Alejandro & Diego - 023 (English Subs)

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Hey guys, have you seen Cassius?
No. -Why don't you call him at his cell phone?
Yeah, I already tried that, but it seems he has it turned off.
But, is something going on?
I hope not.
Okay. Anyway, where were we when she interruped us?
I'm not going to have lunch before practice. -Why not?
I have to go see my dad. -What happened?
He wants to talk to me about my brother. -Was something new found about what happened that night or what?
No, no, no. Don't worry, tell me. -My dad told me something big will happen between today and tomorrow.
And he wants to tell me first.
Well then, go ahead bro. Take it easy.
Cassius, are you crazy? -Get out, this is the men's restroom.
What were you planning to do with that knife, huh? That's why the metal detector went off. Hand it over to me!
Don't get involved in this Sofía. -Listen!
Did you not hear about what happened in Coral Gables Senior High School?
A student was given a five year sentence for killing a classmate. You're going to ruin two families Cassius, Máximo's and yours.
Please hand me the knife.
This is not the way Cassius, if you get caught, you'll get expelled. Hand it over.
Hand it over!
Leave me alone! -Ow!
I hope that pill worked for you. What's coming is going to be tough, 'kay. You have Mr. Santiago's future in your hands.
Sofía, what happened to you!? -Nothing, I cut my self by accident.
But what matters now is the interview for that newspaper, Nora. We can't help those bullies, who apart from being inbeciles are racists!
No! I'm not going to be quiet. Máximo and Gonzalo took Cassius to a remote place, undressed him and painted him white from head to toe.
I was there when the cops arrived with him. -Is that what they did to you Cassius?
And how does that surprise you if they put my head in the toilet. -Besides, they threatened him, so he wont say anything.
What do you need to reason, Nora? Show me you're not racist nor homophobic.
I'm already done with the students. Now what's left Nora Guzmán's recording.
Oh man. I can imagine they tore me up in there, right? -Truth is, they can't stand the sight of you.
I'm sorry friend, but I can't censor the article. -No, no, don't worry about it. Do what you must. It's your job.
Nora here has the famous recording with Santiago's voice which I of course want to hear.
Here it is Mrs. Principal
May I talk to Mr. Santiago and Mr Armando alone? It's very important. May we use your office Mrs, Principal?
Let's go. -Let's go.
You can't start scandals that harm the Cervantes school's reputation to later became all mysterious.
You're Mr. Santiago's dad and I wanted to talk with you two alone so I can show you what I'm goign to do with the recording.
Wait, I don't understand, Nora. Why did you change your mind?
Sir, what you did to Max and Gonzalo is nothing in comparison to THEIR abuse. And that's all I'm going to say, so please don't ask anymore.
Well, uh perfect. I'll settle with knowing that a student like you learned her lesson and that the end sometimes justifies the means. Right dad?
Máximo and Gonzalo have another copy of that recording, anyway. -Well I don't think so, Mr. Madrazo. 'cause Nora's copy was the only one.
I'm done with the interviews, but the I'm missing the recording.
Ask Nora for it. -Well yeah.
I was just told her copy was erased by accident.
Her intentions were to give it to me in front of the principal but it accidently fell into a jar of water and ...
WHAT!? -We can't use it anymore.
To publish the story, I need that proof.
Here's my information.
When you give me the proof. I'll do the story.
Good afternoon.
Now that you have to go eat with your pops, are you planning on telling him about Mr. Santiago today?
No way! -And don't say anything when we're home alone either.
Look, Mr. Santiago limps from a foot. We just have to figure out which one it is.
It's all Alejandrita's fault. They got into Nora's head to to not hand the recording over.
And how is that plan going. The one you told me about.
Very well, believe me. There's not much time till he fall under his own trap.
Well bro, hope you enjoy the feast with Emperor Máximo.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey. After you're dad's office you going directly home, or to football practice or what?
No, I won't have time to get home until night or in the evening.
Okay then.
See you.
Now I know who's going to help me pay Yesenia's brother the dough.