My Friend Irma: Aunt Harriet to Visit / Did Irma Buy Her Own Wedding Ring / Planning a Vacation

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brothers dominated this one is that for the exclusive use of the plane lands his
ads off
offense while i have with my friend emma
in many ways it was an unappetizing her
hostname day
at the window looking down below
on a sidewalk is now i think i have a monkey alisha
and it's not going to get supplies eighty i mean that you personally she
takes a penny from the monkey
every time you want to get something out of the i've been granted periods of time
eyes fascinated by this zero
gasoline that one although michael has that are going blind you can do
cancer and other action that i would have probably at a cost of aspirin is
keeping me broke
telegram misstating hot taking
thanks ms
or elaine darnell burnett
why i suggested maybe over telegrams cant use another story
was playing the bad news
i asked the pastor are
not the last one i got plenty of mankind
it just got married
talks bad about that whose families while he is already married
that's just an isolated example believe me anyone who's afraid about me inside
the house is superstitious myth that tightening comfortable living in the
middle ages
companies are going to have them for me
what's it like told you it's bad news some and your family has executed
so thats
iraq today by train excited to see
fantastic sight
morning she's got a new york pro-business are
isn't that nice exam
daryl and hannah
dot she has been so long she raised me and i'm as little girl
she was so strict
and then when she took me to the movies and that was a kissing on the screen and
had the kind of my allies with a hand
plastic chili's sounds of cargo kabul
i wasn't sure
was supposed to have you
too bad it but i never got to say yes
politicians that helmet no
now i know she she's a widow
unraveled after infection
she's quite loudly now skating on ten years and i living relative
still ahead on the
all planes and they don't even sullivan as i've never even occur
well i'd like and how did you have to be
my good wishes are in process
canjet based on the palace
i would say i i i know she be happy and some hotel jana
they're using your own ascended to the hotel as well because i was shown to me
arm of congress now
and what i want all at once so that you must be ashamed of you
but i'm not
last benevolent outsourcing
initiative al smith says that had happens to be a very straight laced
but she's a shrewd businesswoman idoney she'd be interested in the house deals
ok wouldn't do anything
content just pictures of me
valueclick on hand if i've been saying this is alex eat the same track harriet
because i like gene government in on a good thing
so i can separate the two of them outside a piece of property that can
only be seen at low tide in the water is clear
but kind
rosa i hope i'm not including would you happen to have been spared are not
have aside professing we just happen to be out of extra dime outside
why do you want one book i would like to hand down side of my room
children and then that means the rally walks by
maybe should see it and give me a door
them on the door and she would
i'm talking about children in your hand is bad moves others
now that's funny
and harriet she's coming in for a visit on the two fifteen change cargo walking
to bring them up which is no good but i know how you can get out of the genie
you've got to give her the shock treatment
shock treatment uh... you pick it up to my room in turn on the lights
explains that is very rich
or mutual
the journey please meet her in my room
maybe when she sees her alone
she went back to me
guys and i stay here and i think should be much more comfortable enough now
above the bottom yet
jamie professor how mexican just now i wanna see why would you take an elderly
mailbox sixty
i wouldn't have any place
but a lot of the military
is rated maa study doesn't mean i wanna find in nice quiet hotel finding out
about it
meetup plaza
as if she wanted to take my hand provided by sensation in the agony
be nicer
who can tell sunday she may be in uniform
pathologic it is the gender brick by on my individual family too
hahaha naked is the
they could teddy on sunday and i want to put their lives to rocky mountain
icl dogs up
seeing that they make a lot republic
and then we'll go through to chase is doing
and the feeling she's going to get away
people you know i can understand my jeans and shouldn't stay here
financial stands do you write that one hundred yards and she's still in a hotel
kind of feeling that she was ashamed of me love darling never think of that i
wouldn't have been on women swinging is annoyed by rupa mister x
like the time you set fire to the bottom of address because she said she wanted
to school to the floor
sure she loves me
on our own flew to offend
it's three o'clock feeding time
i think i'll go back to my room bohemian feeding time
have built a nest outside my window
and sometimes he comes back we've extraordinaire
when she was here right out of the ways you can laugh at this time well our
rescinded al gore
using tanks italy in june
and then a part of the long shuru with a compartment in the tub filled with
so housewives and for those salesman's flood because those are the merchandise
when they were taken
i want to do
we don't seem very enthusiastic
personal injury can
i'm always proud of you in your deals but
piloting jennings boarding intrigued
doesn't look like there's a whole
well signature
perhaps this just in the mood for excitement someone says look in the cops
refutes that movement
as a result of journalism's rich
he also needs and she's getting on in years it was very funny jane
all that out
i wouldn't want to be doing this on the stand vis chicken has written below the
you know my scruples
and only indicate no aside interest because i feel sorry for these which
date schools
good evening for that little relative and jane
whenever there's been some foolish thing
uh... home for one night girls
old limited pigeons
when the little handled the situation it could go to your money in our children
on when you say you know reach out and i have a problem
the magnetic
search again allow me to present my plan
no we're not even a medical teams are
chicken forget that nonsense about blood being thicker than water that's
yes you're right out we'll endless is antibody
he's shaking my only object is to getting started with the delivery
now when she stepped at the plaza good now we send a little gift right off
i hope catholics we descended
abrasive the two years as head of violence in the background of guiding
his or maybe a mess of our kids
can't make up my mind
lock up more money
hotpot army collaborated with the money
launching would never take money from you
after women used to work and study that's different
becomes respectable oc i'm so lucky to be going with a man of character like
we gotta do you think
i decided a few things to her
let me know
late-night you when you hear differently i think you have now
it's the newark speak
off the professor bill jackie
is that if i respected up by seven
ailing one another
and send them again to find this is only
unusually busy counting
mason if you would take you need to have to do those he's going to be sold but to
go back and i want to send
i hasten to think it is is he talking to you lyn you can you imagine is going to
see to it didn't
now when she comes home from school with
would you give it his skis in a building the
east two dollars that comes to you
who take care of everything missus and writing
and media justina hoti
and atpase me out yeah she's on straight
on the other
goldwater idealistic is fixed
well you're putting the two dollars in your pocket chicken you and i look at
the latest in babysitters
a lot about little known to be an email to sit with the booking again this is a
competitive low
first-come first-served
you when i watch the kids and with the two bucks we send flowers that
but i don't know anything about denise i don't know that nature
they need to know i haven't added
i don't know what i
pinstripe west we will be sold
just checking to see what a wonderful opportunity tuesday's was only a test
case in our marriage
wanna see little feel they have a baby
or on it
doesn't just like cleaning
house publicly the baby out then i'll get something funky ki
it a little bit
well let's see how great a copy
those cats up strong ally
that's dog food
yes i've got sick scams on that
the chicken you don't have a bill out no such a bargain
skeptical open a bottle of milk when i go sense implies that the other than
having and i'll be right back with the baby allowed on off budget if anyone
sees her walking up stairs of the dead that might be embarrassing
let me ask you if you look back just don't know
say lady at denver's feel like hiccups along seeing how swine differs from
other silks if u smoother
as loses one says it's uh... smooth
insists no
needs to be maintenance ron kuby
looking for you
senate will contain a minimum
it's a smooth
hanging on
dot swallowing
chairs the ways one fields is a direct result of swans super queensland
so next time when u_n_ replicative swine note this little test
many of them to do its over the surface of the cake
fielder smoothness seeing house one super green blend makes one differ from
other souls then when you use one board issues tenuous once said
newfield richer premier
and songs
look edge and you'll see the left with a smooth soft young look sponsored a green
said that the
assets to an immense away so completely or dishes don't need wifey it's true
sunset means faster dishwashing and protection programs
thanks to salons exclusion of so quickly and bland
at grand central station waiting for and harriet
watching the trial information that i have seen questions
now i just had one of the most terrifying thoughts in the world
imagine amma peterson is the information girl in grand central station
as santa fe would be leaving on para twenty eight for the past
people planning dot i thought it would be in alaska just in time to see a lot
honeymoon express would be going to reno
you know it just in thinking about it i'm so happy that we're going to press
kathy had it to the plaza hotel before she gets a chance to meet a hammer
and her intellectual companion our
the unemployed nature bound
checking when we're through more than happy to be putting it on it
almost or a little babies going decently
rising to the senate
places will hire
mci snuggles next year out
you know if you make the greatest bothered more
also we're thinking about it we can't unite the pilot
has been taken
heaven and i wanted to cut his teeth he has done some of the public
not about to take another mother unit mc
who'd have thought of britain chocolate on his feet
well that's a woman's instead
at atleast now i know that you put this witness mouth feel put on weight
expense that i would just a matter of her children yahoo and natural
and send a check in
at collection we gotta remember one thing when you wanted to find out about
the babysitters washing my delivery of the money is involved in an area
idoc and while baby sleeping and i think i think it's form that you had to go to
start with lebanon's bloomberg allows the
body just like every minute it's i don't like it does
scoop it up
set fire to do you know what to do in pitiful another you're not that this is
all about
now you okay
how do i think you have
should baby
all right
it's also one of them don't minimize
is so soft helpless
identity i like the essence of the u_s_ party when i had to tell you what prayer
canada quebec
how do you know why once again on my watch
xxx calls
eight doctor king
on the sidewalk is that rule
web check-in neighbors have been nice
right now been looks fine but i'm a philosopher umberto ortega
and it should either i'll send them a little out of academia
because i know they
leaving me in the through town
please don't be in town
party like a chicken he fell asleep
that's has not
dorling plan
all harry on
yes ordinarily guides sheet
works on jane
all that bad
ees ka
he has said
pas small state
estate stage cost houses out all only are have body anti-ballistic employment
didn't show up to launch a better into his elbow length of the stewardess
oregon senator flores
so you can have some compassion
just months
estimates nobody's means we're sitting on it
how do you have any serious
both surgeons solutions with the
it's a shame something some wonderful wants to grow opting for courses
as we get this present time
you you don't have a feeling for himself
you know my brother convinced that the wonderful system can handle some
the device that strike
p_p_ reads to him from a book and child psychology but what if he doesn't stop
crying the impedance invisible
this is known as applied psychology now
boom boom boom was good
button such a small baby found at the scene with the
we're really trying to help with the baby refuses the notice when you know
i'll live and work out a little baby
no doubt that killed as well
i hope you'll never live to see my plays
lengthened to
home i've got a little too
hotheads on god baby like baby trachea and don't go away
and i'm all about the cause im binders and ten days
jelly beans would be the homily
committee met in the making
right now that you think you know that he was in college
only that they have patience you know there's an old saying
roll bars and built in the day looks like that
nothing this is the same for veteran's housing project
causes them out
place and this is all i need to have
hollywood may be that they are asking us to
greater than the chicken
moonbeam stories do you know
well i know that what about that too
is that i was just after the pilot i will bet shops that will stop
files in the park
this one at a different endings
back in the spotlight this is only one of the card
also answer
end of june
got a problem
got a baby
so he's got a friend
nigel i said baby that day
look to you in a family man what are you doing in amsterdam crack
but you're going to run out of youngsters that plane
got a feeling julian donovan to discuss children however will call you when
another problem arise
goodbyes noble thing
uh... no help on that
usually when they get the crowds in a minute
holland noel
for that
but maybe like you he's going to sell the
great concert at the moment
old at home to pick it up
alleging radio prachi
oh s
the button on it
babies and now that i wasn't there
well you know that sound
i cried for you
we'd like to try for a job
tax cut actual act
after and style first s
will have both lose gene everything here is normal
what's hot chocolate tara aspect
tried chicago notably at the table taken aback because there's a lot of blind
dole is underway beside my app all that has been a pathetic
uh... does during school so that he had yes she died my dad's heads
i don't know how do you do
piercing james roommate and this is out
the man who might finance with
now it is indeed
as a web page at the week one's soul failure and gracious
and shall we say which
as you well
thank the lord cultural changes need to be but i change my palms
odds are not uh... probative value
well known here that is
i think it must be
well yeah cuz i can see the family at this time that the second
i thought the stacy isaac's say
i'm so happy so you got this it is going to the democrats hoping she settled down
in my late husband and what's his name
that when i run into the killer bees from island to believe that
on our
here in case there aren't any this your father
and that may be that first essay he looks just like you know
and let me the differences are you are completely out of your mouth
while we wait a minute and harriet he's not the father isn't on everybody
we're waiting for you at this
december that's what they wanted to play arnelle landing
plan to meet that you find handy
wickedness my hair i'm glad to know you elective
let's get another client
something you find the abigail
come under the age of the night
hotmail please do not have already seen that side
this is all this and
as that way
this table he has
have heaters
is this i want to know what's going on here
they say it's not the f_b_i_ say it's not you know i don't get me i just
bought young lady
insist on having a stabilizing elizabeth appropriate
from cnbc
out not not anxious doesn't mind talking about it
although i'm still
perfect like clockwork
leon you know
one of the time other than china
let me just say it i do not believe in and out and i A
that little girl is just another hillbilly tried
still eighties is adjustable save you money
take advantage of that exiled leader bobby to sing that's right you can save
fifty percent on a beautiful modern aluminum saucepan just the kind of a two
point saucepan with covered
that's so useful in your kitchen
it's made of buying eighteen gauge of them and what's more it has another
twist endl and built a handle on the cover novel are made on the old burned
they collide
and there's more of the news
disbelieving saucepan of legal aluminum whereas with two dollars but you can get
up only one dollar if you take advantage of the lever by to sail
here's all you do to get it send in the lab respond to cakes of swans so
that's right
to swap rappers is politics
you can get handy order by judge or store orders will be sent post dated
within three weeks the offer expires august first nineteen forty eight it's
subject to state and local regulations sandra money and wrappers from two oh
two eight six one and your name and address to labor homemakers club
box one
new york city
i find that because i have an idea
alley i had a good laugh even at hand
having had a baby and i miss cannot wait until she has some of our own
in fact she's just finished netting five little booties for the baby's face
anyone with its five and stopped by did not now so i said i know why did you get
just fine
and sand
maybe i'll have to read
i'd i'd just be far exceeds why get five buildings so i'm not a cleanse might get
wrapped up
you know i can't say that when i wish you'd come in
it was my friend uh...
his advice on another byproduct of little brother's company was but it was
a direct advice i hollered
tonight script was written by side how unpopular v
folks next monday evening as they can do
francois are both my family
nine million listeners and i a m
displayed by montgomery
drugs one-party day there's only one way to do well
well that have been made by a disabled war veteran
as well
will be helping the disabled veteran and his family when you buy one
slowly well-dressed bladder popping wrangling and review
bryan leaves in there
i'm really last minute yes there's a reason why i strive makes graham cakes
tried as an amazing cake improve a secret traversed by one vote away and be
sure of why did find a richer takes everytime
no other type of shortening as far as canadian grover when you get making
success tries to live the draw all vegetable shortening
has arrived
blasting outline
f_b_i_ haha
c_n_n_ next week one hour earlier and listen to the lux radio
uh... immediately followed by my vendela this issue because when i did and then
we will gather emily tokyo broadcasting system
stain it says here that the president at values to eleven seventy feet below sea
work at the white but does it all at one on top of it
that's what you can expect to listen to my friend her
dot the landfill another just about all of our
their lives
keep dominated the trial itself with the explosives to portray plan present
starting very well today i a m capitalizes jane
per man
but it was an arrangement lam kappa chronicled available at
feta looking out the prize girls get married very young
buys i'm concerned i a lighted sign is referred to as high as the blow
believe me i'm back
every few dot lighting up the city inspectors you know something
picket line that is concerned that side everything
hempling petals off the babies to sleep and i a piece of the wedding cake
however that it was a hospital man's
it is not the only one it has a bed moaning about the budget zero even arm
is affected
ashes looking at pictured june bride
the look on it faces a complete flank which means she's thinking
what's fascinating is now very concerned about this bride in the paper
when this story's albert walks down the aryal she'll be wearing her great
grandmother's lover rounder neck
you see that
avonex level error
right that the other words right
if richard ask you to marion barry would you go for the hunting
and there is satsang to shock treatments
arnett special elizabeth i'd give you a hint
it's the one person in the country to celebrate st sixty-five holidays a year
palo alto
high-tech a couple shop
now likely anybody u
oh shop
fact are
right out the back
hope again isn't it wonderful
out m_p_t_p_ private
all right we're going to kill it
it's a comedy
i had seen it yet they say it's very good i'd rather proud hardly how you can
see in no one doubts kindly people for nothing
parallel-line design but now i don't care what i don't see
outlets but like like the one we might sell
our young women all about you know what that's one thing i wanted to do
phone with me professor to talk to you
well what did you know my my brutal dishes
one four four four beyond the with both worlds
is reviewed your good people to participate in that it as
grilled again dot do you think it would combinations
is the word which
and rupert british
well alike which is a proper alright maybe in ten seconds how do you want it
you missus o'reilly you on an old bridge
but that's a lie digits that's easy for missus ogata after aussies a type of
person who likes to live in a leveling
resigned though officials to dip into its live in my room
but this is why i wanted to get missus and ideas and let me just think of me as
a woman
i tried that but i had to stop by the way
i found myself taking my mother
jewelry armoire rodeo their stuff
we didn't know that may have been secretly
one another
makes an excellent seen again
yes and thanks expectancy what
of any other professor
crisis is around the please don't get excited missus i'll let you are
that's not what you think about that it takes to get to the plate and in the
packet like it's it's all up and down issue still but was
handicap that iran
and that's it i thought it i got off
and founder up tied to the other end of the board
inside it is not only accompanied the body of the bentley
u_p_ gaston ninety-plus degree i completely completely happen
nobody want to do
or just a few ticketing can
that she's that israel
you know the leak about that we've got it
she thinks that
notion of a short right now
and you know that old-fashioned esto backup live on the castle was a student
from or she can you still don't know what you gave me a gas mask
and this is not accepting that
i'll be here any minute that rego moderating
are you going to be after he needed here
so this seems to
italians deciding their future
yet is a little hard to miss is that i would to forget all that excitement in
you see she was sitting right next to mister lincoln
cap defensive
all dialogue most of the contradiction you fall
and it's got colored waiting with bated and she wanted me to take it the cheek
color taken at one o'clock
cannot miss that i would hope that you do the movie around the corner
the shelling till pictures today and promotes and the story of your life
so you know my love
no i don't hear
i think i've got to either
i cast and en route that up noxious girl friend of yours causality where did you
get along with that
i know she is one of your best friend spec tell me why is it that she can say
she has to take off as she loves astronomer out there
i wouldn't mind if her feet by shapely
believe me back
cases one of the best of their skin rather
well that's not a member of stalled her feet hurt her
he says he's implying a brewery she's a barrel kicker
yes she walks around
hurry kicking barrels and see which ones are empty
all an excel listed those stories she makes ad
you up and admit it's not as just a clumsy lacy up with a ted but i wanted
to do it
yes and that is just a
if i talk to them
while i have to answer the phone
i happen to live here
by lapd a lead
it give it to be changed
problem i'm going to keep our living with someone didn't in egypt doesn't
have the deflation is right here at the same
probably family-sensitive
it'll be like no other
job code which is excited about flying on a honey firstly i want it and utility
as i'm concerned she's a cautious most vulgar person in the world
that never hurts after three l
what it would have to do
probably wrestling gorgeous george next week
technique that interest
somali albany siam later he was tied into the bank of miami dusty op
plays at this time playing when it is about after selling into television sets
and dot there's a lot
this is a special device to eliminate backseat like
the companies to exhaust duct
what goes into the back seat
didn't take my own open admit lam
gosh i can't go who can it not
why not keep
well and that scott is coming over to discuss something important
and i promised i'd be a chicken at all the probably to get these picket lines
sorry l
sufficiently food seats
yes our gene in the past you and i have had many differences but
this critical us be based on heredity
lightning well in your family to be a native of guns in the budget
inoperative company looked upon acidity
again outside of the slight difference do you know i have never had any against
and i've always hope that we thought a future
lenny packing nl well
i was one of you would like to compete
on side of chicken there is no what i would rather pay
that never had a personal against you
i think you put this planet but i don't want it to happen why won't you let me
say she had a way out
i'd be delighted my obviously let me tell you i may not be able to take a
long talk and you like your boyfriend richard and but believe me on our way to
get a hot dog at the forefront we will go up again
additional interest rate honey insulin taken let me get back we'll tell you the
whole plot
sql transfused
let's pause here on campus
to find out more about all time radio all-time video and the pleasures of
listening to all your books visit the audio book club web site w_w_w_ dot
audio book club dot com where you can get for audio books for just one penny
the you did
dot com
now back to my friend armand can access
hemorrhaging makes me even that
you know they can
admits everlasting kathy has never sell
as we end up liking shell hit the ground
this is right there
say hey look yet as a driver what time it was
that we have time to lock you picked up a text iraq and the rapper and we ended
up watching self-declared balcony
well yes it is not only harvey the rabbit is invisible but so he is the
asst ass inside yourself and then say them
up smiling since he went to sleep
i mean if they get out of this whole thing is a mistake i was like oh heather
i don't like to later after it rains that paid a dollar twenty tax on those
free tickets of yours i like that you see is shallow sorry do you just can't
keep awake
why not buddy show
past you have cars screw lifting as much as i left you can use the moment
and before watching course goes on and why
i got that the other one sitting one row the disabled
berlin knowledge outdo irony
that's got to remember
because the exhibit lol
packed and i can't stand that new details
i think i should have gotten nothing to speak freely
and looking at something important because
but that's not going to have to deal with that
well i got something important and you know my boyfriend deviled eggs not
whoever they want to know when you finally crested
track and at the plant their example
patently nebraska not naive we get married is definitely a word really
after the seventy faces
panera kisser
protestant and catholic banks theory everyone thinks it down
at the traffic at the party together they advertising the winner's circle
capitalist-style upmarket annette await an end
highlights that sentimental
c_n_n_ coming along with the outward west i was growing up on twenty seven
your honor
expense for money
have to tell me about disco
hard work at home
al hinman parallel
when you are still waiting to be a it immediately
rally continued the wonderful news
embraced and instructors welcome graduated
make that happen
highly accurate ventilator at triple-a
wicca is a great great great ideally and that's why i think that it didn't take a
look at what is it i'm going to be how difficult that make up until four thirty
till i wondered if you'd like to fifty dollars witnessed left hostilities go
and pick up my wedding ring everything connected to
nor has it gotten away with
well etc ideal hundred likey refrain
i don't know what kind of a web that the debate lines and that is saying that it
hamburg who really pulling for you
you might think you're onto
notes that
badly enough crowds around after they cut the wedding cake
planar would you try to understand it
letting you know if it's a wonderful person that's what i'd like to think you
have underneath it all
acting that way laughed a lot of money
fifty back
evidence that money for the real property back in the families of the
stench it was do you think and getting the most numbers one eight hundred
help me get in a better information on it
uh... lookout forget about getting the markets
let's just go out there wedding present for amber and i think along with the
financial plan to bring uh... you know we might lose a terribly dot if you
don't do it come back we'll get you
restricting married i can bring sarah it won't be long
are our future
if you know how i dream of the day when i'll hold on sent via
which it and how do you know to be able
uh... we don't know about those things are some night
larry wrote in stock
s_r_i_ does not sound good but it's too bad i one of the dilemma that i like to
please use of the buckingham action
but the banking to the shirt off the table because she saw the show it to the
table cloth
well you know if this issue
lantana is very much that stack
that might happen if we had our analysts attribute it she said it outlet now
yours by the himself
my goodness was limited unit
what's on the table
case jewelers
one wedding ring balanced at the balance
she said she would not she's going to find her already going so album
with where
nature was very cruel without
gave us such a big heart because i think that the book in her hand
i'm not going to get away with this at work still hard for her money to go
starting at a wedding
into that wants to know that i have i don't know
relative arguing that the other bank deposit this money right back at that
time of the back-to-school small output in the night surprised i can't answer
i'll see you later
teacher molested
anticipating our budget indicated that he would hit the button in time nobody
gonna pick up and bring all right now
uh... wanted me to get back in there with you
truth it doesn't happen i know what happened that night do you understand
that wedding ring ourselves to others goldberg right now u_s_ back in the bank
where it belongs
the bank is club world
are you doing acting as though someone had just gotten killed
if you had with detective
sound like a pretty good ringside description of what's going to happen to
are you talking about doing that fifty bucks but wasn't there but it's got it
does not know what
if her witness called on the part of your meddling today at the same it'll be
with you
how now
are now when i met him
firing and thought that that the other one step
occupied only at fifty dollars so you could get the main
we seem to pick up four dollars whittier how much of you guys
money twenty eight
thirty to forty one happen dollar almond
all right
our deal dot
now i know i'm going on
helpful this is a highly steve what's on your wages issue this is a body of the
about fifty dollars
well you should have asked is uniformity that it could happen
used at all that money that you require
insight tick
i have to
effect of the girls worldwide come late
well i guess this is a kids
might not have any offensive
now it's matter of time nothing more
uh... well
practice sitting here
waiting but inevitable
and i've been very solicitous and the kids coming singing cheer me up
saying it's a little worse than anything ever could
because the
it was really concerned he keeps lansing to my papers to make sure out my
insurance policies are paid up
it's after five o'clock in
right now and receive unmarried retiring around away over here with murder in our
if only i hadn't put that money and i think prompted by game coming apart
weeks display democrats view hunky-dory nothing natural do you get
old and it's melting
what i'm saying is
it seems so clever inside this topic
acting class
before at this
handset elected didn't sell opinion that is the and i'm so glad to get by curbing
what what about the money
you might list and they should try to get that money
months ago idyllic i'm not a flawed
skyway she went to sleep now we have company
harris lines now
all however must be lol attack
right because i had pulled the plug don
what's your reaction to that in the morning early enough to set the
counterfeit deposited
events take care
just can't stand to be in a position where i am i feel she was sympathizer
packages go crazy but had he says
i would say don't feel so bad about making a mistake
sometimes i even say some things that exactly bridge
not really
fewer bigger cares
six it would
carts have another
adds up to twelve
twelve is just a little higher than the eye
good my friend herb
fight it out
however i went to the taken out
violated involving your now that i'm going to be moving very
the patrick buchanan back when you went into
my friend arm
granddad manager valvano made by india plan rather than a hundred i hope not
there the going on
read about it but in a good one of the reliable and prevent the
are being one with the anytime
sorry mary well below that are and how they died that day
annual when you're not really area you need a vacation
thank kaisi hai feel that i need to
in outlying
knowing that i work hard at that here but i've been doing something that no
one l would dare to do
i've been living with or not these
it may not be here many with an ability of the having attended a cake unified
theory and problem i don't get me wrong because i love 'em
it joked that that that would that that girl that than i've been trying to hide
in line
break into that debate and i think it got the application planned that way she
pending in the middle of the little extraditing big directly with the
paradigm brown
that nobody at that meeting friday with roadway welfare money currently chicago
do you mean it that way
helping in a pity travel politically banquet bar vacationed over how ranking
very very clear when are you reading
about mister pattern
think well i think that that taking the lead capture fair with the plywood
admit give me beat brutality when iraq allowed donato arrived at the front
cover of a menu
colorado creative refining a plank that's at all i have a game buried
acct below date paloma how how we can perot o_j_ tabular emitted by the way to
go into the kitchen tap the equity although i have a wonderful planned to
go but the discoverable at the time of year so i thought about that make it
united uranium
repeat that will enable
uh... later however i don't think it would be compared away
the worldwide
board meeting on weight and dog and laurie dot r dot and i'll be bunking
with me a little coffee many big power it that you know he had gotten i could
have been proven
i'll pick you up on that we go back but you know i've been in the middle of the
intended to played there'd be a hotel bill maher overlooking a blueprint that
they called it a little that bothered them would have allowed to be made
them work and there are many people in cuba married helping
gee i know they are taking the old and pretend i'm on medicare boring northerly
mealy bug but i'm sure the direct impact on whether you have no problem at all
but it would help eleven million people you know the open
i think adam had been okay
after or during the break hiding second down an iraqi by by now
well beyond that they aren't you glad that the other day
i'll reconnect already found a great that the gulf noted on the court remain
overlooking the blueprint that
down you're going to
i wanted to do it
you know i can apply but i want to be might get
blend together for the pentagon the read all along with a couple of them images
corrected we cannot go on redirect well vacation
if you get that he is now going to get together and i thought i think they
don't claim
chicken imprimir
believe that we should do everything
anyway when i can pick the police but that they may be like that because i
didn't know you know you've paid
but there was a lady here if we had a good job of or damage in the pool
delayed for a vacation it'll be a little
it'll be abruptly parents to come in from government indicated during the
debate around the croquet
you'll be like eating chicken meatball definitely want to add up all the data
but i would have gotten triangle effect not the intended target that he loved
the but i wanted but we take shape it's been a good money first briefly
if you want affected by the way to go for that reason to have to take a look
at one o'clock we went bad
an abuse path
got a problem wanna get away from people what they used it yet
shooting all of the contract delivered thinking that you're going to move your
bread even they didn't know if you want a bill that can bring
one hundred unification bob looking at
wildcat how about that dot
there about that itinerary number to call it
three gal only get a trip to a twenty point lead
beholden toward the government party-line will call you right back with
goodbye noble brain
getting we'll be right web app development data base you know
alright chloe
all right with one another
i mean i didn't want to know
paddling alive
will be back with a plate the bill
mean i think i i i i want to get anywhere on your blog booked under
bloomington delegate in the event of a monk who don't pay local a one father
sided the other than the collapsible hand
the new job going to become permanent remember
worked and the guild you've got to make a cold we i'm in the middle of curly new
kimberly fehr with hanging out there get g_a_t_t_ would you mind coming down that
particularly when i don't know whether i should nicaragua lol
oil and gas wrapped around her neck
that there are no but you don't shopping pyramid did you and then with the times
where you're going to be radiation army we're going to get live get the name
accurate that the ukraine i think i think people are not planning on it in
the pink didn't work out talking to alabama public my room for a friend of
mine prevent the weight lifted off of taking a vacation somebody came out to
look at my room
needed by the end of april vacation debate on the job
it not giving ended the cold wind petaluma
margaret lowrie re-worded
over how to leave a commitment network going to keep it going to have that
suddenly them
build up to you before you go by mcdougal several hundred billion it
would be prepared
cannot be notified of any crime committed prime it literally building
b_m_w_ a
hello anger behind it that way i won't abandon accountability
ill-founded idea but probably did not get a look at it and i wouldn't do
anything i think you know that they get
they could have died and we hope that i think that we can get in and we cannot
have you been excuse me i want my commitment that they carried back and i
think the brevity
how do you make it
check and will not that they've been quickly around
money minded mehta we were doing out there is a warning to repair macoute
but that we can put my bill wanna make sure we would need in public and going
to write a letter if you would not have confidence again need more quickly
became chicken
that young people might think not
uh... parties including the right along with your including dana get opened up
hong might be willing to make up your line of moving right along with noticed
degree connecting helping
it might be getting poorer no-one
points here on
early it'll
mirroring an
nine and the writing a letter to the market not get incredibly canberra
you know i can think bad of me
i declined alan and i have the perfect lady and and
i don't let that happen
hurt their adequate hankering does the ended up talking to you
and hallowed paint color t_v_ by all means
with rain but a lot of crack up only do
it may not be the mountain and i don't know what they learned
when you can't buy a nine point
and i'm ok europe and i don't believe
bald-headed the feet i'm glad that you know them and not married i liked it
i'm picking up at that time alabama coming up that way
overlooking safety certainly dropping this letter in the mail dot special
who are on a glide playful indicated above the lost a lot
at a local ticket
barnard whenever i think that would be the car
so we'll have a copy of what we think
all right now
had here and one half hour or two years sir
strategic it we want to print the blood but with white people too
huge breakthroughs
like them
on the bright
thought might be reunited your we reach the making of the nation into our lives
for the company group of poor people
or make you might say a group of part of it
doing that we are very very correct
yet again
salaried now denying it
do they never got the right pat like-minded click and he pleaded bought
come and gone lon perry arguably we did the head of the nation's before p
or how are you know when i grow aren't going to
new program
another subparagraph period i would like to get that
but in the loop colorado are located
you're not going to be i discovered beat
we have been too many frankly
we have been getting older and the cricket you couldn't
lawyer that capistrano but it won't
don't count and that the other thing outside artwork that we are uncertain
and even if not i don't know what legitimate people
regular indigent
and propane we have mingled only with that
hyperbole emulated that can help on opinion
probably related to jump on the marriage what you might call
into account
ahead on all the way we will show it but i think that they would have been a good
bill although there is no later than willard
bateman daren yet but we don't know that i can beat we are literally burning
now lead up to me
relief but not even for
i think we will be on the european plan
and i'm sure that your honor
moonlighting and regained and i think that that anything like that but i can
expect an ad for the flight
backpacking in europe in everything
and it's not like you kind of packing up the lady would she informed me if
building a normal prototype said though i don't know why would anyone want a lot
of both the authorities
and herman everything they need to get my brains and travel the there and i can
argue with you on that particular picnic
but now people are really now might have to leave town the why idea putting high
how do you know when you're at the end of the light summer breathe
here with the man died down and a lot of people who are doing
the hotline again about packing till they get that populated than alive now
if you look at that time right around the corner
on on the highway dreamgirls quiet now than what i a m hollywood films
fighting about are doing well now i don't worry we have a look at the
well-lighted like that to happen
mike and i a m
and what it was done fularon
into the port moody
yeah i think tank they all day on the running of a mail bomb every five
effecting aladdin
really done
perpetrated and into here
created at a time when there are many professional they're taking there will
be no doubt and wait get the men
paper hank and i don't know that the market that i'd i'd
airplane it bring down our helicopter padalecki handle that
look at me out of rebel movement
are you and i'm looking at each other like that
will lead
you know that expression of perpetrated that barking what about it
to deny the rule book even delineated anthony
did you have the identities they liked the fact that letter to load headlines
all work you know what you would not be that we will be at what might work
directly into the heart of europe
let me see them
not only are we planning at the president's oberg
but we have often been invited by the vanderbilt italian-american larry and i
think route danielle troubled by the fact that you video
it might be on faith are not the intended that great deal of time on
and i cannot think tank at my own family have down time in america do and i think
they did get to appeal
or if you're going to come back up one quarter of a
headlines all that you might be kidding
believe me happiness letter please shut up there they haven't logged on the long
my hand and would like it dot the twenty three years dan dapat correct
my man
younger allowed into the reading there are any g_a_t_t_ dated fifteen point
relegated to keep them from the room
certificate period of time summation
really mirroring the community
and i'd like to pontificating tonight that part of that i've been through
ethnic dude arriving at work when we get a lot
cn fuhrman's are good
what c_e_o_ talk more about that in haiti
damage safety with a great we cannot get your accommodations at that time until
reservations are available from anymore headlines
there though they are they gave him a new
figured out why
certain content within the clinton because
feeling out there that funny about the right of addictive but it
why don't we take that moon larry king
you weren't darling infiltrate pentagon mcgrady worth rapidly thinning out do it
doing it right crack at that he denied that why you cannot look what
uh... three sarajevo ok cooperman anybody
familiar a for jamie
hue and cry
find that funding to cry about it
oklahoma push on your future bruno
damone branching the argument
and would love to develop well
caroline and uh... don't tell me what we need a doctor or lawyer on on on the
page domenici maybe nothing when they can find out what you've done you will
be a conflict that is
from bomb deliverable galerie
for delivered a baby crowd banknote
but now that i have to look at liveops
that probably killing and there were no one really
brutally beaten
yet second letter at the latin nations dying
our paramount jane and web check-in cooperated had united our committee that
we thank you know that but give it the counting down not previously quoted
danielle dani real quick
property owner will get movement not that convenor
dania blackmun fairly though did not
and we cannot diaper that great invented president goldberg and painter profits
well there are like that
how did the advanced stemware favorite picture
well i have not deny it i think you'll build blvd did you get them for granted
on let me get elected
ken bode anything like that and i didn't get that you had an idea in the area
and i didn't hear them
repeatedly maybe go back and think i have not been in my at the packed up and
that coming to nanded of my
her lou
manner there
well practical
cannot now we're happy entire practically and fears
blanket the government and therefore laughing
yes uni
ruling the
the error
yeah actor robert
they were very lucky girl so many wonderful bread
writer with me
because you know if the family
pregnant women now
hello a appear on the
uh... noonan
in egypt became people by thank you put that date
and bill
no i haven't got much money but
i'd like to give you voted to press mechanically
park on them
what is the perfect
the around in the
wondering what my mom had writers in production right now take a well-earned
making life unbearable regrettably errand and will automatically a member
of the armory will do that and have a notre dame requirement of a popular
played by montgomery offering only when we can