41 - Printing Labels for Holiday / Christmas Cards

Uploaded by RealtyJuggler on 30.10.2010

This video will demonstrate how to print mailing labels for your Holiday cards.
This same technique can be used for any bulk mailing, such as for postcards; a newsletter
or any other periodic mailing that you'd like to do.
I am going to show how to print labels from your Contacts database, but these same steps
can also be applied to the Prospects database as well.
First, sign into RealtyJuggler. Next, click on the Settings icon, and then the Preferences
icon. There are a series of tabs along the top. You are going to want to click on the
Contacts tab.
Here are the contact categories. I am going to add two categories. This is just a text
field. I can click on one of the lines and press the return key on my keyboard and type
in my categories. I am going to type in Christmas. I am also going to add a second category called
NOT Christmas, which I'll show how to use in just a few minutes. This category is a
negation of the first category. The word NOT needs to be in all upper case and there needs
to be a single space between the word NOT and the word Christmas. Any contact that is
NOT in my Christmas category will automatically be in this new NOT Christmas category.
I am going to click Done and Done one more time. And then I am going to go into the Contacts
My contacts database has about 241 records in it. We are looking at the first 100 records
here. You can see that the Page: drop-down menu in the upper-right hand corner of the
screen. I have three pages. Each page has about 100 records in it. The last page has
only 41 records.
If you have more than 500 contact records, you may see a red message, instead of a list
of contacts. If you do see that, just click on the "Search Name/Address" button to see
the first 100 records in your contacts list.
There are a couple of ways to add a category of Christmas to the contacts I want to send
Holiday cards to.
The easiest way is to click on one of the records and go in and edit it directly and
just click done. If I wanted to, I could walk through a series of records and edit each
one. However, that can be a rather tedious process.
I'll show you a away to add several contacts to your Christmas category all at once. At
the top of the list is a Select Multiple rows link. If I click on this link, a new column
appears with a series of checkboxes. If I click on the first check-box that is going
to check off all 100 records. In this case I am not going o do that and will instead
just check off the particular records I want to add my Christmas category to. Next, I am
going to click on this "Do Multiple" drop-down and select "Add Category to Selected Records"
and type in the category "Christmas". And it's going to save my changes.
I can do this same thing for page 2 of my contacts list as well.
There's another way I can add a bunch of contacts to my Christmas list. In the upper-right corner
of the screen, you will notice that it says "Show Category:" I can view contacts that
are assigned to a specific category selecting from this drop-down. For example, if I wanted
to add all of the contacts in my Church category to my Christmas list, I could just select
that category and then click on the "Select Multiple" link, check off all of the contacts
and add the Category like I did before.
You may remember, we added the NOT Christmas category. If I select that, I can view all
of the contacts that are not in my Christmas category. This can be a handy way to sift
through my contacts database to see who needs to get added to the list. This can be particularly
useful when updating the list from one year to the next. I notice that there re a few
that need to be added, so I am going to check these off and get them added.
A common thing to need is the total number of records that are in a particular category,
in this case the Christmas category. First, I'll click on the Show Category of Christmas.
Next, click on any one of the records and the total number of records in that category
will be displayed in the upper-right corner of the screen. You can see Contact 1 of 20,
so there are 20 contact records that have a category of Christmas.
Lets click Done twice to go back to main section of RealtyJuggler. To print our labels, click
on the Mail icon. It's a big @ sign. Next click on the â"Print Many Mailing Labels
or Envelopes" link. From here we can print our mailing labels.
Select the Print Labels for: All Contacts Matching Show Category. If you wanted to use
the Prospect database, you can use that instead, but in this case we are using the Contacts
The Show Category drop down allows you to filter by a category and in our case we select
The Missing Addresses should be "Skip records with no mailing address" as there's no point
sending a Christmas card if you don't have their mailing address. If you want to see
who is missing, you can select Include Records with no mailing address and view the list
of addresses in this text field below. You can see the records that are missing a mailing
address and I can go back to the Contacts database to add addresses, if I have them.
In this case, I am going to skip records without a mailing address.
I have a couple of choices for paper. The most common choice is to print sheets of Avery
labels, 30 per page. But if for some reason you wanted to print on a #10 envelope or a
sheet of 4 postcards, you can do that as well.
I am going to click "Download and Print" and download my mailing labels.
If you see a yellow error message at the top of the screen and are using Internet Explorer,
this means that you need to adjust your security settings as Internet Explorer is blocking
your download. Video 04 shows how to do that.
I'll open the labels in Microsoft Word where I can print them out.