Healthy Groceries for a Raw Food Diet : Seaweed (Nori) for Raw Food Diets

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi! My name is Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. I would like
to tell you a little bit about seaweed. Before you get all excited and think you're not going
to like it, you need to try it. There are so many different types of seaweed. There's
wonderful companies putting it out. Nori of course we could make a beautiful Nori roll.
I personally love Dulse. That's what I'm used to. I like the flavor of Dulse. Go ahead and
give it a try. This great little market has a lot of selections for sea vegetables. That's
what we're talking about. This is sea vegetables, very good for the body. I guess I'm going
to have to try this. I haven't tried this before, but it looks interesting. I'm always
looking for a way to get my minerals. I highly suggest if you haven't done seaweed, you're
going to be ending up putting it your salads or just snacking on it. It'll be really good
for you.