Bamse's Turbo Underpants - Dyno

Uploaded by eetzi1 on 22.06.2012

”I hear my turbo whistle so nicely”
”The sound that makes my day every time”
”Whining like a violent wind storm”
Optimal car for rush hour
My ears are ringing
Takes less fuel than last time
About 20L/100km (11,5MPG) Not even that, maybe 17L/100km (14MPG)
A cloud of exhaust fumes comes inside Really? Oh shit.
Don't take that away
Did the voltage drop? It misfired once and then the spark went somewhere
At the first run it lost many sparks
That's not good at all No
Well, here's the whole package Don't break it, don't make a hole in to it
It's gonna hit through that soon Soon?
Well if you make a hole there Yeah yeah
Ich habe ein kartoffel (I have a potato)
We're in Tampere at the dyno We'll set the boost to about 2 bars and see what happends
We're having little problems with the ignition Boys are getting new spark plugs from the store
We just fixed the spark plug cords
The weather is good today Good weather to break the car
Did you say that one is missing? Yes, one doesn't ignite
First cylinder hits sparks to the head I'll be deaf at the end of the day
It's the one with the hole Oh fuck!
Have you ever bit silicone? Bit silicone? Well, now I have.
Let's put shrink tubing over it Yeah right, and it doesn't hit through that.
Do I dare to go to the track if I get a new pump? A new fuel pump?
Well, exhaust temperatures will rise, the ignition advance is so little
Too late ignition is not good eighter Mmm it isn't
Fuckety fuck fuck!
What if I can't drive in Mantorp Why do you worry about the Hp numbers?
It's not about that... Can you drive above?
If you do it with the Y-block and bring two AN8's and then AN10 to that thing and-
then the fine filter there.. Fine filter to this side?
Thank you very much, this whole trip would've been only shit without this
Well now it got a bit better Yeah
It's about midnight and we are somewhere in Toijala and we just got the best customer service
From / Anton Murola So cool!
All companies should be like this Helpful, proficient and friendly.
Two thumbs up!
I can tell, but not to you!
We're going again to Tampere tomorrow
In 3 days we're goin to Gatebil Mantorp
The last dyno was pretty much shit, and left a shitty taste in my mouth
We'll see how the shit tastes tomorrow
Now I have a new fuel pump hooked and it works well New waste gate and everything should work now
The Mantorp trip depends on this
We'll leave 5.30 tomorrow morning to Tampere
Bra skit! (Good shit!)
Yo! Now it works.