Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup Recipe : Add Orzo Pasta to Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Soup

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.10.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis, on behalf of Expert Village. Today, I'm going to show you how
to make turkey soup out of leftover holiday turkeys. Now you'll see that I've brought
it back up to a full boil, after I took all the carcass and bones out. We're going to
take that orzo we've got. Before we put it in, we're going to give it one good stir to
make sure we break everything up. We also want to make sure there are no bones in there,
but like I said, you want to go through it at the very end to make sure there are no
bones in there. We're going to take the orzo and sprinkle it in, slowly. What's going to
happen is the orzo is going to cook into there, and act as a thickener; as well as a means
of stretching out your dish. We'll set our timer for ten minutes, and keep this on a
full boil. Give it a stir one more time, to make sure that everything is broken up. Ten
minutes on a full boil for the orzo. You can also add rice; you can add egg noodles; you
can add fettuccine. You can add two or three different kinds of pasta if you have them
lying around. It doesn't really matter. You can also make dumplings out of the stuffing,
if you have leftover stuffing from the turkey. We're going to let this go for a few minutes.
In about ten minutes it should be ready to go, so we'll come back then.