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LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Willow Smith shows off her dance skills.
Beauty and the Beast gets a 3D treatment.
And Joyful Noise hits the big screen.
This is Just Dance for January 12, 2012.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Hi, I'm Lauren Gottlieb.
And this is Just Dance news.
To start off the show, I'm going to announce the winners
of the best dance video of 2011.
In third place is my really good friend, Todrick Hall with
"The Bieber." I'm in the video, and it's amazing.
So if you haven't seen it, you should see it.
Second place winner is Nathan Barnatt with "No Bones." He
literally has no bones.
And the first place winner is Nonstop with the dubstep remix
of "Pumped Up Kicks." It is by far the best
dance video of 2011.
Congratulations to all the nominees and especially our
three winners.
My favorite 11-year-old and the biggest fireball I've ever
met in my entire life--
-Um, hello.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: --Willow Smith, is back with an all-new
music video.
And what's so amazing about this video, there's not a ton
of gimmicks with it.
It's her up close.
You get to see all of her dance skills.
Behind a great artist is always a brilliant
In this case, it's Tina Landen.
Now, if you don't think you know that name, you do.
Because she's worked with everyone from Ricky Martin to
Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Tina Turner,
Janet Jackson.
She's my idol.
Can you tell?
Behind a brilliant choreographer is always a
fantastic assistant.
Now, the assistant has to be on top of everything.
In this case, he's a really good friend of mine.
And I'm going to take you to his dance class to have a
little one-on-one chat with him.
I'm sitting in the dance studio at Loyola Marymount
University with one of my great friends and the super
talented Jason Myhre.
Jazz hands all over.
So let's talk about Willow's "Fireball" video.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: When she's dancing in the rain, how much
of that is choreographed, and how much is just her dancing?
JASON MYHRE: 90% of it is her.
JASON MYHRE: So we kind of give her directions.
We like when you did that around the tree, or we like it
when you jump in the puddle.
So it was a lot of freestyle for her when he was just
shooting her alone.
Then when we were dancing and we had the dancers behind her,
she kind of did some of the choreography.
But because she was sick, she didn't get to
really learn it all.
And then we didn't want her to worry about it.
So a lot of it was freestyle for her.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: There was this fast footwork part in it
with some guys.
Who were they?
JASON MYHRE: The Footwork Kings, actually, from Chicago
And we had four of them.
We had a bunch of crews come down for the audition because
we knew we wanted some kind of dance crews
that were behind her.
So we had the Footwork Kings and we also had Chi-Town's
Finest Breakers.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Well, thank you so much.
JASON MYHRE: You're welcome.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: It was good to see you.
Be good.
Out tomorrow is a new musical film, Joyful Noise.
Now, it stars two of my all-time favorite divas, Queen
Latifah and Dolly Parton.
Those two together are going to be gold.
There's tons of music and dancing in this film.
It resembles a new take on Sister Act.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Well, we caught up with the fabulous
choreographer behind the film, Michelle Lynch.
MICHELLE LYNCH: Todd told me from the beginning that it is
going to be about four different choirs, all gospel
competition, a couple of club scenes, and Dolly Parton and
Kris Kristofferson waltzing.
So I knew what I was in for.
I'm excited to see how America and the rest of the world
embraces it.
It opens this Friday, January 13, and I'll be seeing it for
the first time then, too.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: I warned you all last week.
I even gave you a whole week to prepare.
Well, Dance Moms is finally back.
I need to know what you thought of Abby's return, so
please let me know below.
You may have seen me and Todrick Hall recapping Dancing
with the Stars last season.
Well, Todrick loved hosting so much that he's going to do a
special recap of Dance Moms every Wednesday.
So Dance Moms and Todrick Hall is going to be a mess.
Not much better TV than that.
So click here and watch Todrick's very first Dance
Moms recap.
The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards are
live this Sunday night.
I loved getting MissP's People's Choice Award
predictions last week so much that I went out and I found
another YouTube star.
So let's check in with Kevin Craft and see his Golden Globe
Award predictions.
KEVIN CRAFT: My name is Kevin Craft.
I'm here to talk to you about the Golden Globe nominees.
The Descendents.
It didn't seem too entertaining.
Hugo seemed like a cool movie for a 14-year-old.
The Ides of March.
I'm really not feeling that because I'm not into the
political thing.
War Horse.
I didn't even bother watching five seconds of the preview.
I'm like, nope.
Midnight in Paris.
I can honestly say that I didn't go see the movie.
My Week with Marilyn.
Who wouldn't want a week with Marilyn?
Who wouldn't want 24 hours or 20 minutes with that woman?
Now, that looked pretty funny to me.
The Artist looked like no.
Now, 50/50 seemed very, very funny because that movie had
me laughing just off the trailer.
But the one that I liked the most was The Help.
I mean, you've got these white girls sticking up for these
black women, which was back in the day
when slavery was around.
Looking at it like, how come I can't share a bathroom with
this woman and she raised me?
That's my thoughts.
You guys take it easy.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Last week, I caught up with the amazing duo
of Tabitha and Napoleon D'umo, and we talked all about this
week's episode of Mobbed.
Just in case you missed it, it's about a woman who reveals
to her mom and her aunt that she's divorced.
And also, she has a six-year-old son.
There's a couple So You Think You Can Dance alumni.
There's Kent Boyd.
And then two of the synchronized swimmers are
Kayla Radomski from Season 5 and Joy Spears from Season 2.
Mobbed is going to go on a little hiatus, but don't worry
because all new episodes are going to come back starting
February 1, and you don't want to miss it.
Beauty and the Beast is coming in theaters
this weekend in 3D.
Now, I have a little confession to make.
I've actually never seen the movie.
I know, it's bad.
But I think I've been subconsciously waiting to see
it in theaters.
Well, let's throw it to our POTENTIALcelebrity Mia and
find out what she's most excited for about this
MIA: Hey guys, it's Mia, also known as POTENTIALcelebrity
from YouTube.
And I'm here to talk about Beauty and the Beast coming
out in 3D this weekend.
And everyone should definitely go check it out.
It's going to be awesome to sit in the theater and meet
with your childhood, except in 3D.
Good story, classic, and it's going to be amazing to just
watch it all over again.
So I hope you guys can see it this weekend.
Hope you have a great new year.
And I wish the best of luck to you in 2012.
And it will be a great year.
See you guys later.
LAUREN GOTTLIEB: Well, that's all the dance news I have for
you this week.
I hope you enjoyed the episode as well as my
chat with Jason Meyhre.
Make sure you like and favorite and subscribe, and I
will see you next Thursday for more dance.