Silver Forest - Marisa☆Quest ~Great Treasure Hunt!~ english subtitles

Uploaded by MarisaHanamura on 26.11.2011

Marisa☆Quest ~Great Treasure Hunt!~
At a certain place (Alice’s House),
I snuck in looking for treasure
I found some thin books (ero-doujinshi) and figures (Shanghai!)
I’ll be borrowing these!
I was seen at the scene of the crime!! (Magic Forest)
“Give that back!!” (Give me back Myon!!)
Without thinking I shot back, Master Spark! ミ☆ (Hadouken!!)
Everything that’s yours
is mine
I’ll search every nook and cranny of your room! (Hakugyokurou)
Playing the adventurer
looking for treasure!
You can only get away with this
in a game!!
Give that back~!
You’re not an adventurer anyway!
Yes… at the most I’m a magic user
I’m not a butler,
My name’s not even Sebastian!
I went to the next house (Yakumo’s Place)
I shuffle around, not learning my lesson
Ah, smelly knee socks, it’s a death trap!!
My nose feels like it’s coming off! (>_<)
Just then Reimu came in
“So where are your donations?”
(Why are you..)
“Why are you here? and – I don’t need these!! (kneesocks)”
Burning armpit shrine maiden~ (Burning Waki Miko~!!)
“I’m still waiting!!” (Greed)
I can’t lose to you
in firepower!
Tickle tickle your armpits
Ah! My broom’s been confiscated!
Searching for treasure sure is rough! Geez…
(What are you doing in my house? (╬ ^‿^)屮)