nuts so
so there's probably going to be a lot of streaming of that yes p n an a_b_c_
on the up and mail phone
also clear this week himself your intro it would get it to suite
so that's one very good news is that uh... just last year comcast didn't have
that deal so
if there was an e_s_p_n_ three game which are a couple of old but i really
want to watch ernie espy in you against this but it was was it
usb in three last year they change in name so much values being three assist
the only mobile well let's see if in your body's n_t_s_b_ and you is in a
separate and it is a separate right those are also broadcasted on e_s_p_n_
and so
it's nice to now that i can at least have that as an option so when i am pay
amount knocking it while far even on the phone with three g
uh... catch some of that is also
i'll be doing some of that this week as well for for some of those games but
under next week's
now open michael have a lot of fun to talk about uh...
where where al will be so i'm excited about that story
so with that guys we're gonna and i'm looking down at the top of the counter
can't believe we've done it it's
an hour and twenty minutes into the taiwanese casten housewife kash
there's nothin talk about world and have another thirty minute podcast inward our
twenty minutes and
ways that cows will call this podcast done