일지매 (Iljimae) 4회

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Where are we?
What did you do to my boy?!
How dare he beat me...
How dare he do that to my precious son...
I'll forgive your father. Just bring some money.
You can kill him.
Bring me that money.
Or kiss your father's hands goodbye.
Chop chop.
It just might be...
That those two dogs...
They might be brothers.
Two brothers all bloodied up tearing each other apart
in order to save their father...
What a sight to behold.
You'll witness it tonight.
This dog fighting is nothing.
So where are you taking me?
You may talk to him.
I have to take him away soon.
I couldn't even say hi to you last time...
You've grown into such a fine nobleman.
You've gotten old, Father.
You must've been in such pain.
No, I was fine.
I'm used to taking beatings.
I'm fine.
Who was that kid?
Just a boy we ended up raising.
We're grateful to him for taking your place.
You must miss your mother.
Stay and see her.
She'll be back soon.
No, I won't see her.
She told me not to acknowledge her ever again.
And I'll do as she asked.
I don't need fancy meals and clothes.
I don't want to be a nobleman.
I want to stay with you and Father.
Who are you?
I don't know you, young master.
You have the wrong person.
Here I come!
Look at you, all talk.
Hey there, dweeb!
I see that you're training.
Say hello.
This is Duk-pal, the last tournament's victor.
And this would be the challenger...
What was your name?
Is this a joke?
You want me to bother with this dweeb?
Listen, punk.
How many times must I tell you?
Our business is about gambling.
It's not just about winning.
You have to make it as if you might lose.
Make it exciting for the people who pay.
That's the whole point!
People get sick of you just beating up on others.
You want me to lose business?
Then pay me on time at least.
You think you're all that now?
Why, I should just...
He's a beast.
He's not human.
I'll be fine.
Fighting is not about brawn.
It's about brains.
You'd love to put a hole in this neck, wouldn't you?
I'll give you a chance.
There's going to be a fighting match tonight.
The prize is 200 coins.
Give me that money,
and I won't lay a hand on the father who raised you.
However... You must win.
I made it just as you asked.
Thanks, Heung-gyun.
What is all this?
Weapons for the match.
I'll kill them all.
What are you doing?
Hold on.
With this stuff, I'll be invincible.
Are you crazy?
You really think that this will help you win?
You're cramping my style.
Don't worry. I'll take anyone on.
Thanks to you, my butt was on fire.
You really have a way with words.
So you pooped blood after taking that herb too.
My father pooped blood too, thanks to that herb.
I thought you threw it away.
Fess up.
You mixed dog poop and cow poop, right?
You're always accusing me of that.
If you're so curious, try some yourself.
Why, I should just...
Father, get him!
Hey, you're all right.
You ran off by yourself.
You coward.
Come on, stop.
Hold onto him tight.
No, not that.
Come on, man!
Lord Sim?
He's been looking into that event from 13 years ago.
Watch him.
Yes, sir.
The young man you asked me to kill is apparently alive.
I thought for sure I'd killed him...
Eliminate him.
Yes, I will not fail again.
Save us, dear messy Buddha.
A bogus monk?
Foolish creatures.
Want to experience otherworldly paradise?
Paradise? Otherworldly?
Should we wager too?
You want to?
What's this?
So we place our wager on one of these guys?
The red one must be the likely winner.
This one in the black looks familiar.
I'm not sure...
He looks like a pimp. I bet he can't fight...
He looks so familiar...
Why are you picking that one?
You trust your father, don't you?
I trust you more though.
No government troops around?
I've got our guys posted all around.
All the magistrate's officials are here to watch anyway.
Man, they came here to be bribed.
Give them a little something after the match.
Yes, sir.
You're here!
What about that one guy?
He'll be in the last match.
Let's go.
Do come in.
The young masters are here.
Despite the late hour,
you have gathered here
to watch this fighting event.
You have our utmost thanks.
Let me introduce the combatants.
The victor of the last tournament.
Red Mask!
He will fight five challengers in a row.
Which challenger did you wager on?
Let the fighting proceed!
Did my brother Si-hu go somewhere?
Well, my lady...
Father, go with her.
It's so dangerous at night. What if I run into a tiger...
My lady!
He is a beast...
Let's go.
They're professional gamblers.
They'll do anything to win.
You could even be killed.
I know that you want to save the man who raised you.
But this isn't the way.
Please come back, dear brother.
My lady.
Young master Si-hu is inside.
How dare you.
You can't come in here.
This is no place for you, my lady.
Out of the way.
My brothers are inside.
But your father will punish me if I let you in.
So please go back.
Your last match. Let's go.
You must put up a good defense.
Yong, don't be scared. You can win.
You're dead.
Why isn't it working yet?
So both you and my father pooped blood after taking this?
Let me buy it from you.
I brought you some snack.
Please have some.
Go easy on me...
You're a disgrace.
Good job.
Thanks for losing.
Man, he's such a puny little thing.
What the...?
Let's go.
The real match begins now.
His father's about to get his hands chopped off.
And he's out gambling?
Father, it's not like that.
Don't stick up for him!
Yong needed some money...
He's gambling at a time like this?
Where is he?
Take me there, Heung-gyun!
What an upset, ladies and gentlemen.
Maybe we'll have to accept an instant challenger.
No way. That's not fair.
The next match won't go on until one fighter surrenders.
Before the sand in the hourglass runs out,
there must be a surrender.
Otherwise, both combatants lose.
That's not fair.
I say that it is!
Challenger! Challenger!
Your passion calls for another match.
Who will challenge the new champion, the Black Mask?
No challengers?
If no one challenges within the count of three,
all of today's prize money will go to the Black Mask.
Bring it on. Weakling.
Surrender! Surrender!
A lot more fun than dog fighting, isn't it?
But whoever wins, you'll have to release the father.
You think I'd really release him?
What are you doing here?
You came all this way for Si-hu's sake?
What a considerate sister you are.
How long do you intend on torturing Si-hu?
He's only a half-brother. Why do you care?
Go home.
It'll just upset you.
You can't come in.
We're related to one of the fighters.
What are you, deaf?
Once the match starts, no one goes in.
Beat it.
But we're family!
Why, that broad...
My baby.
What are you...
What are you doing here?
Do you see now?
You wanted me to live as a nobleman.
But this is how I live now...
Do you see?
Please stop...
Let's talk about this.
Let me go.
Save me.
Save me!
Raise the marker.
Then I'll have to kill you.
Kill me then!
Just surrender.
No... I can't...
My father's hands will be chopped off.
Are you...
Are you Yong?
Do you know me?
Don't linger around. Leave.
Here. Now beat it.
Yong, that young master left as soon as the match was over.
He left? Without the money?
I better go.
Dear brother.
Are you all right?
Young master.
How could the son of a great nobleman...
How could you...
Oh, man...
What's going on?
So you lived somehow.
Who are you...?
It was my mistake. Let me take care of it.
Look at you now!
You're not all that.
You're dead now.
Tell me why you're so bent on killing me.
Why I should just...
Because you might be Yi Won-ho's son.
Man... That again.
I'm not his son!
Are you deaf?
I just follow orders.
Stop acting so tough.
I bet you just peed in your pants, buddy.
I tried to kill you. So why?
Just take my hand. We haven't much time.
If you save me, I'll try to kill you again.
Fine, then just die.
I'm dying here...
My money.
Where's my money?
You're right.
If you're really Gyum, you wouldn't have saved me.
Well, you're starting to make me regret it.
Find my money!
It's not because you saved me.
It's only because you're not Gyum.
If you're going to let me live, be nice about it.
Cramping my style...
Anyway, where's my money?
I took care of him. Let's go.
Let me go!
My lord!
Young master!
Let me go!
I'm sorry!
Young master!
Hands off. I won this money!
Are you pouting?
Fine, I'll buy you a hair ribbon.
I guess she's a girl after all. Pouting...
Out of the way. I saw it first.
Finders keepers.
Fine, let's split it.
No way.
Why, you...
Another drunk lying about.
Move over.
He must've been robbed.
It's that young man.
Black Mask!
My money...
Have you seen my money?
I can't lose that money.
My money...
You scoundrel!
We save your life, and you don't even say thanks?
Kids these days!
Mine and others as well.
I took care of him, but he wasn't Yi Won-ho's son.
Good job.
But he was an innocent...
What did I say that sympathy is to a warrior?
Destruction. As in death.
Do not let passion guide you.
We gave up our heart to our lord long ago.
I'll be sure to remember that.
Man, that jerk is throwing me off.
Go tell him to shut up.
He might go jump off a cliff.
You really think so?
Yes, I raised you to be righteous.
People don't kill themselves just like that.
I raised you to be strong.
Your pops is okay!
By any chance...
Your feet?
Let's give him a break.
Do you know what he did to me, Father?
I do, son.
Si-wan is upset, so I can't just let it go.
And my position requires that I enlighten the masses.
I want to chop off his hands.
I'll let you do it yourself.
If you insist, Father.
What are you doing?
Open up his mouth.
Young master...
Man, son of a gun...
My good looks are ruined.
I've depended on my good looks all my life too.
Wait, what's happened to your face?
Got the crap kicked out of you again?
Who the heck was it this time?
Let's go. I'll beat him senseless...
Let's go home.
Who the heck...?
What are they doing...?
What's with all the derelicts?
Young mistress Eun-chae told us to hire them.
My girl did that?
We're building the fanciest inn in all of Joseon.
And she hired these dirt bags?
Get rid of them now.
Why, these dirt bags.
But they've been so grateful to her.
They've been laboring night and day.
So what are they doing lying about?
But young mistress told us to stop the construction.
Why, you...
You listen to her, but ignore my words?
I should just...
I can't let them stay.
I'll just...
Why, if it isn't my Eun-chae.
Where have you been all day?
So what happened?
His hands are fine.
Thank you, Father.
I'm sure Si-hu thanks you as well.
You have such love for this half-brother of yours.
He is your son as well.
Yes, I'll leave this project in your hands.
Make sure it's finished on time.
That cousin of yours was whining so much.
I gave her one of my houses.
It's rather old, so take a carpenter and fix it up.
Yes, Father.
You better serve the young mistress well.
That will do.
Oh my...
Would you like a massage?
I said that will do.
I'll leave this here. Please put it on.
Swe-dol's doing fine. So don't worry.
You really shouldn't have fought with Yong.
Young mistress Eun-chae had already taken care of it.
She said that if Swe-dol's hands were chopped off,
she wouldn't work on the inn or the bookkeeping.
She's really something else.
Eun-chae did that?
So the word has gotten around.
That Lord Byun's son is fighting in wagered matches.
Si-wan certainly wouldn't do something so lowly.
But some scoundrel is bent on disgracing this family.
Man... What's going on?
I want to tell you about your father's wrongful death.
My lord, that young man is here to see you.
Do you recognize it?
Who am I?
I don't remember my childhood.
But I keep getting these strange images.
Who am I?
Your name is Yi Gyum.
And your father was murdered.
I just learned of this myself just recently.
Murdered? By whom?
Talk about being stabbed in the back...
They were so close.
All of us were so close.
My lord, we have a problem.
What are you doing?
Out of the way!
Sim Gi-won,
you are hereby declared a traitor by royal decree.
You are hereby declared a traitor by royal decree.
You scoundrels, I have not plotted treason.
I refuse to leave my house.
Bring me my accuser!
What's going on?
How dare you defy the royal decree!
I told myself that I'd never forget...
Yet it took me 13 years to come back here.
Dear Aunt, this is it.
Your father's too much.
Sure, I have nowhere to go.
But to give me a house where a traitor was killed...
Let's take a look.
All ruined.
My good looks are totally ruined.
I'll never get any loving from my one and only now.
You scoundrel.
You never study. All you do is fight.
Your father's in that shape, and you come home now!
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
Do you even know what you've done?
That's enough.
Hurry up, and get away.
Father wants you home. Let's go.
That was so moving.
Trying to save your adoptive father's hands...
How did it feel?
Ripping your own brother apart?
Was that why?
Thanks to you, I enjoyed myself.
The ending was a bit of a letdown though.
You're in for even a bigger letdown.
That guy was taken in by my mother and adoptive father.
What do you mean?
He and I don't share one drop of blood.
Let's go. I'll wait.
Arrogant jerk!
Bring more wine!
He's not even well. Don't be so hard on him.
Don't you feel for the kid?
You're so lucky to have two devoted sons.
What do you mean?
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Can you find someone for me?
I only know their names.
Those scam artists.
Torture him to death? You really are smart.
He'll be executed within a few days too.
Get him!
Father, thank you.
You don't need to thank your own father.
Mother, Sister, wait for me.
I, Gyum, will find you soon.