Erster Test des Samsung Galaxy S III

Uploaded by LutzHerkner on 25.05.2012

Finally it's here: the long expected Samsung Galaxy S III.
Unfortunately the body is made of plastic, that's not premium class.
But only that way Samsung could keep the weight of 133 grams.
But you have that metallic frame. And it's really very solid: you can't distort the device.
The power cell (2100 mAh) isn't fixed, and besides the micro SIM slot you'll find a slot for micro SD cards up to 64 gigabytes.
Internal memory has 16 gigs, about 11 are free when the S III comes from the factory.
An other model with 32 gigs internal memory has been announced, without date or price tag.
The screen has 4.8 inches, so the S III has the second biggest display after the Galaxy Note (5.3").
Besides this one the iPhone 4S with it's 3.5" screen really looks tiny. The Galaxy's panel is 71% bigger.
The screen of the HTC One X is 6% smaller, the Galaxy Nexus 15%.
But the density of the pixels is a little higher on the iPhone screen: 327 instead of 306 ppi.
But as you can see down here the letters are bigger on the S III. So you can read them the better nevertheless.
So we do not need to talk about pixel density or even pen tile matrix.
Yes, the S III has a pen tile matrix with less subpixels than the IPS screen of the iPhone, but the much bigger screen will counterbalance that.
The S III comes with a quad core processor (Exynos, 1.4 GHz). So it's the second phone with four cores, the first was the HTC One X with 4 x 1.5 GHz (Tegra 3).
But the performance depends on much more criteria such as graphics processor, integration or software. So let's wait for the final test with benchmarks.
The camera shoots photos with 8 megapixels and video in full hd.
The front camera has a resolution of 1.9 megapixels. And it is supporting some fine features.
Such as "Smart Stay", which means the camera checks if the user is still reading the screen.
If he is, smart stay overwrites the display time out. So the display nevers gets dark again while you're reading something.
Another new feature is "S Voice", the "Siri" of Samsung. So let's make a quick test.
How is the weather in London?"
That worked fine.
Were is Sierre Leone?
The results speak for themselves.
Show me a map of Berlin.
I guess that was my mistake. The S III got it right, I'll give the iPhone another chance.
The iPhone answers it cannot show up maps and routes.
Alright, one last shot!
Note: buy flowers!
Date tomorrow at 10 am ... buy bread.
Siri got's it right, but the S III understood 7 instead of 10 pm!
Who is President of the United States of America?
Siri seems to be confused by my talking or the answer of the Galaxy.
Maybe I should have let talked the devices to each other!
Okay, I have to try this last this one! Call Max Muster.
Siri finds the correct contact, the S III does not - even if both devices have the same phone book data.
So Siri understands much better what I'm saying.
Maybe this is a problem of the German recognition software. The English version often has much more data support, e.g. Wolfram Alpha.
But this is a device for the German market and we're paying the full price of 699 Euros, so I can expect the full speach recognition quality.
Alright, Siri is better, but concerning all other features the S III wins.
Especially when it comes to that nice trick with NFC: After establishing contact via NFC, "S Beam" builds up a WiFi-Direct connection.
So you can exchange bigger data such as photos, videos or music files.
Of course both parties have to support "S Beam", but with the success of the S III this will be of minor matter.
As you can see it's Android 4.0.
Scrolling works fluid ... no wonder with a quad core processor!
How fast this one is really, I'll let you know in a few days in my review on
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