Grenade training and qualification

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Dating back to the Byzantine Empire, grenades have played an important role on the battlefield.
Army Sergeant Josiah Pugh takes us to a range where modern troops train on an effective weapon system.
It's well below freezing on this winter's day at California Range near the Demilitarized Zone.
Soldiers from 4th Squadron, 7th Cavalry, Comanche Troop are practicing before they qualify on the grenade.
It's the last day in a week of training on qualifying on a variety of weapons systems.
Sergeant 1st Class Jeremy Daniel explains why the training is so crucial for his soldiers.
From the next duty station, they might find themselves down range--Iraq or Afghanistan.
And if you're not proficient with your weapon, you're no longer effective on the battlefield.
While moving down the 6 stations needed to qualify--
--every soldier on this range must keep a few vital things in mind--
--proper grip, thumb to clip, twist and pull the pin, and then launch the grenade towards their target.
It's all good advice to keep troops safe.
[soldier shouting] Wow.
If you learn how to throw a grenade, you could save many of your fellow troops.
That's exactly what this training is for.
Sergeant 1st Class Daniel hopes the training will help his troops harness the awesome destructive power.
And I hope just when they go to their next duty station or the next environment where we're handling our weapons--
--that there's no longer the element of surprise, that they're extremely comfortable and proficient.
[soldiers shouting]
Those who qualify get the opportunity to throw a live fragmentation grenade.
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