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Hi guys, I'm David with DanceOn.
And I'm bringing you your weekly recap of So You Think
You Can Dance, Season 9.
This week was Vegas week of So You Think You Can Dance, which
is the most intense week, which is always filled with a
bunch of drama and stuff.
Nigel came ready with fresh Botox.
The episode started off with a few of our favorites leaving.
Hampton left, which I sort of saw coming.
Very emotionally affecting in his own thing, but it's easy
to see that he didn't get choreography.
And also Bree, the mother, left, which I was sort of
bummed about, because I remember loving her when she
They do the little segment on these two ballroom girls who
were living together, and like went bonkers when they found
out that they were rooming with each other.
And the girl in the black hoodie--
I don't remember her name-- but when she was doing the
Broadway routine, I was obsessed with her.
She was fabulous.
So I hope that she pops up again.
Also a lot of the episode focused around Alexa, who I
like to call fake-Ryan Ramirez, because she got
kicked off when they were deciding
between the two of them.
And they look exactly the same.
Her face was dead, which they all commented on, and I was
frustrated with while watching her.
But her movement looked great.
It was just dead face.
Finally, she got it together and started engaging it.
And eventually, they were satisfied with that.
But what they did not comment on was that she was wearing
three bras at once over each other.
And it looked ridiculous.
When they started Sonya Tayeh's choreography, I
freaked out, because I'd missed her so much.
And she was in full Sonya Tayeh mode with her feathering
earrings and everything.
I love her.
I loved her choreography.
Danielle was awesome at Sonia's choreography.
She looks a little bit like Lady Gaga.
And I was completely obsessed with her.
And then Danielle went up to do the routine again, and she
ended up getting kicked in the head by this dude.
And she had to go to the emergency, and she came back
and sort of slopped through a group routine
and ended up leaving.
And I was really upset about it.
And the worst part is, as my friend Christian pointed out
to me, the dance that she was doing with the guy--
it wasn't even her dance.
She was just volunteering to do it.
So she didn't even need to do it.
And she got hurt.
And that made her go home.
And it was really sad.
Shafiq was grumbling about some choreography that he
didn't have enough room or something.
And he was wearing as he left.
I just didn't have time for that.
I cannot deal with people who are not grateful for the
opportunity and who are rude about it.
So bye-bye Shafiq I'm glad you're gone.
Also another girl that annoys me is Amelia.
I know that the judges love her and her personality and
quirkiness or whatever.
But I feel like her personality is
actually really fake.
And it's a character, and she's just trying way too hard
with the whole look and quirkiness and everything.
I don't buy it at all.
So I find her very annoying.
Her dancing is nice, though.
I just-- whenever she talks in interviews, she's very
I actually pulled a quote from this episode to exemplify the
fact that she's trying too hard.
She said "I am so ready to make you love me," at the
microphone, when she was in front of the judges.
Like that.
She screamed it.
So not my fave.
There were group routines.
And there was this group that did a prom routine, which was
really awesome.
And the girl who created the concept--
Nigel called her a young Mia Michaels.
And while the routine was very impressive and she was very
impressive in the routine, she was a little too wonky when
she spoke with them for my taste.
And this sort of all came to a point when she completely
broke down after she got cut.
Another person that they focused on a lot was Cyrus,
who was one of the original robot hip hoppers in Atlanta.
And he did really well through this episode.
I think that he worked really hard at all
the different styles.
And I was very impressed with him and especially in his
Dance for Your Life.
I remember him being that good, but I guess it was just
another reminder that he literally moves like no other
dancer I've ever seen.
And the music choice is always awesome with all of them.
So I was very impressed with his Dance For Your Life.
I was very happy that he got sent through.
And I'm excited to see how he does on the show, if he gets
to the live shows.
When Nigel called up the 34 dancers onto the stage, and it
was playing that really, really dramatic music and cut
to the commercial break, I thought that he was going to
just announce that they were the top 24.
I didn't know it was 34 at that point.
And I thought that was just going to be the top 24 and
they would skip next week.
But that's not how it turned out, obviously.
But 35 dancers are called back.
They added to their original 34 by re-dancing people.
And I'm very excited for next week.
I'm very excited for the live show.
Live shows are my favorite part, when the choreographers
are actually working with them and stuff.
So I'm super psyched for this season of So You
Think You Can Dance.
We have a lot of awesome dancers.

Thank you guys so much for watching.
And I'll see you guys next week.
All right?