[ENG] Reality Show E03 ZE:A Cut

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Noona! Can you take a picture with me?
There's portrait rights so no!
Just take 1 with me!
Oh why are you like this!! It's so nervous to stay beside the boys~
He likes you the most~ He follows you every day~
Noona you're so cool!
Aww why is he like this!
[(Your nose) seems to be quite high] [Too high?]
Everyday he says that he nose is identical to noona's
Can I hit him?
[T/N: Result of their 1st test released & stuck to the board]
[Ranked?] [I don't think so...]
Ah it's ranked?
[T/N: 1-Siwan 2-Kwanghee 3-Hyungshik ... 9-Heechul]
To be frank our managers know us very well...
And actually everyone will just look at the results right
It is impossible for everyone to get the same good result
They look at Siwan and say, "You're not the 1st"
You're only the standard... 1st is the standard!!
Anyone under is minus
So we are not even meeting the standards
I have to be the 2nd!
If I'm the 1st? Then our group will fail
1st is really not my thing
[Preparing for the company sports day, they went for a football training]
[I don't wanna go] [Let's escape!]
This is not for relaxing but preparing for the sports day
No in Jeju Island they do it as "Sky and Ground"!!
I don't know the rules...
[1:0!] [Why? Why?]
Why do you catch it Kevin!
Hand shouldn't be used... only foot!
Is it like tennis?
No~ You have to kick it to the other side in 3 kicks
Just think of it as playing volleyball with you foot
9 Muses~
[T/N: Yes in between the girls the brunette(?) is Kwanghee...]
I just have to kick this?
Jooyeon wait wait wait!
What the~! I even have my wig fallen off for it!!!
[Why wearing wig on the sports day?] I'm envious of Kevin's long hair
Today I've got very long hair and I like it!
Hello everyone!
I'm the commentator for this football match, Jewelry's Kim Eunjung!
Hello I'm Hwang Kwanghee!
[T/N: Song is Jewelry S's "Date", which ZE:A members have been back dancers for]
Cash prize? I never think our boss will give that out
Is there any cash prize?
Hang up your clothes!
Get the broom!
Should you do it or I do it?
Whose things are these?
Here! Here! I told you to clean it up...It's dirty to just throw your bags here
Damn come here!
Whose is this? Junyoung Heechul come here!
It has to be either one of you
It really isn't mine...
I think it's mine...
That's not ok. Go to the 3rd floor, creep on the floor and hold
Whose cigarette is that?
Heechul it's yours?
Junyoung it's yours?
Where was that?
I don't know...It's in the drawer...
Ha Minwoo! Stand up!
I've thrown away 3 packets of cigarettes from your washroom
You can't sense that your cigarettes disappeared?
Sense that? Surely not since you continues to buy
You all smoke...
Don't study! Don't do any tasks! Not even lessons...
Kwon Young Gil... [T/N: Their manager's name...]
[You know all these right?] [Yes...]
Seeing the kids doing wrong things as a bystander
Knowing but pretending otherwise is even worse
Can't quit it? Deal with it!
I'm of legal age to smoke...And we're not caught smoking~
But we are scolded just because they found the cigarette so it's a little unfair
It was the first time that I cried in the company!
I also cried the night after~...
Actually they are of legal age to smoke... Though there are 2 high schoolers
Since they have to use their voice the whole day in practices
It's better for them to quit it so we set up such rules...
It is not hard to understand...
There's nothing to do about it if you get caught... Since it's our rule
Oh! It's a dog! Scares me~
Why are you here? You can't piss here
You have to leave now~
Go back to the nature!
Leave quickly! Leave!
Girls also come here!
You all know about the 2nd test right?
The 2nd test is a competition between the boys and girls
For this time you're gonna prepare by yourselves
It's the 2nd test so it must make a bigger difference between the win and lose ones
For the winning team each of them will get a pair of shoes
Then for V.O.S and Jewelry's functions... the winning team will get more benefits
We'll be more harsh to the losing team
To provide an environment for more intense trainings
The judges will be harsher this time
Have you decided on the repertory?
[Who's doing the opening?] [We haven't arranged the sequence...]
You have to do it... there's only a few weeks left
[You think you can win if you just practise briefly?] No!
Just do everything with more effort!
We have to arrange those who appears more often to perform separately
You three can't perform right in front of those singing ballads
You gotta change your clothes
Kwanghee with Heechul...
Hoochul? XDD [T/N: Kevin wrote the wrong character...]
[When T.O.P ends we got that beats we need something more cheerful] [Aww don't wipe your sweat on me!]
The noonas are not doing individual performances
So if we do it perhaps we will appeal more to the judges
We are showing our more sophisticated side~ Since the girls are preparing for something more powerful
Minwoo's solo performance is also more powerful so I think it's good to put him the one after my next
Siwan's one is a dance track but a sad one
Then what are we gonna put there?
Oh why are you like this all in a sudden~
Oh it's so soft like baby's arm
You pervert... It's my arm...
It's unnatural!Even for your expression
What is that expression? You should show your charisma
Seems that you're gotta be in the last place
You're working hard but there's no content...
Only Kwanghee is like this right? ... You guys also?