Traditional Shepherds Pie Recipe : Adding Sour Cream to Traditional Shepherds Pie

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hi! This is Richard Buccola here in New York City and today on behalf of Expert Village,
I am going to show you how to make some Shepherds Pie. We are back and another one of Rory's
tricks is one that I never used in my Shepherds Pie is sour cream. This is an 8 ounce jar
of sour cream. He says to use about half if you have a lot of potatoes. I have a whole
big bowl of them. Again, this is not for health conscious, weight conscious people. It might
be a good meal unless it is that one day a week that you can eat whatever you want and
you can go for this. So about half of the jar will be 4 ounces and he says that will
make your potatoes really really creamy. Again, just taking our spooning tool and folding
over from the bottom. Going from the bottom and folding over. He says that will make your
mashed potatoes really creamy light and airy and give it that creamy creamy flavor. Man
I tell you the potatoes are looking better and better. I might have to make my mashed
potatoes like this from now on. Cheese potatoes we will call them. That's another video here
on Expert Village. When I come back, we are going to put it all together and get ready
for the oven. At this time while we are doing this, I am going to go over to my oven and
set it for 350. You go do that too. When we come back, we will have our oven preheated.