Drifting - BMW 130i vs. BMW 330i - Hartvoorautos.nl English subtitled

Uploaded by hartvoorautosNL on 23.12.2010

As you can see it has snown again. Today we brought two BMW's
130i and a 330i
This one had two advantages
It has a manual gearbox and winter tires
This one has an automatic gearbox and no money for winter tires so he has summer tires
Today we are going to look which one goes better around the corner
I prefer the manual gearbox, so I will take that one!
That goes much better with a manual gearbox
Now I don't want to advertise for Michelin Alpine or so
A perfect winter tire
But it just goes much better
With more profile, definitely in the deep snow
He was totally stuck, and I could just drive
So, you should all buy a 1series
3 litre benzine with a manual gearbox and you will have a lot of fun!
Like you see it is getting dark allready, so we stop
Just a short video to keep you happy, also in the winter
I have also driven the 3series, 258hp
I prefer the 1series, 265hp 0:04:12.001, That's what I call a difference! See you next time