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Is the school your backyard?
Can you come and go as you please here?
How can a teacher be so irresponsible?
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have done that.
Anyway, I expect you to behave more responsibly from now on.
If you ever say you're leaving again...
We won't ask you to stay. We'll kick you out.
I understand.
Stop it.
What if he threatens to leave?
None of the higher-ups know,
so make sure it stays that way.
Don't worry about that.
Yes, sir.
Now, about the case of the entire class skipping school
What are you going to do about it?
Do you think he would ever punish those kids?
He'll probably just laugh and let it slide.
Probably not.
No matter the reason,
skipping class is wrong.
It is now time to face the consequences of your actions.
What? Why?
Was it only us?
You did it first.
You skipped class.
That's right.
Therefore, we'll do this together. Ten laps around the field.
What's the deal?
- Who did we do it for? - That's right.
Twenty laps!
Follow me!
Are you kidding?
Are we athletes or something?
Why aren't you running?
You need to get back in shape.
What is this?
We're never going to get an early dismissal slip again, are we?
We should've just let him leave.
This is all your fault.
What did I do?
Come on, Mo Se. Let's go.
Hey, what are you doing? I'm not in your class.
You girls run.
I knew it would happen. He caused a stir as soon as he came back.
That doesn't look like disciplinary punishment to me.
Was it a good move to let him come back?
You probably shouldn't have.
Isn't that tall student Mo Se?
Why is that dummy out there with them?
Sir, why don't you just put him in Homeroom 8 ?
Be quiet!
I'm going to be first!
Hey, Ren Soo! Hey! Hey!
Eun Byul, you're here?
I found it while organizing my room.
I think Sakang is more suitable to have it than me.
Why don't you just give it to her?
Still, you were the one who lent it to me.
I'll give it to her.
But have you seen the pictures yet?
Very interesting, right?
Go Eun is passionate, yet full of sorrow.
That's why it's very mysterious.
How can it be full of sorrow?
Because he couldn't find a soulmate to love him.
He had no girlfriend?
He had lover once.
His cousin who was 4 years older and she had a kid.
One day, he missed her so much so he came to her house to meet her.
But her family asked him to leave.
In front of them, he put his hand in the burning lamp.
He then said "as long as I can endure the pain, let me see her".
Then did they get to see each other?
I don't know.
Maybe not.
Love like that is very hard to be accepted by society.
With an inappropriate love like that
not only you'll get worn out, but the people around you will too.
However, because of love there shouldn't be any regrets.
That little pain is considered as nothing.
Isn't that the reason why he's famous?
Then I'll be going first.
Chae Sang
Oh! How are you, Chae Sang?
Yes, I'm Shin So Yi.
Mr. Jang isn't here right now.
Yes, I will pass along the message.
This Saturday?
Oh, I knew that.
Of course, I knew that. Yes.
Yes, don't worry. I will do that for you.
Please come to visit whenever you have the time. Yes.
Who was it?
Chae Sang.
You dare to do that to your senior?
We're close anyway.
What did he say?
He said to make sure you eat on time.
What now? It's almost time for the final exam.
Are you thinking about giving up?
Let me ask you...
Do you have to eat seaweed soup on your birthday?
Seaweed soup?
This won't do.
It's not that hard to make. Do you want me to teach you?
But whose birthday is it?
Oh, no one.
Just that...
What are you thinking about?
You'll be going to study abroad soon.
By then, you'll have to separate anyway.
Not everything will happen as planned.
Do you want stop by my house?
Moo Shin will also come by to study later on.
I need to go to this place first, then I'll stop by later.
This model is very popular among young couples right now.
Isn't the style too simple?
- Excuse me. - Yes.
What are you looking for?
I'm looking for a silver pendant.
- Silver? - Yes.
A star pendant with a heart inside it.
Student, you're not only wanting a star pendant, but with a heart inside also...
Why don't you just do a special order for it?
I'll recognize it right away once I see it.
The size is about this big, and the heart...
Student, I'm very busy.
Even if you describe it a hundred times, I still won't know.
Bring out all the star pendants. I want to see them.
Yes, miss.
Jung Wook, bring all the star pendants we have out here.
Excuse me, I'm looking for star pendant.
The pendant is about this big...
and there's a heart inside the star.
I will show you a real fire fighter's skill.
Be careful.
You two are exactly alike.
You're here?
Come in.
Seems like you're in a good mood.
What? That's because I'm happy.
Hey, why are you not studying?
Study hard or you won't pass the exam.
Worry about yourself first. You might not pass either.
Would it be better if I don't graduate at all?
I'm just kidding.
Are you ready?
Let's start then.
Look here.
This is dry seaweed.
After you wash it with water, it will look like this.
Here, try it.
I think I know how to make it.
- Try it. - No, I think I remembered how to make it now.
What's wrong with you?
I can't do this.
Don't you want to learn?
Just stand here and listen to me.
Once the seaweed is ready, next is to cook it with beef.
The beef has to be in big chunks.
That way, the soup will be tasty.
What ingredients do you use?
First you fry it with sesame oil, then you pour water in and let it boil.
Do you need to add anything else?
Just add onion and then the beef.
That simple?
But do you have to wash the seaweed?
It's better if you wash it.
These days, seaweed is pretty clean, so you don't really have to wash it.
Do they sell this soup already made?
Hey, when it comes to food, sincerity is what matters.
Premade will definitely taste better than my cooking.
Yes, there will be a party next week.
Didn't the chairman say anything?
He didn't say anything.
This party is to celebrate your graduation.
There's no need for him to do that.
Let's go find a dress for you tomorrow.
A dress?
What time do you want me to pick you up?
No need to. I'll meet you there.
What are you planning to do?
What time should we meet?
Then let's meet at 3 pm.
Alright, see you then.
Yoo Eun Byul.
Why don't you make any sound coming in here?
Why are you so impolite with your teacher? Want to be punished?
I'm a bit busy now.
This smell... isn't that noodle soup?
What are you cooking?
Mr. Jang, do you want to go shopping with me tomorrow?
There is something I'd like to buy before going abroad.
have somthing up your sleeve, right?
Not at all.
We never go shopping together.
Don't they have everything in the US? What do you want to buy here?
I can't do this by myself.
I don't have that much time left.
What's wrong with you again?
Alright, I'll go with you.
You can't buy this in the US?
Do you really need 2 hours to buy this?
Do you need to buy anything?
Is there anything that you want? I'll buy it for you.
Just that...
you've always taken care of me.
Seems like you've matured now.
That's alright. Seems like you have alterior motives for giving me a present.
Alright then. It's your lost.
Yes, unnie.
I know, at 3 o'clock.
What? Now?
You're here already?
Alright, I'll be right there.
What's wrong?
Mr. Jang, you can go home first.
I have an appointment to meet someone here.
Let's go together.
I told Ms. Hong that I'll meet her on the second floor.
You'll be home tonight, right?
Why are you asking this all of a sudden?
I just want to eat dinner with you.
I can bring these home for you. Just go on first.
You must wait to eat dinner with me.
I know.
Hello, Miss Hong?
Yes, I'm Jang Yi San.
Eun Byul forgot to bring her cell phone with her.
Oh really? I was in a car accident right now.
I just want to let her know that I'm going to run a bit late.
If she's not there, then it's okay. Yes, I know.
Oh my! How pretty!
This dress suits you perfectly.
It just need a little hemming here.
Where is Ms. Hong?
She'll be here soon.
What are you doing here?
Mr. Kim, why don't you look for a suit too?
You two are a perfect couple made for each other.
I'll help you hem up the shoulder a bit. Please come this way.
- This way please. - Yes.
Please step over here.
It fits you perfectly.
Please stand next to her so I can take a good look.
Seems like something is missing.
- Bring me the new necklace. - Yes.
It should look very pretty on you.
Here it is.
This is our newest model.
Your dress is a bit simple, so the necklace should be more outstanding.
- Would you like to put it on for her? - Yes.
Angel So Yi.
Where are you now?
I just happened to be outside right now.
Are you by yourself?
Seems like I will be.
Well... today is your birthday.
If you're alone, I would like to invite you out for dinner.
Mr. Jang.
You said you wanted to be alone.
I hope I'm not bothering you.
Not at all.
Actually, I wanted to call you.
I'm glad you came back to the school.
Yes. It's just as you said.
I think school is where I belong.
I realized how big of an empty space the students felt when you left.
I was really happy when you came back as well.
So Yi.
That empty space... The one I left you with...
I'll try to fill it.
I'm sorry for making you wait so long.
Being in that cave so long, it just go so dark.
So does this mean you're coming back out?
I know now where I'm supposed to be.
Mr. Jang.
Let's tell our parents next week.
If it's alright with you...
I'll make sure you won't have to wait.
No, I'll make sure there's no opportunity for waiting.
Can you forgive me?
We were supposed to eat together.
You promised.
I'm sorry. Something came up.
You took my phone. I couldn't even call you.
You're the one who left it behind.
Why are you getting mad at me?
I couldn't even eat because I was waiting.
You should've eaten without me.
You probably met Mr. Kim.
Have I ever asked you to worry about where my heart lies?
Can't you just be with me and laugh and eat with me?
I've never asked for more.
Want me to take you home?
Let's go inside.
This seedy neighborhood...
This seedy world.
Let's part ways with a smile.
Alright, let's quiet down.
There are students taking the test today, right? Chae Moo Shin, Yoo Eun Byul.
You can go to the meeting room.
If you don't know the answer, pick the third option. Fighting!
Do you need anything?
From this point on, there's nothing else I can help you with.
Don't force yourself too much.
Take your time reading the question and then answer it. Understand?
Alright, start!
Congratulations on finishing your exams.
Want to die?
What are you doing?
I'll protect my Eun Byul.
Protect what?
Good work, you two!
Congratulations on graduating!
Eun Byul.
Are you upset?
I told you to use eggs.
You're the one who was supposed to bring them.
Congratulations on graduating. My friend.
I'm sorry, father-in-law.
Sorry, dad.
You little...
Mr. Ji.
I'm here to make tea for you today.
I want a cup too.
Mr. Ko is here too?
But where is Mr. Ji?
He just left, didn't you see him?
Mrs. Kim will return to work tomorrow.
Mr. Ji already came by the teacher's office this morning to say goodbye.
I had a class this morning.
Too bad. I guess you missed your chance.
I guess it's not meant to be if you don't get to meet again.
On the other hand, if it's meant to be, then we can still meet right.
What I mean...
Mr. Ji.
Are you here looking for me?
That's an honor.
I thought I wouldn't get a chance to say goodbye to you.
But why are you here empty handed?
There are no present?
If you don't have one, a kiss will do.
Or maybe a hug.
Mr. Ji.
It's better to hug and then forget about you completely later on.
Thank you.
I should have said this to you a long time ago.
I can hear music ...
coming from your hand.
I'm a bit strange today. I hope you won't mind.
My ability to read people is quite strong. Some people think that I'm strange.
I don't think you're strange at all.
Today is the first time I have someone on my side.
I'm always on your side.
This won't do. That's why I'm so attracted to you.
I should be going now.
I'll be in touch.
Call me.
Why didn't you go home with your friends?
They said they'll contact me later on.
Cleaning up and then go home won't make any difference.
Maybe this will be the last time I'll get to do this.
Mr. Jang.
Back when you were still a student, did you have a crush on your teacher?
Of course.
I went to an all-boys school.
I had a crush on my teacher, the only female teacher in the entire school.
Did you like her a lot?
Because of her, I studied very hard in my language class.
Then after you graduated, did you try to go find her?
What happened?
Not much really.
She had a little girl, and she looked older too.
It wasn't a good feeling, right?
I wasn't disappointed,
but it was a bit painful here.
Seems like those days will always remain in your memories.
In the future, you can look back and smile at those beautiful memories.
What will my future be?
After graduating...
you will enter a much bigger and beautiful world.
Then you will forget everything that happened here.
Even if you don't forget, it will be just a blurred memory for you.
I think my memory about you will remain very clear.
You always stand there with the black board as your shadow.
Let's have a good look again.
I just took a picture of you just now.
Whenever I think about you in the future, I will take it out and look at it.
Hey, an early graduation wasn't in the betting rules.
Eun Byul, you're buying all this, right?
Do you have to go?
I don't know what you're going to do,
but I'm proud of you.
Just a second.
You must feel good about being done with your exams.
You won't be left behind, either.
We're graduating.
Oh, right.
I don't think this belongs to me.
It was a present.
If you don't want it, toss it.
I can't throw this away. You used to wear it.
Later, when you find someone you like, give it to that person.
Take care of Sakang.
She won't say it, but she really worries about you.
If there's anything I... we can do, just ask.
You did a lot for me.
You don't owe me anything.
We're friends.
When are you leaving?
In about 2 weeks.
Already? That fast?
I will continue to go to school.
Though I don't need to come anymore, I still want to be in the graduating ceremony.
Will you be alright leaving like this?
No regrets?
I'm very happy at school.
That's not what I mean.
I can only go this far.
I will just keep my feelings to myself.
I don't know.
You have to hang in there till the end.
Me... hang in what?
I'm just saying.
Yes, So Yi.
Then bring your parents there tomorrow.
I'll make the arrangements.
You're not eating much.
Who's going to take care of you when I'm gone?
You want to eat something again? Man, you're hungry.
Look over here.
She's such a slave driver.
Can I ask a favor?
Have you ever asked before?
Tarantulas are really sensitive.
They get stressed out if you give them too much food.
The exact opposite of you.
But what happens when they are under too much stress?
Do they die?
They lose their hair.
If that part touches your skin, it gets really itchy.
So not stressing one out is good for you, okay?
What is this about?
I could just leave it with a stranger,
but I figured it would be better to leave it with you.
What? You don't want it?
Forget it if you don't. I'll find someone else.
No, I want it. Of course I do.
Thanks, Mr. Jang.
They don't match again.
Can't you tell the difference between beige and ivory?
It's the same thing. What's the difference?
That's why your buttons always fall off.
What are you going to do without me?
Just worry about yourself.
The US is a much scarier place than here.
Oh, but it'll be okay because you'll be with Mr. Kim, right?
Go to bed early. Don't you have a party tomorrow?
Don't you have an important appointment?
Go to bed early.
What time did she say she'd come?
You seated Chairman Choe in the front, right?
Put name cards on each table,
and remove one chair from each.
This is my father and mother.
It's wonderful to meet you.
I've heard a lot about you.
I should have been there to meet you at the terminal.
It's fine.
You don't even have a car.
Shall we go inside?
Did the jewelry arrive?
Yes. It just got here.
I can't believe they forgot this.
It's gorgeous. Eun Byul, look at this.
It's a necklace that goes great with your dress.
I'll do it myself.
You always make me do things, even when we eat.
Have this.
You take after So Yi. You're very beautiful.
I'm the one who takes after her.
You two look like sisters.
Have you met his family yet?
Well, actually...
I've met his father and younger brother.
We should have an official meeting.
Yes. We'll do that.
Did you get a house yet?
Well, actually...
Miss, how about something else?
I don't think this suits you.
This suits me perfectly.
Why are you being stubborn about this?
Why do I have to wait here so long?
Didn't the party start?
It's time for you to come out. You should get ready.
What do you mean?
Actually, part of today's events is the announcement of your engagement.
Your father wanted to keep it a secret.
I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner.
But I feel better knowing that you two teach at the same school.
But it depends on the teacher.
Other teachers already have apartments by now.
You know who I mean.
That health teacher who did rescue work.
He seemed really smart.
I'll just go to the restroom.
I think I'll do the same.
Oh, honey.
Miss, everyone is waiting. It's time for you to come out.
Can I go to the bathroom?
I'm just so nervous.
I'll just be a minute.
Where are you going?
Let go.
You can't go anywhere right now.
I said to let go.
The guests are waiting for you. Let's go.
Why are you being so rude?
Why does it always have to be your way and my dad's way?
Let go of me.
Don't you know that acting like this puts your father in a bad position?
We should go.
I said to let go!
Eun Byul.
What's going on?
Mr. Jang.