Spam, time, and you: An educational video from Gmail

Uploaded by Google on 26.10.2007


I'm Brad Taylor, Gmail's top spam-fighting engineer.
I make sure that Gmail users get as
little spam as possible.
MALE SPEAKER: Request for an urgent business relationship.
Nigerian Royalty.
Oh, man.
BRAD: Did you know it takes the average person five
seconds to identify and delete a single spam message?
That may not sound like much, but all those seconds add up.
If that office guy had Gmail, he could use the time he
currently spends on spam doing something important like
playing foosball Or IMing his grandma.
Why do our spam filters work so well?
One of the main reasons is community clicks.
Although Gmail users say they rarely get spam, when they do
they tend to report it right away, like this.
Not only is that spam message gone from my inbox, but the
report travels instantly through Google's massive
computer network to block the same spam message from your
inbox as well.
Now, here's another situation that really burns me up.
MALE SPEAKER 2: You know, I've been waiting almost a week to
hear how my job interview went.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Did you check your spam folder?
BRAD: When real email gets mistaken for junk email--
MALE SPEAKER 2: Man, there it is.
BRAD: It wastes a lot of time.
That's why we go above and beyond to make our spam
filters smarter with things like multiple authentication
systems and rigorous checks to verify senders.
Here's another way we're putting the hurt on spam.
FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Budget pharmaceuticals.
BRAD: Dreaded image spam.
These embedded images not only cost you time, but they hog
memory and clog bandwidth.
They're also tough to catch, but not for us.
Optical character recognition from Google Book Search helps
us block image spam before it gets to you.
It's just one of several advanced Google technologies
we have in our spam-fighting arsenal.
So there you have it.
Gmail's excellent spam-fighting technology not
only makes your inbox a friendlier, more productive
place, it also saves you time--
time you can spend doing things you enjoy like
practicing your dance moves or studying Esperanto.
So please get Gmail, and get back your time.