Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa "Payphone" Parody (iPhone)

Uploaded by mippey5 on 20.06.2012

I'm on an iPhone
but Temple Run froze
Where did I put that dang Blue Tooth?
Why can't I "text it"
while playing Tetris?
No, I don't want to talk to you
It may be hard to remember
but back when I was a kid
we had to memorize numbers
a phone book if we'd forget
mail was sent via letters
instead of only online
dial up took forever
and it just wasted our time
Blockbuster was fine
we all stood in line
if late pay a fine
you watch them online
Nintendo was fun
but so was the sun
get up, get outside
We had a car phone
Bluerays were unknown
shared mixed CD's to hear new tunes
or went to the store but,
you've got Pandora
playing while you browse through YouTube
If happy ever after did exist
Mufasa wouldn't have been thrown off that cliff
please don't tell me you haven't seen it
my childhood's no longer relevant
Oh you got it, oh you got it, oh you got it bad huh?
sittin 5 seconds waiting for that ad huh?
well it appears to me your patience is lacking
when i was your age, we had to readjust the tracking
on every VHS, it said "Be Kind, Rewind".
we had to do it manually, but we did it every time
Whine, when your cable goes out
Channel 804's glitching, now you gon' pout?
PBS and Channel 4 is all we could wish for
wanted extra channels?
got a satellite dish for
TBS and CNN, reception was p*ss poor
3D was an anomaly, like
What the hell's this for?
touch screen, to me, is when you're feeling near a window
and knowledge comes from books, not from reading off a Kindle
Hold on.
Is that Scrabble online?
Ok, maybe once I'll just give it a try.
I'm on an iPhone
Is this Twilight Zone?
woah, I've got built in Auto-Tune
Where has the time gone?
I'm way behind 'em
I can watch reruns of Blue's Clues
If happy ever after did exist
I'd stay up all night and play with this
not in that way, wow your minds are sick
I guess it's not too late to be a kid
cuz I have an iPhone