HITMAN 101 - Episode 12: The Fifth

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[Guard] What the fuck?
[Harrow] You're gonna die, of that there is no fucking question!
[Harrow] Slow or fast, it's your fucking choice.
[Harrow] Tell me who and you go quick, fucker!
The fuck you doing?
At least do him first.
He lives.
You gotta be kidding me.
You need to learn to confirm your kills.
I guess so.
I should've aimed for your head.
You look hurt though.
You think you can get me before I get you.
You're already dead.
Well, well, well.
How the fuck did I forget about you?
What the fuck, were you hiding?
Preservation my dear boy.
Ouch, that looks like it hurts.
Your boy got it worse.
Yes, you went and fucked things up quite a bit.
Worst of which I expect you killed the person that signs my checks.
Do you think he'd pay if he knew you were a coward?
In lieu of payments I'll just keep the money you got for the judge.
Whatever coward.
Sticks and stones mystery man.
Before I end you please humour me.
Who are you?
Who taught you?
I'm just a guy.
My mentor was Rexx Farrell.
Rexx Farrell?
Palladen Press, originally published in 1983.
What? A book?
A fucking book?
Fuck you!
What did you do?
I wasn't a big fan of him.
What the fuck is going on?
The money's in the bag in shorty's death grip.
I may have been on a slightly different contract.
I think you can keep it all.
Tell me something.
Did you kill Singer and set me up?
Did you?
I was just playing the game.
It was an honour.
Was it true what you said to him?
You're not really a Hitman, are you?
I was this week.
Son of a bitch.
It was a good week.
'Til that day.
'Til that day.
I make it
the entire week without a scratch.
And then right at the end
I get cocky and this happens.
Apparently it must be mortal.
Because why else would I come all the way back here,
just to talk to you.
To think,
you're my best friend,
my only friend.
How silly is that?
So I did it.
I fucking did it.
I was a Hitman.
And I think I can say
I got the girl.
Quite the week.
I dont,
I don't really want to die.
But it's a good death, right?
( whispers ) I'm sorry Mrs. Diaz
I fucking got him.
Holy shit I fucking finally got him.
I snuck up and snapped his neck.
Seven years.
Seven fucking years you asshole.
I know this doesn't change shit.
I still miss you guys so much but I got him.
I had to I couldn't let what he did go unpunished.
And you'd be so proud too Dad.
A book.
A book taught me how to beat him at his own game.
I've been so insanely dedicated.
I can fight, I can shoot.
You'd be amazed at what I've become.
I miss you guys so much.
I wonder what that could be.