Show Luo - 20100413 Short Biography 2/3 (Eng Sub)

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Show: I sang that.
And most importantly, the lyrics, I wrote them.
It's been about 3 years since the last time
I released an album. Actually, during these
three years, I haven't given up on my music.
I've still been at home, these 3 years,
starting to learn composition, instruments,
starting to understand music better.
In the weak music industry, under the
discouraging criticism,
Xiao Zhu's hard work gained the approval of fans.
Not only did he have good selling records,
Xiao Zhu has also gotten closer
and closer to popularity in the
singing-and-dancing artists category.
[Show: Look at these heartless people.]
[Cameraman: Everyone's run away.]
[Show: Look at them! They're all ignoring me!]
[Caption: Disgusting]
For every dance song, Show has given it his all,
after the hard work, rewarded by the explosive
applause of his fans. Enormous screams surround
everyone. [Fans] supporting the trendy, Show
release more brilliant products. Within these,
"[Golden] Dance Gate" decided for Xiao Zhu
his place as Asia's New Dance King.
This one is, in all my experiences of filming a
music video (MV), this one is the hardest to
film. Because this time, we've added a special
section in the MV.
Dancer, Da Mu: We're all tired to death.
Muscles were all stiffened, and we still had to
dance that routine, so we had to give as much as
we could to finish it. So we might have to move
chairs, get on the floor, and fly up.
Album Planner: Because that prop isn't easy
to practice with. And the time he has to pratice
is very little. So I think he also had a lot
of pressure. We could all feel the stress everyone
was in and how tired the dancers all were. Even
the director, lighting, everyone at the setting,
they were all cranky, because it was almost dawn.
He just suddenly, right in front of me,
just cried.
Men who sheds tears are not shameful.
Himself who has the personality of
a perfectionist is also shown in his singing.
Recorder: When we first started recording,
to tell the truth, I almost forced him
until he went crazy.
"How can it be so hard to sing?" And every time,
he would say, "I can't take it anymore."
He said, "This is the world's hardest song to sing."
But the next day when he came back, you can tell,
he's worked on it at home.
Every song, every dance, they're all created this way.
Shown in front of everyone, when all thought Show Luo
had fallen to the bottom, Show had entered a movie
as a side character.
The way he expressed himself in the movie,
dare to love, dare to hate,
Xiao Zhu doesn't feel himself.
Instead, it's in the acting of tv dramas.
[Show and Big S: It's you?!]
[Show: Didn't you say you weren't wrong?]
Script writer: When we first met Xiao Zhu,
when we were writing the script, we didn't have
to worry that Xiao Zhu, because of him wanting to
keep his image as an idol, when we were writing this
drama, we weren't afraid that he might not execute
the performance well. For sure, he'd be able to
act out the scene very well.
In the drama, acting as a stubborn, poor boy,
when on the subject of love, he is
innocent and focused. Almost exactly like
the real him. There were some
flowers (pretty girls) along the way
stirring up the news about his love life,
Show Luo has kept the image of being
simply friends with them.
Because in May of 2007, Xiao Zhu went to Thailand
to ask for a prediction by Bai Long Wang.
Not only did he pray for the continuation of
his contract, he also prayed to stay popular
in his career. Bai Long Wang directly said,
as long as if he stays away from women,
he could stay popular for another 10 years.
This sentence has kept Show Luo from breaking
the streak for a long time. But his life
is surrounded by beautiful women, Show Luo
can only look on and use the time he has while
filming his music video to secretly kiss
the MV's main female character to take
away the loneliness.
He had even publically announced in the past
that he liked "full" (slightly chubby) women.
So his future's second half, he searches for
in this light and quick tempo-ed song.
[Show: This song, I'm dedicating it to
chubby, beautiful ladies!]
Acting, Singing, Dancing, the three-sided
Asia's New Dance King, Show Luo is again
faced with issues in his career.
Just when a number of celebrities were being
listed for doing drugs, Show Luo's name also
appeared in the list.
[Reporter: Shanghai's top news reports there
to be 30 Taiwanese celebrities named for
doing drugs.]
[Show: This time, the harm is very big, so my
company is hoping that they can, within 7 days,
post a public apology. If they don't then we'll
be bringing this to the courts. And will be
requesting for a very heavy punishment.]
One second, playing friendly with the media,
suddenly there is an 180 degrees change in attitude
to becoming very serious. Because what he hates
most is being mistaken. He knows that a celebrity's
success is based on reputation.
So after facing the many storms,
having stayed in this circle for 14 years,
from a third-rate comedian to a popular superstar,
this really does break the stereotypes.
Show: I could be said to be a very unique case
in the entertainment industry.
A very unique example. Very few people
can hit the bottom then climb all the way
back up. And still have the status
that I have now. When I first heard this,
I was really happy.
After all the fighting within the harsh
conditions of the industry, his hard work
has finally won out. He must show to his parents
his achievements, but the sudden death of
his parent (father), all Show Luo could do
was face the walls and attempt to stay strong,
but he couldn't control
the sudden falling of his parent.
[Show: A few days ago, when I was rehearsing
(for the concert), I was practicing my
dance routine and my company didn't tell me that
my mom had been hospitalized.
When I was finished practicing, I got in my car,
and the company said, "Let's go to the hospital."
I said, "What's wrong?" My company said,
"[Your] mom was uncomfortable and
got hospitalized."
We can all see the relationship between
Xiao Zhu and his family are really very close.
And from his youth, his circle of friends
at school was also very good.
Because he was pretty fat, loved to eat, and
his skin was dark, so classmates would joke
around and call him Xiao Zhu (Little Pig).
It was only after growing up did he successfully
lose weight. But there was a time when Show Luo
wanted to leave this nickname behind, but
since "Xiao Zhu" is way too cute, completely
different from the cool image "Asia's New
Dance King" gives, no matter how hard he
tries to leave it behind, it just had to stay.
Now, Show Luo is very happy about it.
Also, he's famous for loving to be pretty,
the him behind the scenes likes to wear
even more flashy clothing. He thinks
as long as he's walking on the streets,
he most be recognized. So being a bit more handsome,
it would make he happier as well. And many of the
audience may not know, Show Luo finds his love life
extremely important. Let's take a break,
then we'll continue to talk about his
love life.
Welcome back to Re Xian Zhui Zong.
We had just briefly mentioned that Show Luo
has been part of his parent's little music group
since birth, travelling to many places.
This family's relationship is very good,
his parents are one of the most important supports
in Show's career. And witnessing the sickness that
his parents have suffered, we can see the side
of Xiao Zhu that is filial and emotional.
In the entertainment industry, Xiao Zhu is also
popular with many women, had a relationship with
Makiyo, and with Jolin, they are the closest of
friends. Although Show Luo had before expressed, making
love relationships in the entertainment circle
is way too hard. There were once females
who claimed Xiao Zhu had opened webcam
and were making friends with them and even had
showed some signs of wanting further development.
Show, in great anger, claimed he had been set up
and falsely accused. He even talked until
he became emotional and shed tears.
His good friend, Jolin, even came out to help,
saying, "This person (Show), he just believes
people too easily." What type of person is Show Luo
behind the scenes? We'll continue to look at his
universe of family and love.
[Show: Our company said mom got sick was
uncomfortable and got hospitalized.]
[Mom: How pitiful. It had to be on such an
important day that your mom had to get sick.
Can't come and support you.]
Just when his mother entered the hospital,
there was to be his concert at
Xiao Ju Dan (famous arena). His mom
in the patient's uniform couldn't appear
to see the success of her dear child.
Couldn't hear the explosive applause.
Holding in the tears collecting in his eyes,
he could only temporarily forget the worries
and missing (his mom), but in a slipt second,
situations changed.
[Mom: Xiang Xiang (Show Luo Zhi Xiang's nickname)]