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Moving around in space. Maybe it is real.
- Director. - Yes?
- There's a package for you. - Who sent it?
The sender is not listed.
What the...
Didn't you say that you lost them?
What's going on?
They are all here. What's going on?
- Even cash? - Yes.
Good thing they are all there. Looks like it wasn't a thief that took it.
Geez, I already reported my cards as lost.
I didn't put a business card in my wallet.
How did that person know the address to send here?
This is not right.
An alien wouldn't send it as a package.
Car key. Why didn't they return my car key?
- Do you know how to drive? - Yes.
- You bought a car, sir? - No.
Go to that underground parking lot,
press the button, and you will know which car the key belongs to.
[Page 04 Coffee House]
What a nice car.
But who does this car belong to?
Drive that car outside.
Then park it there.
Geez, why does he have to tell me to do these things?
I also have something else for you to do.
Ahjussi, this...
Would an alien be that bored? They even sent me a package.
A person must have done this.
Oh, the ice, I...
Which punk did this?
What grudge does he have against me to torture me like this?
Argh, that punk!!
Could it be the stalker that likes President Seo?
He has secretly loved President Seo for a couple of years.
To see you suddenly appear must had made him go crazy.
To warn you, he even sent you to a deserted place.
- That is possible. - Of course.
Be careful. If you are caught up with people like that, it could mean trouble.
I once went to a mental asylum for an interview before.
There are many people who became crazy because of love problems.
Who is it?
- You don't know who. - Yes.
Wait a moment. It could be that person.
Maybe he wants to communicate you, that's why he sent you the cell phone.
Don't be nervous. Pick it up.
Are you the owner of the car with the license plate 6338?
That's me.
Who are you?
How do you know my license plate?
Hurry up and drive your car away.
Are you crazy?
You parked your car at a construction site and then where did you go off to?
What are you saying?
Why would my car be at a construction site?
My car is parked in the parking lot.
Where is my car?
Within five minutes, you'd better drive your car away!
Or else I will smash your car.
What? Do you know how expensive that car is and you want to smash it?
I am going right now. I am going right now. Wait.
Don't move.
What is this?
Sunbae, your wallet.
Did you deliver the car key?
But why did you tell me to drive his car to a construction site?
Are you sure that you parked at the entrance?
What's with your facial expression?
Let me guess.
This person is finally crazy and has passed the line.
Torturing me is not enough and now he's using me to torture others.
Why did I decide to become his secretary?
When father asked me to resign,
I should have listened to him.
But have you ever thought about it?
To properly torture someone, you need time, money, and effort.
Nothing is free in this world.
Have you never thought of that?
Toward someone you hate, it is easy to get mad at him.
Like the first time I saw you and you were mad at your boyfriend.
But to use your brain to make him automatically back off,
is not that easy.
I am teaching you that.
Then perhaps your questioning of why you are here like this will be reduced a bit.
Hold it!
Is this yours?
Wait, stop, stop.
- Hurry up and drive your car away. - I know, I know, I know.
I'm sorry but.
I lost my car key. I don't have my car key right now.
To make a new key requires time.
Are you messing around with me?
So that's why I am asking you to let me finish. Geez.
- I am going to call someone to come over right now. - It has been so long already and you are telling us to wait?
Just wait a while. Hello.
- How much longer do we have to wait? I am in a hurry! - Okay okay.
I am at the construction site. Come over quickly.
- Are you Mr. Han Ji Won? - Yes.
Here is a package for you.
How does he know I am here?
Please sign here.
Okay, but what is this?
It looks like a car key.
The key is here. The key.
I am going to drive the car away now.
This punk.
He's torturing me in different stages.
What is this? Is this a car key?
What is this?
Are you playing with us?
Please wait. Please wait.
You are playing with us.
This will break immediately.
It will be done immediately.
- Geez, it isn't even broken. - It will be done immediately.
Are you doing an experiment?
So, don't be like this.
Everyone help me, respectable sirs...
Damn, when is this going to be done?
That side, that side.
All right, all right. All right.
No, the towing car... OH!!!
It worked! It really worked!! It worked!!! Ahahahaha!!
Ha ha... Please let me through...
Move it!! Hurry up and move it!
- I am very sorry. - Move it!!
That took a whole day.
Geez. Because of that son of a bitch...
{\a6}[ If you continue making moves on Seo Eun Young, I'm going to get you like that key of yours.]
This really scared me. I don't know which insane person did this.
I suggest that you don't go find her during these few days.
Why? Shouldn't I report to the police?
Of course not.
That kind of punk. If you accidentally irritate them, then something big might happen.
Then Eun Young... I have to tell her.
She will get scared. It's better to tell her when you're sure of the situation.
That's true. Then this business is our secret.
These few days, you shouldn't call President Seo.
Don't come to the coffee shop too.
He might be eavesdropping or he could be a customer at the shop.
It is better not to irritate him.
Yes. To trick someone, you have to trick them like this to look genuine.
What's with that facial expression?
I'm being happy. Happy that I'm not the only stupid one out there.
He was sane at first, yet you tricked him enough to make him become like that.
So you didn't trick me because I'm stupid, but rather, you're just good at tricking others.
If you are a swindler, that means you have betrayed your country for at least a couple of times.
Are you complimenting me?
I am just very surprised.
Because of fraud, I have been in jail twice.
Tricking you 100 times is not enough.
When you were in a relationship, the money you lent your boyfriend, you didn't get them back yet, right?
Looks like it wasn't just once or twice.
Do I get it right like a ghost?
What does that facial expression mean?
Stop. Stop looking at my facial expression.
I can still tell by looking at the top of your head.
He didn't even call me once today.
He didn't text me, nor did he come to the shop.
Is it really solved?
Author Lee. You have been obedient lately.
How good looking!
Oh, Grandmother it's me. You haven't slept yet?
I don't know. He kept telling me to do this and that for the whole day.
But I don't even know what I am doing.
Grandmother, I will talk to you later.
Excuse me?
Mr. Manager?
Not listening nor talking.
Um.. excuse me..
Please accept my apology.
I am very sorry.
I didn't know that you were a man of few words and
I did this and that to you. I am sorry.
I am very sorry.
It's okay.
Where is your hometown?
Daegu. Ah, I see.
I have never been to Daegu. Is it nice out there?
Yes, it is.
Ah, I see...
You really don't talk a lot.
Then listen to music, you don't have to mind me.
It's okay.
I will listen too.
What do you like listening to?
I like to listen to anything.
What is this?
I didn't say to listen together.
But if I say I don't want to listen now, how embarrassing that would be!
Women nowadays are so direct.
We don't even know each other much, yet she wants to listen to music together.
I want to listen by myself.
How awkward. Very awkward.
Please make me a cup of Ice Americano?
This is free. It is free for all our employees.
If I knew, I would have come more often.
How come I haven't seen you lately?
He said he doesn't need me and that I can rest for a few days.
I admire you. You get to rest for a few days.
You can also come to work later.
I want to be a secretary of an author too.
Do you think that it is really that good?
If you knew what I had to do this one month,
you wouldn't admire me.
Is it because of other people's business that you can easily talk about it like that?
1, 2, 3.
Put your leg inside.
But I want to ask a question.
Why do I have to do this?
I think I ate too much during lunch. I feel drowsy.
But can't you do it a little higher?
I watched a variety show and the female stars jumped quite well.
What did I do?
This month all I did was stupid things, sharpen pencils, and make coffee.
Are those the jobs of a secretary?
I don't know what novel he is writing or how many pages he have written or why he keeps telling me to do those things.
I don't know anything at all!
What kind of a secretary is that?
How much longer do I have to sharpen pencils?
Where did he go?
What is this?
The door wasn't lock, so I...
Why are you doing this?
It's not done yet...
Just go home today.
I just came to work though.
I am having a writer's block so I don't have anything for you to do.
Because you told me not to come, I have rested for 3 days already.
Isn't it better to rest for one more day?
Then I will come again tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
He always ordered me around a lot, why does he suddenly not need me anymore?
He is always so unpredictable. How am I supposed to know how to respond?
Aaaargh, my gosh!
I forgot to give you a call.
You don't have to come today.
But I am already here.
Don't touch anything!
You must be tired too.
Have you done anything that I've approved of yet?
10 pencils rejected five times a day.
That means you sharpen at least 50 pencils per day.
Has it been over a month?
That means you've sharpened 1500 pencils.
Coffee is rejected 10 times a day. That means you made 300 cups.
So you should know now, right?
Whether or not you can accommodate me?
What are you thinking?
Can you accommodate me?
How can I...
Sir, you should be the one.
I started out saying that you couldn't accommodate me.
I remember that you were the one that said you could accommodate me, right?
I can. Yes, I can!
I'll be such a professional secretary that you'd beg for me to work for you.
for you to ask me now what you're suppose to do,
what should I do?
Tell me what you think.
If you can give me some more time, I think I can.
If I give you some time, I will definitely need you?
How funny.
Go home.
I haven't slept. My brain wants to go on a strike.
I can't write so I don't have anything to ask you to do.
Right now, all you can do for me is sharpen pencils and make coffee. Yet you can't do those well.
I have to sharpen the pencils and make the coffee.
So you don't have a reason to stay here.
Go home.
You said a secretary should help decrease your stress, right?
If you can't write and feel stressful,
you can use me.
Why do you tell me to go?
I think I told you already.
To torture a person, you need time, money, and effort.
But now I don't have time.
And I am not motivated to put in the effort.
He's still not picking up his phone.
He must had thrown it in the trash can again.
Do you know the number of Author Lee's secretary?
Miss Kang Seung Yeon, right? Yes, I do.
When I go outside, I feel insecure.
It's like worrying about one's child all the time.
I am at home now.
You rested for a week?
He told me not to go.
What happened?
By any chance, is he playing with dominoes?
Yes. How did you know?
He's been stacking dominoes.
It's starting again.
If he starts playing with dominoes,
it means he predicts that something is going to be very bad.
That means that his manuscript will be delayed.
I should be by his side right now.
But I am at Busan right now and I can't go over there.
When he's not there, go inside and look around.
There should be some sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills?
I didn't think it would be time for that already.
Why does it happen when I am in Busan?
President, what's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
Seo Eun Young.
Director? Why are you here?
I came to Busan to attend the meeting.
You too?
Oh, Seo Eun Young.
I haven't contacted you lately for a reason.
Maybe that punk might have followed her to Busan too.
I feel so free that we are meeting outside.
Do you have dinner plans yet?
Then let's go together.
The steaks up in the sky lounge are the best.
So? Is steak okay?
Have you toured Busan yet?
At the sky lounge you can see a lot.
Don't you have to make a reservation at the sky lounge first?
You have to be careful in front of men you don't know.
I will explain it to you later.
I am sorry that I hung up so suddenly. Something happened.
When did you last see Author Lee?
Two days ago.
I barely arrived and he told me to go home.
You can't call him?
He even yanked out the telephone line.
Can I go over now?
It's okay. Only I can solve it.
I am happy to see...
This situation is a bit complicated and there's nothing you can do.
Just wait at home. I must go myself to solve it.
Okay, I understand.
Take care.
I knew something was wrong when he was quiet these few days.
Eun Young. Seo Eun Young.
Eun Young, I have to tell you something.
It is something very important that affects you.
Other than me, who else would care for you so much?
Open the door.
Come in.
Come in?
I still have some...
Why do you have so much to say? If I tell you to come in, come in.
There's red wine too.
That's right. There isn't any dishes to go with the wine.
So what?
What? Don't you like cheese? Let's order some cheese.
Who is it?
It's room service.
How can it be? I was just thinking of calling room service.
How can it be?
What is this? We didn't order this.
Didn't you order yogurt?
No, I didn't. Who ordered this?
Don't eat it!
Don't touch that thing!!
Where are you going?
Just stay right there and don't move! Don't touch that thing! It's very dangerous!
I'm sure that he was the man who had the mask on.
That brat...
What? Oh. You're asking for labor fees? I got it. I will transfer them to your account immediately.
Do you need other things? Okay. I will handle it right now.
What are you doing?
That meal previously was ordered by the man you were talking to, right?
You must say the truth. What did he look like?
It's a man, right?
No, it's a woman.
There wasn't a woman, am I right?
It was the woman who was in that room who ordered the yogurt.
What? What are you talking about? It doesn't make any sense.
No, she was the one who ordered it.
She even said that she ordered it and even took the plate in with her.
So, you're saying that... That...
What am I doing now?
Everything will be okay if I just fall asleep.
Could it be because of his insomnia?
What's wrong with me, seriously!?
Could it be that I was worried about that and volunteered to be his secretary?
I can't help it. Who else is going to look after him? After all, I'm his secretary.
What did you say?
If I wake him up, I wouldn't be scolded. Would I?
Hello. Sir?
You're here fast. Did you use the taxi to come here?
It's not convenient to call you at this time, right?
Is it?
I wasn't asleep anyway.
I was worried.
Did you call me because you can't think of how to write the story?
I really can help you with that.
So, if you just tell me a little bit of the content of the story, I can...
Come and lie here.
I usually sleep around this time.
However, I haven't been able to fall asleep these few days because of a noise.
I have to fall asleep today.
So, that's why you called me.
You really thought that I wanted your inspiration and called you at such late hours?
I thought maybe I could help you a little.
I'm not the type of person who put my hopes on those suppositions.
I want you to lie down here.
No. I can still hear it even if I sit.
The noise that I was talking about can only be heard if you lie down quietly.
You have to listen to it properly. It is a very tiny noise.
I don't hear anything.
Of course! It's not time yet.
You didn't seem to be home when you were writing the script during this period of time.
Do you hear the guitar sound?
Yeah. It is a very tiny sound.
This person practices his guitar whenever it is 4:30 in the morning. Lately, he has been playing "Romance"ť.
You hear it, right?
Lean your ear towards the bed and listen to it.
I will try.
It seems that you can hear other noises.
You heard it, right?
Yeah. It doesn't sound like footsteps. It sounds as if someone is skipping rope.
There is one more noise. A very annoying noise...
There's nothing.
Concentrate for awhile.
This brat watches porn everyday for 365 days.
It's always at this hour.
It's really... I can hear it so clearly.
Okay. So, go and find them.
Go and find these people and solve the problem for me.
If it's not now, how am I going to sleep?
I'm a man. Of course I can't.
Do you want to see me get into a fight with other people?
Why would I hire a secretary for?
Oh. You're right.
How come I didn't think of that?
Okay, I'll get going.
Excuse me...
Who is it?
The guitar noise is solved.
Excuse me...
I'm sorry. Can you...
Our kid is always awake.
Can you try to reduce the volume a little bit?
Okay. Okay.
I've solved all the noises. Sir!
Sir! There are no more noises, right? I've found all the noises.
Such a waste!
I've wasted such good timing.
Hula hoop?
Hearing the phone ringing, she became anxious.
She walks a lot every day and even does hula hoop 200 times a day.
149, 150
Only 3 minutes left to 12 am now.
But the hula hoop is still left with 50 more times.
Hula hoop. The hula hoop that I turned...
It is in! It is in! It's in the script!
Because she has to do 2 tasks at the same time,
she starts to get impatient and stretches her thighs. However, it is still not near enough.
A little bit more. A little bit more.
As she reaches out for the phone, the hula hoop is about to fall off,
but, alas, she is able to keep it going.
So, he ended up using it, didn't he?
And yet, he didn't tell me anything.
Oh my god. Who is it?
It is this lady. Did you slip down?
Be careful! Where are you going at such late hours?
Ahjumma, please be quiet. Everyone is sleeping right now.
Look at this blood...
Erm... There is this lady who comes in and out of here often.
She's a secretary or something.
That lady fell down the stairs and her wounds were very serious.
Should I chase after her? It was really very frightening.
I heard that she would go to the emergency ward but I don't know her phone number.
Where did she go?
She said that she'd go to the hospital and left with a taxi.
Hello? Is this the emergency ward?
Hello? May I know if there is a lady called Kang Seung Yeon who was admitted to the hospital?
She just had her 20th birthday and she has short hair.
There is no such person? Then, are there any other emergency wards nearby?
Okay. Wait a minute.
Hello? Is this the emergency ward?
May I know if there is a lady called Kang Seung Yeon?
Hello? I'm looking for a patient.
Did a lady called Kang Seung Yeon get admitted to the hospital?
Seriously, I can't leave him even for a few days.
Something always happens when I'm not with him..
What are you doing?
I don't know where the phone is. I can't find it.
Phone? You misplaced the phone yourself and yet you can't find it?
I can't find it because I didn't misplace it.
Determined to not let me feel good, is she?
I came here because I heard that you didn't sleep, drove out your secretary and didn't accept any of my calls.
I called the secretary over because I wanted to sleep for a while.
However, I'm in a chaos for 48 hours straight consequently.
If you really want to make a call, just use this.
Who put it here?
Is she crazy?
Why aren't you using it? Didn't you look for it because you wanted to make a phone call?
Are you waiting for a phone call?
- Do you want some coffee? - Sure.
Aigoo... Why did you have to climb up the mountain and ruin your nose like this?
Due to something that isn't done often, humans get into accidents.
That's why I don't get why this would happen to me either.
Oh yeah, where did you send my phone for repair?
- I've got it back and put it in there. - When?
Who's phone number is this?
First message.
Which hospital did you go to?! Immediately call the office once you've heard this message. You must!
5 am?
Oh my...
Why hasn't she contacted you?
Was her wound really that serious?
It seems to me that she got admitted to the hospital.
I wonder what you did to torture her.
Stop the car.
Sir?! President?!
How can you, as my secretary, disregard my message?
Something went wrong with my phone. I just heard your message.
I just called the office and was about to rush over there now.
We've been waiting for your phone call. We were so worried for you. We really thought something had happened to you.
What about your nose? Is it serious?
It's nothing. It is just swollen. They said that it won't swell after a few days.
That's good to hear.
Not a single thing that I order you to do, I will not be worried.
Anyway, hop in first.
I heard the message that you left at dawn.
Did you wake up because you heard me slip down the stairs?
I really didn't want to wake you up.
I'm sorry.
Why did you throw the phone into the washing machine?
I wanted you to have a good sleep.
Get off here.
Oh, this is...
I'm all right. I can work.
I want to sleep for a while today.
I may sleep all the way. So, get off here.
Go and have a rest.
Wait a minute.
- Give me your phone number. - What?
If I can't contact your hand phone, there won't be other ways to contact you.
How did that fellow, who watches porn, look like?
I think he's about 45-46 years old.
He looks really like a potato. He's discreet and kind.
I knew it would be this way.
He was really ashamed to death. Did you know that?
He even promised me that he will wear earphones while watching.
So, from Monday onwards, I can go to work?
Come over tomorrow.
There is absolutely no one around so it's a little bit weird.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
Be careful on your way back.
Look at her.
Her nose is wounded and yet she's still that excited.
Didn't I tell you that she's silly?
Other than being silly, what can someone, who doesn't have other plus points, provide some assistance?
At least, they should be of some help to you when it comes to scripts, right?
I heard that scriptwriter Park's assistant is not bad.
For one month, I finally succeeded once today.
For about 30 minutes...
I haven't slept so well for so long.
This wasn't something that was done by Eun Young alone.
So, this was all a planned game.
Then, who could it be?
Who is helping Eun Young
and admiring me?
That's right.
Why do I have to keep thinking of stalkers?
There is still that fellow who understands me well.
My phone number... My address...
My car and Eun Young...
A fellow who understands everything well...
There is such a person, isn't there?
Lee Jin Soo.
This brat...
Damn, this brat...
There is absolutely no one around so it's a little bit weird.
There is absolutely no one around so it's a little bit weird.
If I remove those unnecessary adverbs of "absolutely” and "a little bit"ť,
that means there is no one around so it's weird.
If that one person is me...
That means there is no Kang Seung Yeon around, so it's weird.
So, that means Kang Seung Yeon must be there.
It's this meaning.
Oh! Seriously...
How could I not think of that?
The blade marks are very obvious.
It seems to me that the angle was very big when it was sharpened.
There are so many crosswise slashes in the middle.
That means that this pencil was sharpened when it was straight.
Should he have straightened up the pencil even more?
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Let's end it here.
Stop meddling with my affairs.
Go and find other women.
You asshole...
How dare you trick your sunbae?
Isn't it very common for men to fight alone at that kind of time?
The fellow, who runs away at this time, is not a very considerate person.
Sir, are you all right!?
Do I look like I'm all right to you?
What is the relationship between the two of you?
How can that be? That is impossible.
That is impossible. You know about that.
You can just let it go with a smile actually. Why do you have to go all out?
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