Southern Miss student Whitney Miller, FOX "MasterChef" winner

Uploaded by southernmissmedia on 16.09.2010

I love being in the kitchen, and I would just constantly experiment with different recipes.
And just come up with new things. I cooked every night for my family. I would get bored
with cooking the same thi8ng every night, so I was constantly making up new recipes.
That’s where the love of it came from. Since I’ve been in high school and it has grown
throughout my college years, It’s something that’s I really love to do. Even when I’ve
had a test in college, to distress I get in the kitchen and cook. I know it sounds crazy
but that’s just where I love to be. Last night I was the semi-finals and the finals.
Knowing that I was going to be going up against Lee, who was a really tough competitor in
the competition, I had just beat Sharon in the challenge before that. Just making it
to the top four meant the world to me. My parents got to come out to Los Angeles and
watch me compete and that was a huge support system. Making it to the finals was a dream
come true and I just stay so focused. Dave was kind of running around the kitchen and
I was just focused like nobody else. You’ve shown the kind of perseverance and
resilience and courage and creativity that we think Southern Miss is known for, so you’ve
done us proud.