Hello Ghost 2010 (헬로우 고스트 ) (FULL MOVIE w/ English Vietnamese Indonesian Subtitles)

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producer lM Seong-been
On ChiIdren's Day...
Different peopIe came by.
CHA Tae-hyun
Many peopIe asked what my name was...
But no one remembered or ever caIIed me.
KANG Ye-won
That's how it aIways was in the orphanage.
LEE Mun-soo
I struggIed Iong and hard aII aIone.
KO Chang-suk
StiII, I'm sick of this worId
that doesn't give a damn.
JANG Young-nam
CHUN Bo-keun
l'm just renting for a few hours.
Can't a man rent a room alone?
Sure you can. But time's up.
Pay me another $20 and you can rent for the night.
Another $20?
I'm not paying that when I came here to die!
written & directed by KlM Young-tak
Cheapskate trying to avoid paying the extra $20.
What the heck!
Hey! Mister!
lf you're going to die, do it somewhere else!
Are you okay, Mister?
We gotta eat too, you know.
Hey! Mister!
Chief! Look! Over there!
Turn the boat around.
I was good for the most part. I'II go to heaven, right?
Heaven, here I come.
I faiIed to die, again.
- How's he doing? - Good.
I can't even die at wiII.
Excuse me.
There's no smoking in the hospital.
You can't smoke in here, sir!
l've never been treated like this.
But, sir?
Does he have to come along?
l don't need psychiatric help.
This is just standard procedure, sir.
l see.
Since when did you start thinking about committing suicide?
Not too long ago.
Mind if l asked you why?
l don't think l can go on in life.
You still want to die?
l don't understand why l can't die.
lt was brief, but you did stop breathing.
So, l did die.
There's no problem with your health now.
But l heard you have a friend.
ls he telling you to die?
l just met him here.
l see.
ls there anyone else?
Do you hear someone crying?
Another friend who's crying...
No injuries. 2 imaginary friends.
So, who's the one smoking?
What are you doing here?
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry to cry in here.
Why's she crying in here?
Could you escort this patient?
Why's she crying in here!
There's someone crying here. Escort her too, please.
Did you hide her in here?
Orderly! Orderly!
What are you ashamed of her feelings for you?
A doctor should heal people not hurt them!
Calm down, sir!
Don't leave her crying like that!
Watch where your hand is!
Come out, ma'am!
Don't stay there like that!
l...l...l...guess you're not humans?
W...W...What do you want with me?
We'll be using your body from now on.
Use what?
Your body.
Let me get this straight.
The three of you...
will be sharing my body?
All of you?
Oh boy.
l'm suddenly so sleepy.
Good morning, sir.
The soft floor is better than the hard bed, right?
No, sir.
Of course the bed's better.
That kid...
I must be cIose to death.
I'm seeing ghosts.
Four of them at that.
Will you keep following me?
Excuse me.
Are you coming on to me?
Don't be shy, stranger.
Connected with spirits.
They're on you like glue.
People who come back from the dead
can sometimes see spirits around.
But l just want to die.
You can't unless they're gone.
What did you do that you don't understand?
l used to do something, but not anymore.
Your body's a passage way for them into this world.
Think they'll let you go easily?
So, they're using my body because...
They need your body!
They'll go in and out of you.
You'll change according to what they want to do!
He's got a handful.
Can you believe this guy?
How many times do l have to tell him not to put the garbage here?
He's bringing down the price of our apartments.
Did he poop in his pants? Why's he walking like that?
l'll let him have it this time!
Why do you live like this?
Think l'd do this if l wanted to live?
Then die already!
Don't worry.l'm trying.
Don't you have anything fun?
Where should l smoke?
First time anyone ever came over.
WouId've been nice if they were humans.
Got any beer?
I used to watch my heaIth.
I stayed cIear of aIcohoI.
What are you doing!
ls he insane?
What are you looking at!
I don't Iike anything sweet.
I never tried smoking in my Iife.
l'm sorry.
Though IoneIy or sad, I never cried cuz I'm a man.
l'm sorry l never came to this meeting before.
Briquettes are in these days.
Lock the car windows and...
l have to go to the bathroom.
l'm hungry.
- What are you doing! - l could use a beer right now.
l used to watch my health!
You have to be healthy living alone!
Don't you have any family?
Why me!
Get the hell away from me!
You know when you suddenly get the chills?
That's when a vengeful ghost brushes past.
When ghosts are mad, it gets icy cold.
lt's natural.
Natural or not...
Just make them disappear, please!
So l can die!
l can't.
We can call on the spirits, but not send them back.
Then, what am l supposed to do!
Console them.
Ask them what they want.
You can't force them to go away.
They have to go on their own.
But l didn't ask them to come!
They use me and won't let me die!
Why should l listen to those tormenting ghosts!
l'm a poor guy.
l'm also not healthy enough to take you all in.
l also got fired from my job and don't have any money.
Take pity on me and please go?
You need some sort of closure, right?
Closure's not the right word.
Any wishes or things you couldn't do before, you know...
l'll do whatever l can to help you get what you want.
How about it?
Well, as a matter of fact...
l just want a camera back.
l wanna go first.
Where are your manners?
Going firstjust cuz you're old, that's so childish.
Why you...
You can figure out the order.
But please, only one wish at a time.
Please, it's killing me.
- Dad! - Father!
What's all the fuss over him dying?
You sent him here cuz you knew he'd die.
Who the hell are you!
Finally showing up cuz he's dead.
Calm down, honey.
- Let's just go. - Let go!
Morning, Jung-won. Let's see.
Your heart sounds really great today.
Darn it.
You can lose your game being stuck in here long.
- Dang. - She's here!
She catches us every time.
l'll move you to another ward if you don't stop.
l came to the hospice cuz l'm dying. Where else would l go?
Son? lt's me.
lt's okay. l know you're busy.
How's my grandson? ls he walking?
What? He's running?
When's Dae-ho's vacation?
What? He got fired?
There's a camera l want to return to the owner.
Flip it over.
That's not it.
This one?
We looked at every camera!
ln all these different stores!
Who said it was at a store?
Go to the man who has it.
Who? You know?
Of course. He's in Choon-chun.
Why didn't you tell me earlier!
You didn't ask.
We may ramble on and stuff.
But we can only give answers to what we're asked.
Have to watch what we say.
Why didn't you tell me!
Don't find it, then.
l'll just stick to you like glue forever.
Fine. Let's go. Choon-chun's not far.
l'm a cop. l can't afford steak for lunch.
Yeah right.
- You got money stashed. - No.
Give me my camera.
- Someone you know? - No.
Give me back my camera!
The one in your wardrobe drawer.
- Sure you don't know him? - Never met him.
Will you give it back or not!
You won't?
Who are you!
You know me?
Damn fool. Practically cut through by back.
How about a nicer approach?
He's on the move.
Excuse me.
This is for you.
Could you return the camera?
- Go! - Get away!
Get out of here!
We met before, remember?
- lt's dark. - Get away.
l can't go without it.
Come here, then!
Don't look that way!
Stop him!
ls this a stakeout?
Obstructing the police is a crime!
Sorry, sir. l just came for the camera.
l didn't know!
What's with him?
Why'd you pack so much?
lt's not like l do this every day.
Try some, everyone.
- You're an angel. - Have some.
Thank you.
The thing about marriages...
lt's notjust about love, right?
You were so in love.
To look good to her, you thought twice about selling it.
But you ended up marrying someone else.
Who is he?
You really won't give it back?
Let's see. What was her name...
- Sir! - Honey!
Have some Kimbap.
l can't eat anyone else's Kimbap.
The thing in the second drawer of your wardrobe, please...
Hey, Pan-su!
KOO Pan-su?
Start drinking young
and you'll lose your teeth.
You drank like hell, but still got yours.
He's drinking, isn't he?
Who are you? Why'd you come here?
Enjoy your meal, sir.
You didn't drink, did you?
lt's not good for you.
What took you so long? Your food's cold.
- Do You know him? - No. He's Mr. KOO's guest.
Hey, what are you doing?
You keep staring in our direction.
Looking at me or the old guy there?
Give us a look, Miss.
One look from you and l can take on hell if l have to.
How about going out for tea?
With a little sugar and milk?
Will you do me the honor?
Stop hitting on every girl you see.
Why? Cuz you got the hots for her
- at first sight? - No, l didn't.
Yes, you did.
l'm not that kind of person.
Sure you are.
Damn! You sleep, too?
l'm sorry.
Open the window, will you!
Sexy girls in army uniforms!
Damn it. She loves me not.
Hey, Kid.
What's your wish?
Watching that's your wish?
ls it good?
lt's her.
Wanna go in now?
Do you like watching animations?
Enjoy the movie.
This will be fun.
Hey, wait!
How much is that these days?
10 for a penny?
lt's $1 .20 for one.
How many wishes do you have?
Wait right here.
Hey, give me one.
Give me one.
That's all?
That's all you have?
What are you doing?
l'm hungry.
- What do you want to eat? - Black bean noodles.
Okay, let's go.
Two black bean noodles, please.
Eat lots.
One more, please!
Look! He's an awesome eater.
Hey, Mister?
Can you eat another bowl?
Crazy? l can eat three more!
Wow! You're the best!
Waiter, one more please!
l'm sorry. Jung-won can't eat much on his anti-cancer treatment.
- So, he likes people who eat well. - lt's nothing, really.
l had no idea l could eat so much, either.
Glad to be of help.
They still have games like that?
Round and round she goes!
Too bad.
You have one more chance.
- No, it's okay. - l'm not good.
Just give it a try.
Here we go.
Round and round she goes.
Wow! You're awesome!
Beginner's luck.
First time someone won this in all my 40 years in the biz.
Are you going to eat all that now?
- Do you want it? - What?
Yes, l insist.
Will you excuse me?
Why did they make something so big for kids?
Nerve of the kid calling me over...
What are you doing!
l won that. You can't give it away!
But they got nothing. Let's just give it to them.
No! No way!
This isn't good for you.
And l don't like sweets.
Let's just give it to him.
Of course it's good!
l love this stuff! Just suck on it!
l'm not eating this whole thing!
lt'll take weeks to melt it and eat it! Yippee!
lt's okay.We don't want it.
- Think he'll eat it all? - Probably.
He really is awesome!
You got the toy. Why notjust give it to them?
This is candy! That's different!
Know what a ghost and a man about to die have in common?
Shopping is useless to them.
What use is this to a dead guy?
Then don't die.
Life ain't peaches and cream.
Dying ain't either!
What? Wanna buy something?
You said shopping's useless.
She said she likes animations.
Aren't we going?
l'll get it for you next time. Promise.
Think l can see that cool man again?
The cool man?
We'll see.
You're a little late.
Did you have fun Jung-won?
How's everything?
Your father...
l mean, Mr.JUNG was looking for you.
Sure this is the place?
You don't have to do this.
l'll just keep smoking in your room.
No, l can do this. l'll get it.
l'm getting it for you!
This time, it's robbery.
How can a ghost be so chicken?
lt's cuz you haven't seen the real scary ones.
Medusa? She's damn scary.
And the mummies?
They're scarier than hell.
So, which car is it?
There are so many.
Flash it somewhere else.
ls that it?
ls it a sedan?
ls that a man?
So, it's you?
You came for the car, now?
How'd you know?
So you can drive around with my wife?
Of course you will.
You damn bastard!
But, sir...
- Hey, wait! - Tonight's your funeral!
- What the! - You're a dead man!
- What's he doing! - Stop right there!
What's with these damn wishes!
Stop right there!
Stop or l'll kill you!
Why me!
Stop right there!
Stop! Please! Just once!
l wanna talk to you!
Why won't you talk to me!
- Am l dying today? - No!
She says l'm obsessed with cars.
She resents me.
Gets angry!
Then gets a man!
- She really has a man? - Yup.
l just wanna talk!
- You sure? - Yup!
To be honest...
l can see ghosts.
There are four of them.
What l'm saying is... l kind of have psychic powers.
Do something.
lt's so cold.
l'm getting better at this.
lf you give me a chance...
l can make your wife come back to you.
l'm not looking to get money.
l just want a car.
- Know where she went? - Of course.
Then why!
How many times do we have to say it?
We can only answer to what you ask.
Fine, let's just go.
lf you asked the right questions, we wouldn't be
Use your head, will ya?
That's why you always lose out.
The world's a competitive place.
So damn frustrating.
Did you talk with your guardian?
You can try getting more treatments.
Do you think l can last 5 months?
But here in the hospice we...
Will she die?
You said she got a man.
A little one.
She's pregnant?
Does the baby live?
Then what?
He won't have a mom.
Do you know her?
You should quit smoking, too.
She has lung cancer.
Her husband smokes a lot.
l hope the baby will live.
She won't get cancer treatments because of the baby.
The baby will live.
Jung-won really liked being with you.
l'm JUNG Yeon-su.
l'm KANG Sang-man.
Your wife's pregnant.
And the problem's not the car.
lt's your smoking.
Your wife has lung cancer.
She gave up treatments for your baby.
- Have a good day. - Thank you.
- l... - Why didn't you tell me?
You should get treated.
l thought it'd be better
for our baby to live than me.
We just grow old...
But our baby will grow up.
So, your wish was to drive this car again?
Why? lt's not like it's a hot sports car or anything.
Why? Don't you like it?
Where are we headed?
Look! You can catch the wind.
Are we there yet?
Let's just get going.
Don't you like it?
l've never been to the sea.
Did you get married?
- Had kids? - Yup.
What's marriage like?
Just curious that's all.
Get married, then there are two of you.
And if you have a baby?
Then there are three living together.
l can add, too.
ls it nice?
Of course... You're not alone
Life is hard, you know.
But you have three times the strength to live.
Not three times the hardships?
Then have another kid
and have four times the strength!
Then you'll have four times the hardships, silly.
lt may seem hard to have a family,
but they support you.
Let's go for a dip.
Crazy? lt's cold.
My wish is to swim in the sea.
Did Kid tell you?
Think you can just keep adding to your wish!
Your wish was just to drive here.
And l can't swim!
lt's my first time here!
l never tried to swim ever!
l'll swim with you.
No! l don't want to!
l can't swim!
Don't take off your clothes!
lt won't kill you!
You can say that cuz you're dead!
You use my body for this?
lt's damn cold!
l'm sinking!
Keep moving! Tread water and kick your feet!
That's easy for you to say!
lt's damn freezing!
lt's so salty!
Stay calm.
Stay still and you'll float.
Stay calm.
That's it.
My first time in the sea.
It's coId and saIty.
It so wide...
And dazzIing.
Damn that's salty!
Catch the wind?
lt's been a while since l drove. l'm beat.
Going around on his back was nice, too.
The sun's down.
How about a drink?
Think he learned to swim?
l'm hungry. What's on TV?
I never Iived with anyone eIse.
It'd be nicer if they were humans.
lt's too sweet.
l need to go shopping.
You're going to quit smoking?
What? Suddenly thinking of my health?
Did you die of lung cancer, too?
- Then what? - Car accident.
- ln a car like this? - Yup.
5783, 5783 Is that Pony?
P...Pony 5783 PuII over to the side
You threw a cigarette out the window, sir?
Good afternoon, officer.
Your license, please.
Right, of course.
l don't have one.
You don't?
Oh, come on!
That man's really out of it.
Call your guardian. What are you doing?
l'm trying to make him quit smoking.
Who's making who stop smoking?
You wouldn't understand.
Why don't you have a license at your age?
l do.l was a cab driver.
My own cab.
Welcome. Goodbye. Sayonara.
Driving a cab without a license?
That's you, not me.
l've been scared of cars since l was young.
Stop it. What are you doing now?
l was a great driver, you know?
Stop it, will you?
l don't have a license.
Me! l'm afraid of cars!
Ah, Mister!
ls your guardian on your way?
lt's weird.
l've been to the station a lot these days.
Stop changing subjects and call your guardian!
Can't l be my own guardian at my age?
lt's cuz you seem a little crazy!
Call a family member or something.
lf l don't have any, will l get arrested?
For Christ's sake.
We're trying to send you home!
There's no one to come for you?
What kind of life is that?
- Why'd you drink again! - Stop it, Mom!
Let's go home!
Know when people die the most?
On New Year's, Christmas, and days like that.
Cuz they're lonely.
l'd think other people get lonely too and go on.
But on days like that, everyone seemed so happy.
Then l'd think...
l'm the only one.
Why's my life so sad?
l wanted to work, make money,
get married...
have kids, and live with family.
That's my dream.
But an orphan like me doesn't even stand a chance.
l tried so hard not to be stigmatized as an orphan.
Why can't you just make a family as you go?
All my pictures are ofjust me.
l look at them, thinking my family's there somewhere.
My invisible family.
l'd think of them...
Then act like a dad or a mom...
And put on a show.
May l help you?
What are you doing?
Guess he's not so lonely anymore.
About your story of a family...
l wished l could walk away from mine.
Especially my father.
Well, goodnight.
This is for you.
Don't take them from kids.
l'll be going, then.
What about the videos?
You like animations, right?
l didn't buy 'em. They were just lying around.
But why give them to me?
l had a lot at my house.
Tons at home.
- Thanks. Bye. - Bye.
Carry it for her, will ya?
Stop the bus!
Why'd you do that back at the station?
Oh that, l'm sorry.
lt's a habit.
Just curious about the sound of your heart.
ls it okay?
lt sounded really healthy.
Your parents gave you a strong heart.
Then, l'll just...
To be fair...
lf you'll excuse me...
lt's beating fast.
Thump, thump, thump.
Sounds very clear.
Your voice, too.
This is my stop.
Place your bet!
Patient JUNG Joo-hwan.
This was my idea...
l can't allow you to play games like this in here.
Come on.
Were you on a date?
You look prettier in regular clothes.
lt'd be nicer if you wore better shoes.
For me...
FinaIIy, the Iast wish.
l just want to make dinner
for people l like.
Then say the list of people.
l'll go find them.
A list of people?
The people l like are...
Who do you want to eat with?
Sorry, l'm not quick to answer.
Why don't we all eat together?
Don't regret it later. Tell me who.
No, it's okay.
Let's just have dinner together.
l won't have to go looking for people, then.
Can l invite one more person?
lt's so pretty.
Where'd you buy this?
I forgot.
I'm not the onIy one in my body.
l had something to do around here.
Nice hairpin...
ls he your boyfriend?
l'm Yeon-su's father.
Hello, sir.
Well, sir. Yeon-su and l are just...
lt's time for your painkillers.
l went to see a male shaman.
He said she's going to get married soon.
Will you marry her?
What? Marry her?
Well, marriage has always been my dream...
And have like two kids.
Just go back to your room. Now.
l don't have much time.
l mean, l'd like to see the wedding.
Just go!
Come on Yeon-su. He's your father.
Why do you care how l treat my father?
Well, l was just...
You don't know how that man was to me.
But he's still family.
You never had a family, so you think it's all great.
But l don't!
l don't want to think about family.
l'm sorry.
But stay out of my life.
But it'll get cold soon.
We can just sew up the hole.
What a waste.
You can still use that. Don't throw it away.
You're throwing that out, too?
Why do you care what l throw away?
You'll get your wish. Just don't bother me till then!
- lt's moldy. - Look, Sang-man's here.
Hi there, neighbor!
- You're throwing this out? - Thinking of others, how nice.
Can you give her a message for me?
l... ah...
l know it's hard to believe, but l can see ghosts.
You may not believe me...
But your father came by
and said to tell you he's sorry.
l checked the sound of Mom's heart every day.
l wished it would beat nice and strong.
Even as a child, l could sense it.
The sound was getting weaker.
That soon l won't be able to hear it.
l was so scared to watch Mom die.
lt's not like l asked for money.
All l wanted was for Dad to come back.
l only have memories of waiting.
l'm sorry.l have to go.
Nurse JUNG?
From now on build relationships...
with those who are living not the ones dying.
Life can get lonely.
Can you return that for me?
l don't have the strength to go. Damn.
Why are you always crying?
Cuz l'm sorry.
You wanted to have dinner?
Then, let's go shopping.
What should l make tonight?
Jap-chae? Oh, meatballs would be nice.
What goes in Jap-chae again? Let's go here.
How about fried zucchini?
Some yams and potatoes, please.
- Thank you. - Must be heavy.
Wait! Look at that.
Over there.
ls this parsley?
They look so fresh.
How much is this?
l came to return this.
Thank you.
Do you have company?
Ah, no. l'm alone.
Well, l do have company...
No, l mean...
How about it?
Must be so Iucky to have a meaI
surrounded by famiIy Iike this.
Do you usually cook like this?
l can cook every day for someone l loved.
That'd be so nice.
Having dinner with the one you love.
Hope you like it.
Try this, too.
l wish l can cook for you every day.
l'm so sorry l can't.
By the way, did you quit smoking?
Who smokes these days?
A man of the house should watch his health.
You must really like sweets.
Want me to do it again?
l'm the best at games.
l'll get the big one for you.
Who's the real you?
l just thought there were different sides to you.
And your heart sounded so strong.
Was that yours?
You were very close to your father when you were young.
He said he's thankful to have been with you before he died.
Your father wanted to give you something.
He said he left it where you always met.
You really can see ghosts?
Are they here now?
People die practically every day where l work.
You say you can see the dead...
Talk with them...
And even met my father's ghost.
Thinking about that...
lt isn't easy for me.
Thank you for dinner. l should go.
Who am l?
Like you folks know.
You got your wishes. Aren't you leaving?
Hey, Kid!
You watched your movie.
Aren't you going?
Hey, Gramps?
l found the camera for you. So go!
Hey, Smoker!
l even got arrested for driving without a license for you!
Aren't you leaving?
Hey, Crying Lady.
Thanks for dinner. l'll do the dishes, so go.
You got your wishes. You don't need me anymore.
So, please...
Just go.
Briquettes are in these days.
- Jung-won! - Jung-won!
lt's Mommy! Jung-won! No!
Did you have lunch yet?
lf you didn't, let's eat together.
People can lose their memories in a big shock.
When Jung-won found out he's dying, he lost all memory of his family.
He didn't remember his parents till the end.
l'm sorry about last night. lt's not something l'm used to...
lt's okay. Those people...
l mean, the ghosts are gone.
l couldn't stand them.
Smoking, drinking, and crying...
They're all gone now. l'm back to being me.
Every time l thought l was dead, someone would wake me.
l'd get angry when l realized l failed to die.
l was sitting in the car filled with toxic gas.
But l kept seeing something through the smoke.
lt was you.
Your face.
l woke myself up this time, to live...
With you.
Pretty shoes.
By the way, there were some porn tapes, too.
You enjoy watching them, too?
Ah, l didn't pick them out.
They were the most interesting.
l've been wondering about the parsley in your Kimbap.
Most people don't put that in.
Oh that.
Mom said parsley's good for you
and used that instead of spinach.
Parsley's good for the blood.
Say, ah!
When will you grow up to escort me like that?
Give it to me!
No! l need it!
Why you little!
- l'll take you next time. - Okay.
Hon! Hey, Dad!
This is a Pony, the ultimate sedan!
Wow! This is it?
- How about a family trip, tomorrow? - Tomorrow?
Then, l'll take pictures of my little grandsons!
lt's just for one day!
Don't worry! l'll return it before you die!
Come back here with that!
Dad will teach you how to swim Sang-man!
l forgot to put in gas.
PeopIe can Iose their memories in a big shock.
Where are you! Come out!
You can'tjust come, get what you want, then go!
Don't leave me again!
Don't even think about leaving!
Don't go!
Big brother?
Sang-man, you little cry baby.
l'm leaving that for you.
Have it. lt's too childish for me.
You like childish things.
Don't let other kids play with it.
Did you confess to her?
There's nothing like honesty to get a girl's heart.
You grew up so much, son.
Better quit smoking.
But you taught me.
Come on. Call me dad.
l'll teach you how to drive.
l'll always be with you so you won't get in an accident.
Son, your dad's the best driver!
You know?
Of course.
l'm sorry.
Can't l go with you?
Mommy's so sorry.
l'm sorry we had to leave you alone.
l'm so sorry.
You may think you're alone.
But we're always with you.
We'll always be with you.
So, live.
She seems like a great girl.
Does she like my Kimbap?
l was so worried you'd never recognize me.
Thank you for remembering me.
Thank you for growing up so well.
Let's take a picture with my grandsons!
He's doing it again. Why so much?
How can he take all that?
Spit it out!
Son! The water!
When l was your age...
My dad the best driver. His cab was...
No, it was a plane!
Your grandfather was Korea's first pilot!
Aren't you eating, hon?
l'll be right out.
All your pictures are ofjust you.
My pictures?
Eat up.
lt's good we moved here.
The noodles are good, right?
Who are these people with you?