Cut Calories the Better Way | A Little Bit Better With Keri Glassman

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 10.09.2012

Hey, I'm Keri Glassman here with some quick and simple tips to help you feel just a little
bit better. Cutting calories isn't about completely uprooting your eating habits or switching
from what you eat now to a diet of leaves, sticks and twigs. In fact, you'll be more
successful in altering your diet for the longterm if you make small, targeted changes. Here
are some ways to cut calories without changing much else: You can still drink your java,
but cut out the sugar in your morning coffee. Snack when you're hungry, just make it a small
handful of nuts. Drink lots of water throughout the day, especially before meals, to help
you feel full. Eat your pasta and your bread, just switch to the wholegrain kind to up your
fiber intact (and use portions). Instead of creamy salad dressing, switch to an oil-based
vinaigrette. Rather than making a big three-egg omelette, use one whole egg and two egg whites,
and throw in some veggies. Get your fizz form seltzer with lemon or lime in favor of soda
or a sports drink. Allow yourself the cookie or whatever you want to consciously indulge
in with a tall glass of water to help you feel full so it doesn't turn into two or three.
Individually, any one of these things will lower your daily caloric intact. Pick a few
and you'll make an even bigger dent without sacrificing much. Before you know it, you'll
feel just a little bit better.