Blues Guitar Lesson - How To Play Blues Guitar With 4 Notes

Uploaded by bluesguitarunleashed on 05.11.2008

what i want to do today is I want to show you a very very simple
pattern uh... were literally going to do an entire solo with four notes
call it five if you bend
I'm going to bend one of the notes up a half step up to another note
so... but I'm going to effectively use that four note pattern
and that four note pattern is right here
this solo is going to be in the key of A so I'm going to base the entire thing around my uh
tenth fret here on the second string A
so between
the tenth fret and the eighth fret on the second string
and the tenth fret and the eighth fret on the first string that's my pattern
and so you know you might be thinking that's cool but how long
are you actually gonna play on that well i'm going to play an entire two bar... two chorus excuse me solo twenty
four bars over an A jam track that i made and um...
I'm going to play the whole thing on that
hope you dig it
uh... i'm going to tab the whole thing out to make it available and uh...
what I'm gonna do first is I'm gonna go through
I'm gonna play the whole thing
all up to speed
you know show you what its gonna sound like
and then afterwards I'll break apart some of the things that i did so you can uh...
you know really take
something away from this um...
like I said I really want this to be something that you can go home
practice on this for an hour or so and you go out to a jam session tonight and
play it and and have the guys goes yeah you know that's cool alright
one two ready play