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My name is Donnie--
You Suck At Photoshop.
I--I don't have a lot of time right now.
So you're just gonna have-- trust me, you're bad.
You're awful.
You're the Stephen Baldwin of Baldwin brothers of Photoshop.
You're all the Baldwin brothers.
God damn it, stop doing--
stop this right now.
You are embarrassing everyone--
[SIGHING]-- .com.
Oh, OK, let's say that earlier this week, you got--
you bought--
you were possibly implicated on a security cam video at the
scene of a crime of passion that were--
involved $70,000 worth of Thai thumb drives and a Nerf chart.
And it's possible while--
at some point, you might have walked through the scene of--
uck-- of the videotape, and now you need to get--
you need to get it--
you out of the video and get it back to the security office
before your friend switches shifts and can't put it in--
back in the tape for you.
So let's go to Photoshop File, Import,
Video Frames to Layers.
Select the video, and we can go from beginning to end, make
frame animation, um, you know, make sure that you--
you're-- it's the right place, and then select OK.
And what this is gonna do is this is gonna open up.
Go to Window, Animation, and you can see that the video now
is-- i-- i-- i-- is-- is in Photoshop.
Each frame is a layer.
And what you want to do is because you've painstakingly
analyzed this tape, you know that you come in--
so, I mean, if we had time--
if I could--
if I--
and we-- and--
and didn't-- we could use our sick Photoshop skills.
We'd do something really interesting, like we maybe put
a picture of a celebrity in the--
in the shot, and--
and then we ss-- see--
distract people from the--
the [SIGHING]-- person who's walkin' right through the
security camera.
But we don't have--
we don't have time, so now we're just gonna simply cut us
out of the video.
And because we know that we came in somewhere around frame
26, we can know that they came-- we came out somewhere
around frame 73.
We Shift, select.
Hit the trash can icon.
Delete the frames.
And then--
and now we're not in the video anymore.
Shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Let's get it out to video so we can take it back over to
the system, at Export, Render Video.
Name the file.
Throw it out on the desktop--
all the frames to a video, and export it.
And go out and check it, and make sure it works and just
hope that nobody looks at the time code or knows how to dust
Nerf for fingerprints.