Fighting for Justice

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Jimmy Gurule: On the morning of september eleventh I was in my office in the US Department
of the Treasury. I heard the impact of the plane, the strike of the pentagon. I felt
the impact of the explosion. For me 9/11 reinforced the importance doing everything to ensure
terrorist prevented from launching another major terrorist attack
George Bush (Background): Today we have launched a strike on the financial foundation of the
global terror network Gurule: terrorist need money to terrorize
my responsibility was to go after the financing of the terrorist the treasury department has
been able to block and freeze the bank accounts of individuals and businesses
linked to al-qaida Narrator: former undersecretary at the treasury
department jimmy gurule is widely recognized as an expert in the field of terrorist financing.
experienced as a policymaker and practitioners he educates a different kind of lawyer in
the classroom. Gurule: notre dame law school seeks to train
the lawyer that isn't principally concerned with money, prestige, but a lawyer who has
the responsibility to build a better society and i'm excited to be part of the notre dame
mission. Narrator: the university of notre dame asks
what would you fight for? Nordstrom: fighting for healthy global economy
Nava: Fighting to improve living standards McDowell: Fighting disease
Gurule: fighting for justice. We are the fighting irish