‪Lazze Metal Shaping: Using a Shim in an English Wheel‬

Uploaded by lazzemetalshaping on 07.02.2011

Hi I'm Lazze and Im back here on YouTube with tips and tricks. And this time I going to
show you a little thing on the English Wheel that can be very useful and save you lots
of time and headaches, too. So normally the English Wheel, when we using the English Wheel,
we have the touching point in the center of the wheel. But I came up with a little idea
here that I actually saw somebody else using. So I put that little shim in here on one side.
So that means that I tilting the lower wheel and I have the touching point all the way
to the edge. So sometimes when we make a bead in the bead roller if the student, or me,
doesn't hold it in level in the bead roller so we holding up little at an angle then we
can get a little, little, little mark here. So to fix that if you do that with a hammer
and a dolly you going to get some small dings. And then you must take care of that because
you stretching it little there with the dings and you need to grind that and smooth that out.
But with the tilting wheel on one side there, I can go all the way to the bead.
And, I can, with a low pressure I can roll that one time over like this, with a low pressure.
And it will be flat again. And it's very quick, very simple to do. And the good thing is also
that when you take the shim out the machine is exactly the same as it was before.
It's nothing that you adjusting here and then you must adjust it back. It's something that you
take off and it's there again. You can also use this for, for another purpose. Normally
I always tell the student and people to hold your hands like this so it's parallel when
you standing in the wheel so the arms is the same length. This time, it's the only one
time, I allow you to hold your hands like this. And what we can do I can bend it there
because I have the shim in the machine so it touching all the way to one side. And then
I can roll this like this and the same time lift up my hand, like that. So I have use
more pressure there and less, less like that. So you can make a peak that goes in a curve.
And you can do this on a convex shape too. This was a flat piece, but you can do this
on a convex shape as well. If you do this wrong what you can do you can take the shim
out, adjust the pressure just little, and you can flatten that out. It's gone. And you
can put the shim in, and you can do this one more time.
Like that.
And if I don't like that, I can take the shim out and flatten this out again, and do it over again. So that was the tips
and tricks about that English Wheel. This little shim can be very useful. And this can
be used in any English Wheel as long as you can put thick enough shim so you can tilt
the flattest wheel up so it's touch all the way on to the side. I'm glad to show you this
tips and tricks and I'm looking forward to teach you more here on YouTube to follow me
there. And also in the middle of March we going to launch a new website so check that out