Can You Really Make Money Online?

Uploaded by DaveMakesMoneyOnline on 04.11.2012

hey guys Dave Hart here
today i'm going to talk to you
about a question
i've heard many times
from friends of mine
in the real world if you will ah... people who i know
in regular life why didn't meet through the internet
but i've known uh... from school and from
pass implement through my family
and a lot of times they get the question because they don't quite understand what
i do

can you really make money online
and i i don't mean a couple of blocks and i think most people understand that
there's a lot of ways to me a couple bucks but
they'll understand how i can make
a full-time income
funny internet from my laptop
and to answer that question is yes absolutely can i do
and not only do i but i i know
quite a few other people
who make
their living full-time
on the internet and many of them actually interestingly enough to make a
full time income
with uh... part-time work at it if you will and and not as many hours you got
to work in traditional job to do it
and do so from the laptop or desktop ur
i've had some of them and uh... so you actually can
now the big thing
about that is
there's a few different ways to do it but there are some
they're significantly better than others
if you're interested in making more than just a couple box online
and uh... we've all seen
ten of those sites for make money online like that make money online taken
surveys and things like that
and some of those sites are legitimate and you can make some money
it'll never be enough to be a full-time income
he might be able to make an extra you know fifty a hundred bucks a month
and i could be very helpful
two people
but if you want to make a which in the business out of it
there are couple ways to do it and there is one
that personally i'm biased to
when i made the switch to promoting this way into marketing this way and uh...
crema online presence this way
it's what took me for making
i think my highest mob was only a couple hundred dollars
to making enough that i could support myself fully
off the internet
that technique is basically its just building a list
old internet outage the money is in the west
i do primarily content marketing i write blog posts
anneke two videos i do a little bit paid traffic as well at this point because i
the budget
to allocate in advertising budget to help continue to grow my business larger
and larger
they started out with just three methods
what i do i do that i drive them to my blog or to my squeeze pages squeeze page
most of you love scene before it's that
little bit of information and
enter your email address below to get access to x_y_z_ video or he book herb
whatever it is
sent people to my squeeze page
where when they often
beat go on to my email list which allows me to both the relationship with them by
giving them
quality content and tips
and information micah and sharing in this video
and also allows me to continue to market to them
and recommend
good products
products that i'd use
and network and that's something i recommend to some people will promote
whatever the new thing is
personally i read
would never
sent to my list and promote a product that i
don't belong
and use and there was good because
i care about my relationship with those people
on my list and
if u gammage that
it's you can't get the trust back don't damage that
stay trustworthy
provide what you say you're gonna provide recommended them good products
that's the way to do it if you do that in the trustee they see the product is
good they purchase that they're gonna trust in the future as well as the long
term business strategy
that's a big problem
with the internet for white people i think think it's tough to make real
income on that because so many people just write a kind of slash-and-burn real
quick and just get their money and get out and think about if you're an
a business
offline if you're an honest store
and say you were all about just kind of slash-and-burn
um... tactics in just overcharging people given poor service how long would
you stay in business
how many people refer their friends to you
not very many
you take care of people
and they will both
on the internet and off the internet
and personally that's in my opinion the best way to make a sustainable business
on the internet replaced her income
so i do is specifically i promote a program
now exclusively almost as a couple other
promoters welfare are things that are used to help me throughout the program
uh... keyword analysis tools and
email uh... mailing tools and things of that nature
but the primary program i promote is called empower network and when power
network is that has a pre built authority blotting system for you so
that blog instead of having to figure out how to set up
getting hosting a domain setting it up all those things optimizing and then
hoping that it works right in testing in tow and tell you know you know if you're
not an expert
which have been assume if you're watching this video here
yeah you're probably not an expert guru macon
you know a bunch of money uh... endless and uh...
too little ol me over here
but tom
you has it all set up for you see can just get started
and he just click
right up your person posted and you know that we'll be right you know i will be
in a format a google likes
you know you realistic getting traffic to start
being able to get some traction and is a bill that more and more you get more
more traction into business
also has all the squeeze pages that i was talking about done for you
said have a hire somebody to create it
uh... if you don't worry no html or p_h_p_
learning those things that really yourself you don't wanna hire somebody
to have the budget to hire somebody to create for a couple hundred bucks
uh... has six of those
different ones for you that you can use their kind of targeted to different
that uh... will value to help build that email list
without the analysis also hasn't eighty email
allah responder
already set up for you see just plug that into your
you know if you you mail client
and uh... and it goes for yourselves on the off since your list eighty-eight
every other day roughly there's a couple
gaps where it's not every other day works a little longer
but roughly
you know every two to four days for about six months
giving them
useful information
and reviews and linking back to this product fruit giving them the
opportunity to buy it
which he may commissions on
and the other awesome thing is you get a hundred percent commissions which is
just ridiculous
if this is just like there's no there's no other way to explain it and that's
it's the most good products
they convert well like this one does pay
ten percent twenty five percent some of them fifty percent
on the high end
commissions in this one pays out hundred-percent commissions
that's why i promoted and that's why
you know it's it's my primary
uh... product that i promote now and it's it's just awesome it also
you know they're hiring products along the way this ice just a blocking system
with it
they can provide all sorts of advanced training
mastermind courses with
folks who make
just rediculous money and ridiculous to me at least you know
hundreds of thousands of dollars a month
uh... off the internet which to me is quite a bit
uh... you know if you want to get more information see exactly
what i do see exactly the system that i use and i promote
and that has allowed me
to go for making a couple hundred bucks online
working online off my laptop support myself with it
then just go
right down there in the description there's a link
you click on that'll take it one of my squeeze pitches for if you get my list
and see that men after
you click on that
it'll take you through to the video presentation we can learn more
information about the barking system some other products
and if he so chooses which you would like to uh...
any kind of follow along and do what i've done
uh... to build my business
you have the opportunity to join at that point
or i would hope that this was helpful for you
and here's your success