Pilates Reformer Demonstration - Penn State Hershey University Fitness Center

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The Pilates Reformer is a piece of exercise equipment designed by Joseph Pilates.
It consists of a platform that moves back and forth along a carriage.
Resistance is provided by the user’s body weight and by springs attached to the carriage
and platform.
The Pilates Reformer allows for a total body workout with a focus on correct body alignment
and abdominal control.
The University Fitness Center has its own private Pilates Studio.
You will have individualized Pilates Training with our professional credential instructors.
Our Pilates Reformer is a Rehabilitation Reformer that sits higher off the ground allowing more
ease to get on and off and transitioning between exercises.
We also offer the mat converter allowing the Reformer to be transitioned to off the floor
mat work.
This exercise can be done by all age groups, all physical activity levels, making possible
to be beneficial for a large population ranging from injury recovery cases to high performance
This diversity and attention to personal needs makes Pilates Reformer ideal for the management
of conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis, and orthopedic injuries.
This exercise program is individually tailored, challenging each client to attain their full
In our first exercise Jen will be demonstrating the Hundred.
To prepare for the Hundred, Jen is going to lift her head, take the knees to her chest
and stretch her arms long.
For the movement phase, Jen will extend her legs to working level while keeping the tailbone
on the carriage. The arms pump vigorously while inhaling for five breaths and exhaling
for five breaths.
The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the powerhouse. The hundred equals ten full
breaths of ten for one hundred repetitions. It increases circulation and is a true breathing
In our next exercise Jen will be demonstrating Leg Circles completed in both directions.
To prepare for the Leg Circles, Jen has placed her feet in the leg loops and will extend
her legs at a forty five degree angle with the feet in the Pilates stance and arms reaching
long by the side of the body.
For the movement phase in the first direction, Jen is going to bring the legs up before opening
them outward no more than the width of the reformer, bringing the legs together and back
up. After completing five to eight repetitions, Jen will complete the same exercise in the
reverse direction.
The goal of this exercise is to challenge the powerhouse while lengthening and toning
the legs and butt.