008-300 Autismo e genetica parte 8 (volume terzo)

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The article in the Department of Psychiatry, University of California, which we also mentioned in the lesson 057-300
Article visible in English and Italian
He says that studies on families with twins designed to explain the phenotype of people with autism through the genotype, are not sufficient
That is the knowledge we have today of the link between autism and genetics are not sufficient to describe precisely how and which genes affect the number of cases of autism
The article in the Los Angeles School of Medicine continues by stating social and cognitive deficits indicate that there are milder phenotypic variants of autism
Therefore, the authors of this paper support the presence of autism
That is, the diagnosis of autism cases provides much to talk about very different syndrome
Although the genetic aspect is also varied
The presence of a complex picture thus explains the presence of many therapies, and especially the importance of a highly personalized therapy
With the help of animation to highlight some basic concepts of genetics to help parents non-experts to understand how autism is related to genetics
The genetic code consists of four elements called nucleotides or nitrogenous base
You see in the video represented the 4 nitrogen bases. It' important to store the names in order to understand some scientific papers that will select to give you a clear idea about the latest scientific discoveries
You see in the foreground adenine, thymine follows. You can see the ends of the adenine structure coupling
The coupling of adenine is complementary to that of thymine. That is, the adenine in DNA is connected only with thymine
This unique three-dimensional relationship allow the preservation of the message of the genes
We showed in the previous section of this lesson that adenine binds to thymine
We see a more useful concept that the weak bonds between the nitrogen bases or nucleotides
The adenine that is related to thymine. When the cell duplicates Adenine Thymine also the link has to be broken
So the link Thymine Adenine (and that of other nucleotides) should be weak to allow the duplication of cells
Important concept to link the nucleotides or nucleobases must be weak
This weakness is essential for the functioning of the DNA exposed to the action of chemicals or radiation that can damage the DNA sequence that is protected by weak bonds