Золушка (Cinderella) p.1 (with English subtitles)

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We’ll start our tale As custom would find:
In one distant kingdom Lived forester kind.
He lived lonesome life In green woods austere.
And sweet little daughter His heart loved so dear.
For girl mild and kind The sun always shined
Sang robin his song, Old bear danced along,
And bloomed gentle rose Yes, that’s how it goes,
yes, that’s how it goes.
But evil stepmother Appeared one day.
And soon olden ways From home gone away
Her daughters alone Stepmother adores,
To Zolushka orders: “Do hurry with chores!”
For Zolushka shy: The dishes stacked high,
Then supper and lunch, The kick and the punch,
The loom and the broom. That is all she knows-
And that’s how it goes, yes, that’s how it goes.
Attention! Attention!
The king to all his citizens Would like for us to mention-
Tomorrow they’ll be having
A grand and noisy ball
And if you please can make it-
You will be happy all.
-A ball! -A ball!
-A ball!
Listen Zolushka, my dear!
Do some work around here.
Wash all dishes, work the broom,
Polish floors in every room,
Chop the wood- a month’s need mere
Grind all coffee for the year.
Plant tonight in thicket spread
Forty bushes rosy-red
But until they shoot up high Sweep the dirt paths nearby,
If you give these chores your all,
Finish things that I require
Then, of course, the palace ball
From outside you may admire.
Now, do hurry to the ball.
Laugh and play - enjoy it all!
Past midnight you cannot stay!
Homeward, you must turn your way!
Once the clock 12 times has struck-
All will vanish – so good luck!
Coach will quickly disappear.
Please, remember this, my dear.
Once the clock 12 times has struck
All will vanish—so good luck!