Fit & Fabulous

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The moves are as upbeat as the music
Tonight these participants are hopping and swerving to Latin beats-doing Zumba...
a workout that combines traditional aerobics with Latin dance moves. It's all part of the
Fit & Fabulous for 15 program in Wayne County.
The program is really a nutrition and fitness program designed to help individuals
in the community to shed their unwanted pounds and to just really have a healthier lifestyle.
Oh there's a big need. Of course we have diabetes that's a huge problem here in
eastern NC and in Wayne County. And my role as the minority health coordinator, I really
see the great disparities when it comes to fitness, obesity, people's access to really
good, sure information.
Fit and Fabulous for 15 combines an exercise program with the nutrition curriculum of Eat
Smart Move More Weigh Less. A curriculum developed by a team of experts in health,
nutrition and physical activity from across the state. The team researched factors that
help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
And three things really came out:
planning-have to plan. Tracking-keeping track of your food and your physical activity. You don't
have to do it forever, but it's so amazing things happen to people when they write down
what they eat, even for a day. And then the third is Mindful, living mindfully. So often
we go through our day and we don't even know what we ate and when we ate and when we were
active and so putting that mindfulness back in your day-thinking about the foods your
are eating, thinking about the foods you are
choosing to serve your family and thinking about whether you're being physically active or not.
Each week local experts give a lesson on nutrition from the Eat Smart Move More Weigh
Less curriculum guide. Then twice a week a certified fitness instructor conducts
exercise classes.
I was having some back problems and I had gone to a chiropractor and that helped a lot
but he told me I really needed to get in an exercise program and I was at my church one
Sunday and they advertised this program and we signed up and I joined it and have really
enjoyed it. It has really worked wonders for me.
I needed the exercise. I already have diabetes. I have high blood pressure
and I thought that this class here would help out some.
My wife, she had saw that they had this fit and fabulous and she said we should do
it as a family. And I got some of my-a niece
or two and a sister-in-law, a couple of
sister-in-laws are in it, so we're doing it as a family.
In fact there are several families well as co-workers and
friends. More than 140 participants signed up for fit and fabulous for 15, and by the
way, the 15 is for the 15-dollar fee each participant pays for the entire program. Fit
and Fabulous has been so well received that organizers had to find a bigger facility for
classes. Cooperative Extension and the health department in Wayne county work together to
put on the program.
I've never seen anybody as eager as this group to be involved in a fitness program.
Sometimes I think the gym can be very intimidating, particularly for people who
are a little bit overweight and that may be shy
about using equipment in front of other people that are really avid fitness gurus
and goers. So this is not as intimidating. And
so we try to make it fun and light so that
everybody can feel like they're achieving something and they feel good as result of
doing that when they come back.
Participants come from all walks of life from students to retirees... ranging in age from
11 to those in their 70s.
I love the program. The leaders are so good, make it fun for us. We listen to our bodies
and if we can't do it, we stop and do it at our own pace. But what I like most is the
variety that we have in it. We do have a lot of fun.
Fun activities plus factual, research-based information equals long term weight loss
success. Participants learn about proper portion sizes, healthier food options and
even get up close and personal with fat. Extension Agent, Christine Smith helped me
realize just what it's like to carry around extra weight.
Ok Sonya. This is a 20lb fat vest that you're wearing. So how does that feel for you?
Sonya: This is heavy... this is a heavy 20 lbs
But the participants are getting lighter and the proof is in the numbers both on and off
the scale. Organizers did health assessments before starting the exercise program. They
checked for things like weight, blood pressure and body mass index. Now with
weight loss ranging from 2 pounds to more than 25 pounds.... these participants have
made big steps towards healthier lifestyles.
Some of the numbers are coming down. As far as my diabetes, I've cut back on some of my
medication and my blood pressure has been holding pretty steady. (how are u feeling)
I'm feeling pretty tired when I get out of this class. These ladies are really puttin'
somethin' on me but I really enjoy it.
I've lost 7 pounds since the program began and I have made a lot of little changes in
what I eat. We've been talking about portion control so I measure my cereal. I've made
some changes in what I eat for lunch. Mainly salads and turkey sandwiches. If boil an egg,
no yolk in the egg-little changes like that. that help me and I've switched to
100% whole wheat bread.
That's what we're talking about with eat smart move more weigh less. Making those
shifts in your lifestyle so that you're eating smart and moving more for the rest
of your life not just for 6 weeks or even 15
weeks of the program. But what are the changes you're willing to make to change your
life and change the life of your family for the rest of your life.