[ENG SUB] MBLAQ's Sesame Player Ep 8 Part 2 (2/3)

Uploaded by TheNomnomApple on 02.03.2012

This game is like "12789" but a little different
'Can't we sleep a little?'
LJ: Don't you see Oppa's talking?!
"12789"'s advanced version consists of:
Is that an advanced version? When it's only doing what you want
2nd game "What you want 12789" The punishment this time will be 'spreading your legs'
It starts with Cheondong. The numbers that have to be clapped are '234567'
The number 20 has to be clapped
You lost
21 had to be clapped (not 20)
Thunder got the punishment
Punishment time has come once again!
One thing, I have to tell you one thing: I didn't know how it started...
The older ones have are here to help you spread your legs~
Ahhh~ It really hurts, really hurts!
'Save DungDung'
Just two punishments. Thanks for your effort, Cheondoong.
Final Round!
Last game: Michael Jackson~ Repeat each move (making a chain)
Then, let's start saying 'Michael Jackson'
G.O starts first
He easily does three spins
Seungho's turn
He easily does three spins~
and moves that might confuse
Next is Cheondoong's turn
He does the three spins...
Even Seungho's moves
That's the fourth move!
It's G.O's turn again
Even if they're a little slow, he does them.
You made a mistake
Did he do the same move?
Even if it's slightly different, it's accepted.
And now a mision move
He made a mistake~ *Childish*
But...what about the direction?
It seems that they're already punishing Joon...
It's the same if it's like this or not
If you see it like that, if we see it like that, e-eh I'll tell my mother!
We'll turn you into a dummy(doll)
You're the dummy, shut up.
I'll fix your expression
The doll with the pretty smile
He becomes weirder and weirder
Do you want revenge? (for what he did to you?)
I'm the victim who had 40 stickers plastered on my eyes
The dummy's concept is "Angel"?
Everyone... MBLAQ are idols...
This time the dummy punishment will last 10 minutes
W-Why? Five is okay, five.
Ten minutes!
What are you going to do if you lose again?
What will be Joon's future?
Too many arm moves are confusing Joon
Wait a minute... Is that...
Hold on, Is this a dance? (LJ:It is) Can you dance it on stage?
I'm thinking of dancing it tonight
You're already dead
But crossing his legs isn't easy
If you can't then it's instant punishment!
G.O's mision: Air side-kick
Before he tries it, he glares at Joon.
Don't you see that with this my stomach will show?!
I help you
Ayy~ wait. I have to cross my legs first. Argh (how annoying)
Kick accomplished!
What will Seungho's mision be?
Is DungDung in danger?
We only have to make Joon lose!
Seungho's is giving them lessons
Is this the time to learn the moves together?
Is Cheondoong able to pass the mision?
How annoying is this one!
He did it well! Ah~
*He's still learning*
Seungho's mision: Accomplished!
Bboy move!
He can't do it now?
Is... Joon in danger?
I want to see how he does mine.
That's it, that's it. You cant!
Ah, really, let me try one last time.
A-Ah that's not it.
*Does he have to get punished again?*
You've failed at doing everything, anyway.
And he hasn't?
1...2... 3 4 5. It's the same.
You made a mistake!
Punishment time one more time~
Am I a suitcase(bag) or something to be carried on an airplane?!
So his blood actually runs okay, they pull his legs!
Ayy~ I'm really tired!
I'll let go a little~
You're dead, dead.
*They quickly leave*
Let's go!
Punishment time is over!~
Even if there's no one to help him...
He manages to do it by himself...
I already told you that this would end with me.
Eum... MBLAQ games continue...
Will they let me go now?
The bathroom-interview will surely begin now, I'm sure.